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steering wheel

Hi guys, I am needing to replace my indicator stalk, and could use some help.

I've used some wd40 on the steering wheel, and with a puller, it still won't budge.

I am going to try giving it some taps with a hammer, but some advise would be appreciated.


commodore springs in rear of hz?

hi guys
im wondering something...
people have mentioned that you can use torana springs to lower a kingswood....when i had an lx torana i was told to use commodore springs to lower it.
So, could I use commodore springs in the rear of my hz wagon to lower it?

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Wrecking VT Belina

Hi i am currently wrecking a VT Betlina most parts available and cheap i am located in Hillside Melb if you need somthing call 0417540518

Cheers Paul (78 GTS)

Sale of the century apparently


nitrox not signed in as at work


hay what are the best headers and flowmarsters for a 350 hz panal van

thanks surf SPONSOR

79 hz kingswood clutch adjustment

hey guys i have a 79 hz kingswood with 202 and 3 on the tree my clutch is coming on quite late in the pedal stroke how and where do i adjust these? can they be adjusted with gearbox on place.


HZ Red 202 Flat spot

hey guys,

I'm new to here so excuse me if this has been answered before.

HZ Red 202 motor

I recently put pacemaker extractors and exhaust on my 202. I noticed a flat spot when still warming up, usually when I take off to accelerate.
Its made the car stall when going around a corner on a hill near my house. Just wondering where I should look first. Carby? I have a electric dizzy in it which is running 12 volts to a BOSCH coil, but could it be the timing? or vacuum lines? emissions? I don't know much about the vacuum lines and what to look for if something is failing.

Any help would be much appreciated :) Thanks

Paint code 567 30527 dynasty gold metallic

Paint code 567 30527 dynasty gold metallic

Tryn to get a grip on dynasty gold is this it or is it a darker colour tryn to get info off the web is like getting a drink from a fire hydrant cheers

Hz chassis clean up

I'm looking for some sandblasting to be done on a tonner chassis in pakenham area and maybe some panels... any recommendations on providers? It would be good if they could spray the chassis for me as well.


Happy days

Happy days

Etched an primed

Hot drum brake

Hey guys,

Just a question,i got a hz ute,but.. i have noticed my right rear brake drum is hot after a good drive and some times makes a slight rubbing sound when im at a slow creep 10kmh max,i have raised the back end up and checked for resistance and its fine wheel spins freely,i have adjusted the brakes tested and on return still hot,my next plan is to swap drums over tommorow to see what happens

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Better shot

Better shot

i think he went to light at it guess I would rather that than warped panels thou



Ruff as .glitters every where it was smooth in the doors he,s made it ruff as well just spent three hours going over one side with the plastic wheel,no good with 180 grit sand paper atleast the roof is done properly . Ended up finding a threw more little holes an a repair.

Not happy

Not happy

Half a job

Front bar chassis bolt size

So iv got my car back from the painters and i needed to fit my front bar and i seemed to have misplaced the 6 bolts (3 each side) that hold the bar to the chassis
Any body wouldn't happen to know the size?
Iv found on here a post says a 1/2 inch unc but it goes in 2 turn then stops.


Sandblasting tips

Sandblasting tips

Finally got some coin together to have me car sandblasted mainly roof been told I can mask up the windows with cardboard etc the car is really good on the inside an would rather not pull it apart any more than I need to has any one had this done before it's costing me $250 an hour an hoping he can do the car in about three an a half hours cheers ( non silica)

Nice van at shops today

Nice van at shops today

Had a yarn to the owner nice bloke too, he may get on here one day and say gooday.

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