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Upgrading from single thermo to twin thermo - can I use the existing wiring on 2 fans?

Hi Everyone,

I bought one of those ebay shrouds to go over my new radiator with 2x10in fans. The setup it has at the moment works fine (one of those thematic switches that has the copper wire that feeds into the top radiator hose).

The reason I am switching to two is that I plan get the factory AC working some time down the track, and I was advised that twin thermo's are more suitable for a car with AC.

Is it possible to just splice the second fan onto the first fan once hooked up as a temporary solution? The fans don't say how many amps they draw, only 12v 80watt. I am assuming that the existing setup has a 30amp relay.

Or should I just run it with 1 fan until I can get it to someone who knows what they are doing?



EFI Statesman SLE HZ 5.7L Stroker

Statesman SLE for sale.

Has low k's since engine build.
Strong EFI 5.7 Striker engine with all the necessaries
Surge tank
Electronic Gear Box
Lexus Spectra Blue Mica Pearl paint

Having trouble finding color code

I got a paint code number 567-30855 an trim code 1956-116 I don't seem to be able to find anything on it any help would be good was told its mystic blue paint

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holden 6 cyl

hey guys in building nice 202 with my woman its her and she wants to do 95% of it and yes shes hot soooo im looking for a yella terra head and manifold or something as worked now also are the redine manifild as good as yella terrra and if so has any body got either for sale in nz or adelaide ish

also im looking for a rebuild video so we can use it to build our 202 can anyone point me in the right direction a step by step one would be sweet thanks


HI everyone
i have a 1991 vn v6 commodore engine with low km 111775 that i want to sell i have the service history on the whole car and the km are true any test welcome and you can hear and test drive as its still all together i am asking $350 bought it to transplant into a FE but things change and too many projects i am located in Hillside Melbourne if anyone needs parts let me know as I'm wrecking the whole car 0417 540 518

cheers Paul (78 GTS)

Temp Sender info Required

The Temp gauge in the HZ hasn't worked for some time. Earthed the wire from the sender and gauge goes to max so appears ok. I suspected I may have had the wrong sender unit in it since I did a motor swap so I purchased a new sender from Rare Spares P/N 92063571. Says it will suit HX - WB and VP - VT. I was under the impression that VP-VT ran a different Ohm rating to earlier Holdens. Anyone confirm that this sender will work in the HZ?

Disk brake proportioning valve

Holdenpedia shows that there are 3 types of proportioning valve as follows:
P 7256 suits HZ sdn and the crack point is 225 psi.
P 7259 suits HZ wagon and utes etc and the crack point is 350 psi.
P 7305 suits 4 wheel disc brakes and the crack point is 450 psi.
My question is how can you identify which is which? These part numbers don't show on the valve itself. I want to identify the P7305.

tri matic

New on here so still sorting ou. Will a v8 trimatic go onto a 202. Been researching but can't find difference. Thanks

308 / 355 Holden Oil pressure

Hello all.

I had a problem with my 355 the other day. Previously it has run great with good oil pressure.
I had to pull my new motor to remove the High Energy sump so I could cut the corner off the front wing to clear my front diff center. I had the crank covered with a stock sump whilst the other was off, it stayed clean, I screwed the thing back on and filled up the oil. The 355 was upside down on the stand for two days or so.


Hi Guys,

I'm looking to do a lot of rust repair body work to my HZ panelvans rear (LEFT and RIGHT).

I'm looking to do this myself and considering to undertake some training in welding and wondering whether you guys could point me in the right direction.

I've never welded, but I'm smart (enough) and quick learner and want to buy my own welding gear to fix my car, though not sure what to buy.

Thermal Vacuum

Hey guys

I'm installing a new thermal vacuum switch on the thermostat housing, can anyone make a recommendation on a good sealant?


car cover

gday all,
sorry boys - boring question, but has anyone know of a decent car cover brand?
i'm sure over the years that i've tried em all - and never been really happy.
anything new happening?

Changing the Pinion and Ring Gear Banjo Diff

I have a 3.9 LSD Banjo diff, and have obtained a 3.55 non LSD Diff.

Can the Pinion and ring gear be swapped between the 2 making a 3.55 LSD ?

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Brake warning light fault

Hey all
Putting the dash back in my Hz. Just wondering when you turn on ignition should the brake warning light up, mine does nothing, if I bridge the switch on the proportioning valve nothing happens, however if I do this and ground the wire that goes on to the ignition switch it illuminated. Can anyone help solve this

Mission Impossible?

I am S L O W L Y cobbling together my 1 Tonna after painting. As I didn't disassemble all of it, I am struggling with a few bits and pieces. So tell me this, how in carnation do I re fix the drivers side wiper arm inside the cowl? I think I need an extra joint in my arm and a removable third eye if you fix it via the opening up under the dash. Is that the only way? Any handy hints would be appreciated.

early stromberg

I have a problem with the stromberg carb on my 253 rebuild i had the carb rebuilt not knowing that i had an early one that had a rod accelerator and as my hz has a cable accelerator and i would like to keep it is there anyway that this can be done shorely im not the only one that has run into this problem cheers in advance for any suggestions.

308 heads for FREE

I have a pair of heads that came of a running red 308 they are for free and yes you have to come and pick them up i am located in Hillside Melbourne 0417 540 518 remember they are FREE

cheers 78 GTS

V8 Radiator

Hi guys, quick question for you

I have a HZ 202 3 spd manual with air con

It seems the radiator is a V8 3 - core radiator with smaller inlet and outlet housings to fit 6 cylinder hoses.

I have a standard V8 3-core radiator to replace it.

A standard 6 cyl 2 core radiator won't fit because of how the condensor is fixed to the radiator support.

Can I replace the top and bottom hoses with standard V8 ones?

Or do I need to track down another radiator?



Hi guys & girls hope you all are well.i was talking to a guy at a front end place today.i told him i have brand new genuine holden hz lower ball joints.he said not to use them as the quality is not that good made out to be and that you need a over size ball joint to fit the hole on lower control arms.could someone please tell me is this is true.thankyou

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