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Nice Original Goon Up For Grabs

Sometimes you can get lucky at Shannons Auctions and if there is little interest on the day, a cheap car can be bought.


How can I import the alternator BXF1231A or BXF1241A ?


Because the alternator for my HZ engine was broken, I want to import one piece of the model BXF1231A or BXH1241A to Japan. But no item of these models on ebay is shipped to Japan. Does anyone know a way or a shop to import one to Japan?


HZ Gts

I am restoring a 1977 HZ GTS Sedan and am up to the paint stage. Does anyone know if the black paint surrounds around the door windows and bottom sills is Black Gloss, Semi gloss or satin and does it have a paint code number, and is the engine bay and boot gloss, semi or satin.


Accelerator bracket

Accelerator bracket

Shane here is a pic of the manifold, bracket, and carb.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

accelerator bracket

accelerator bracket

Hi all i bought this bracket from kingswood spares and was told it was for my 253 but for the life of me i cant find the place on the inlet manifold were it bolts to, am i lossing the plot or have i been sold the wrong one the carb is a manual choke 2 barrel stromburg cheers for any help.

Paint Tips

Paint Tips

Any of you Cluey Fellas (or Fellarettes) able to give me some hints as to whether there's an easy, or easier way (other than using a very small brush) to paint this badge red with the Lion remaining chrome? I'm sure there's a little trickery that I don't know about. Cheers in advance.

Panelvan Upper Tailgate Fibreglass - bens bedford bits

Anyone bought one of these fiberglass upper tailgates off ebay?

Secondhand is almost impossible and the only ones I see are rusty.... or on a panel van lol SPONSOR

202 lifter pre-load

gday all,

aplogies to all those boys that i have bored-to-tears with, by raving on-and-on about checking my lifter pre-load.

..but i'm b*ggered if i can get it right.

i'm just about to fire the ol' girl up after the rebuild.

i've got 0.060" crane cams shims under all pivot posts now.

i'm aiming for 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn from zero lash (for 1.1mm to 1.7mm lifter plunger movement).

with no shims, they were all about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns (one or two 2 turns).

with 0.030" shims, they were all about 1 turn (some 1 1/4).

with 0.060" shims, they are all about 1/2 o 3/4 of a turn.

..but, i don't reckon 0.060" has been taken off head and top of the block!

..also but, i'm not the slighest bit confident that i've got it (# turns) right because:

two 202 rocker post needed - help!

gday all,

help i stuffed up...again.

i've stretched one or two rocker pivot bolts
by being a bluddy purist and using a (prob too big) torque wrench set at the 28 ft lb spec.

alas, can't get them from dealer. rare spares no go. local wrecker no go...


Is this me my new HZ??

Is this me my new HZ??

I made enquiry about this
http://www.carsales.... & I have an appointment tomorrow. I rang the fella this morning expecting to speak to an older gent & I spoke to a young fella & it's his first car also the car has a flat & hadn't driven for 3 months. Maybe the drive ain't what he'd expected he wants $10500 but I willing to neg $7000/7500 if she's as good as appears to be! Fingers & toes crossed.
Cheers Shane

Questioned Time

G'day all. Just a quick one are Stato & wagon rear doors the same?
Many thanks in advance.
Cheers Shane

Easter Cruise

Happy easter to all. I got new Bridgestone Supercat tyres on the HZ yesterday on the buy 3 get the 4th free and I don't think I have to worry about getting the power steering I had originally planned on. Its made a huge difference, much lighter and the car just glides along the road now, great to drive! Spent yesterday evening polishing it up and she came up a treat!

HZ SL Colour?

HZ SL Colour?

G'day boys & girls.
I'm looking at a HZ SL tomorrow & it's a similar colour to this one in the picture. Anybody know what this colour is?
Many thanks in advance.
Cheers Shane

Statesman Prototype, what's different?

Statesman Prototype, what's different?

What's different?

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any body air baged a holden

hi there any one air bagged a old holden

piston 'F' stamp

gday all,

just trying to get a definitive answer on a problem i've got regarding the rebuilding of me 202.

assuming the gudegeon is always offset towards the major thrust side, and assuming the major
thrust side is the camshaft/left side (because the crank rotates clockwise while looking from the front on a 202),
then, is the pictured piston installed onto the conrod correctly? i think it is.

because, i had to return the engine back to the reconditioner (after the current rebuild) because i first noticed the notches on the crown of the pistons were facing the back. i also noticed the heavy/flanged side of the big end journal cap was also facing the back.




Seawitch van

Seawitch van


v8 manifold

whats the best way and product to clean a manifold, its off the engine so i can give it a good scrub, thanks.

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