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heater hoses

Finally got red 253 all happily running in hz,after many ups and downs.
Just curious...going from the picture,have i got the heater hoses all going in the right directions,especially the looped one ??(more or less)

Can anyone help with gas and petrol ignition advance profiles for HZ V8?

I am keen to fit a programmable ignition system to my HZ V8 so that I can run at best performance on both LPG and petrol. In the past I have optimised the ignition system so that the car will run on both but it has meant that its performance has been below par on both fuels.

I have built a commercial kit which allows me to load two advance profiles into a small microprocessor with a switch that allows me to select the right profile for gas and petrol. I'm hoping it will allow me to get peak performance from both fuels.

But, I need the advance profiles showing ignition advance angle against engine RPM, ideally over three stages.

Does anyone have any knowledge that might be useful?


Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

Don't ya hate bull SHYTTING sellers?

A while back when I sold the UC I set up a possible puchase of a HZ SL in the country BUT it was poo poo'ed by the cook! Well anyway the older gent that was selling this lovely machine was the 2nd owner & he's a semi retired mechanic he had service the car since it was sold new in the same town it was in. He purchase the said car a few years back off an 82 yo lady who was the 1st owner. The old told me he had used the car for shows a what not & he was only selling because his wife told him that he getting too old to keep all his toys.

Brake proportioning valve trouble

Hi I'm new to this site and would like to just ask a question about a problem I'm having and if anyone could please help it would be much appreciated. So I'm trying to pull apart my Hz ute brake proportioning valve which I assume is seized. I'm having problems getting the last rod out of the housing and any tips or help of how to do this would be fine because I cannot move it

Wiper motor won't park

G'day all
Having a bit of trouble with my wipers they were working fine until I removed them to get car painted. Now that I have put them back in they wipe at the same speed on either speed and the stop as soon as they are turned off instead of returning to park position. Also when the variable speed is on they wipe a small amount the stop then start again. Can anyone help me with this SPONSOR


gday all,

could someone please advise me what size (ie. thread type and length) for the
screw/bolt that holds the front of the centre console on me hz 78 kingsy sl?

pls see attached pic.


red 253 VAC

I've just recently put an Edelbrock Performer inlet manifold on my red 253,and still using my standard 2bbl Stromberg with adaptor plate.
Is it absolutely necessary to keep using the Vacuum Advance Control?? Or can I plug hei dizzy straight into side of carby,just like with 6 cyl.

Also,now I can't use the auto choke (which ran 2 thin pipes into old manifold) so what is best option to connect existing choke cable onto,on side of carby??
Many thanks

P.S. the engine will be for cruise,not high performance,in regards to vac.

changing accelerator operation from rod to cable on 253 strom

changing accelerator operation from rod to cable on 253 strom

Okay guys and gals have a 253 from an hq thats being fitted to an hz as you can see from pics the mounting plate for acc cable is all wrong as hq has rod set up andworks from the fire wall were as hz has cable acc and works from front of motor what part or parts do i need to change to cable acc. cheers in advance



Anybody know anything about these flare kits for HQ to HZ sedans. Have been told they were a dealer option and have been on this car from new. If they are original they must be rare, never seen them before. Feel more like plastic than fibreglass.


What colours did hz indicator stalks come out in

HQ to HZ

Want to know if the body lines on a HQ rear quarter panel are the same as HZ and can I use the entire rear quarter on a HZ and have the rear lights intergrated into the panel?

looking for light blue interior vinyl 23C

Trying to find a upholster or supplier with light blue material for seats and door trims for my HZ Sandman Trim Colour is 23C

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253 strom 2 barrel carb

Hi all i have a hz tonner that im fitting a 253 motor and auto into the motor has a stromburg 2 barrel carb and i would like to keep this carb as it has a recent rebuild the motor etc is out of an hq and had a rod accelerator setup which the hz didnt have has anyone changed one of these carbs to a cable accelerator and if so how did you do it. thanks in advance.

Photos HZ 308 V8 engine front bracket assembly

Fellers - does anyone have photos showing the general configuration for the front engine brackets holding the A/C, power steering and alternator? I took some photos prior to dismantling but didn't take enough and now I'm scratching my head sorting out the bolt lengths, spacers etc. Does anyone have any ideas?

It's my first time using this site so I apologise if I haven't observed your customary etiquette - put it down to an old bloke who's learning all over again.

edelbrock manifold and carb adaptor

2 part question,please.
Putting an edelbrock inlet manifold on red 253 and instructions say NOT to use the front and back self adhesive thin manifold gaskets,but just a thin bead of rtv sealant. Does that sound correct??

Also,manifolds nowadays seem to be for 4 bbl with me using my 253 2 bbl Stromberg,I bought the adaptor plate. Do I still need to use the old spacer under the carb (I read somewhere that it's meant to stop heat transferring up to the carb) or does the extra material of the adaptor plate do the same thing??

Forgive my ignorance,but this is my first ever v8...

HZ SLE Statesman

just needing some specs and general info regarding SLE Statesmans ??

just picked this up in Melbourne she is bound for Perth and a birthday!

edelbrock manifold

Just purchased an edelbrock inlet manifold to go on my red 253,and also picked up a 2bbl to 4 bbl adaptor ( sticking with original 2bbl stromberg carb for time being)
Can some one tell me what the plate is in the picture,please??
(Picture is just a random pic I downloaded off internet,but shows the plate I'm talking about)


Fuel tank

Does anyone know the paint colour/code for the fuel tank on a HZ GTS Sedan. Black or silver????????????

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