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GEM short engine

Well,for better or worse,I ordered a GEM red 253 short ( -ish) motor and it turned up two heads/valves etc. look very that's why a 'short'.
Just looking thru the bag of gaskets etc. and the two head gaskets look like no-name cheapies.....just wondering if I should use the two Durapro head gaskets I bought a couple months ago??
The engine came with oil pump and timing cover fitted. I specified standard cam and timing gear etc. ( the cam is a 'polished' secondhand one?? I'm OK with that for time being)
The new pistons are RP9119A-060M....I guess '060' means 60 thou oversize. Shouldn't matter if cheap-ish pistons etc. as engine won't clock up that many Km's over the years and I'm a conservative driver anyway.

Brake Calipers

Can someone tell me I the brake calipers for a HZ and WB are the same?

Many Thanks



I couldn't find the pinouts for this, ... Is it a relay with flasher maybe from HZ maybe. I was looking without luck though my bits for a few 87a relays.

9 330 065 001
931 925
Pins T6 T1 at the top
Pins T2 T3 T5 T4 at the bottom

Overheating Sensor

Saw this overheating sensor on eBay for $99. Thought it may be a good thing?

Might have saved Michael's new motor.....

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

oil pressure sender identification

oil pressure sender identification

What it this?

It is VDO and has the numbers on the hex part of the base reading c05, 07/06 and 500kpa. I cant remember if its off the hz statesman this engine originally came from.

Cheers, Curly.

Something Different

Friend just returned from Canada and snapped this lil' beauty , good imagination there I think.
Serious question :- gave me old 253 a bit of a tweak this morning and a question I have never asked is why does Gregorys say that pre October 1977 the timing advance is 6 deg and from then on it's 12 deg , What changed in the 253 to effect this ?



HQ door trim inner weather strip

HQ door trim inner weather strip

I fitted some inner weather strips I thought I'll post up a few pics of I do it.
The factory strips have staples which need grinding off then the new strip will need to be trimmed down to size & then riveted into place. I used bifucated or split rivets.
Cheers Shane SPONSOR


For anyone near West Swan in Perth WA there is a HZ Holden Panelvan advertised for wrecking. Has a 308 and saginaw 4 speed and 9 inch diff so modified but the couple of pictures show an old dark blue paint job with very faded Sandman side stickers and has a GTS dash. Could be a very old replica but you can just make out a full roof lining side trim. either way a good start for a project if its any good. Its on Gumtree ad number 1053233557. FYI, no accident damage and even has side bubble windows.

18 inch rims on hz van

i have a hz van was just wondering will 18inch rims fit on the van or will i have to modify it in anyway thanks

More hinge cover tips

More hinge cover tips

Here's another tip I thought I'll & it worked a treat.
Now I mention yesterday that these covers are fasten to the hinge via little pins & all my of mine are broken. So I decided to carefully drill a small hole into the broken pins & I screw in some small timber flat headed screws.
Cheers Shane

Time for a tip

Time for a tip

Howdy all!
I spent a fair bit of time cleaning up the plastic hinge covers for my Torana seats. After a few go's at scrubbing I just weren't happy with the way they looking.
Then I had a brainwave so I headed down Peps (auto store) & I pick up a can of satin black plastic bumper paint.
So after a few light coats I'm very please now.
Cheers Shane

Tyres question

Hi guys, I need to get new tyres for my HZ sedan. The tyres that are on the front are 195/75/14 just standard rims and hubcaps. I have looked in the Bob Jane catalogue and I don't see any that match those dimensions exactly. The Bob Jane all rounder have 185/65/14 would these go okay on the car? They are only 89 bucks and $50 off when buying four so I'd be happy with something like that as don't want to spend a lot of money buy any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I don't need anything fantastic as its only driven the odd weekend and not when it's wet. I could go into the store but from past experience they always seem to try to talk me into the most expensive tyres! Thanks in advance, Bill

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Fastback canopy

Hi guys
I am trying to find out if anyone might know what one if the old fastback canopies might be worth that fit a hq to be Ute. My dad had one - massive Holden fan - and he passed away during the week and we are just trying to sort out his stuff and it's not needed and I have no idea what it's worth. Thanks in advance.


So i have 3.3 litre hz sedan kingswood which is the 3 speed manual column shift and I want to put a 308 or 304 efi motor into it and I was wondering if it is possible to do this while keeping the same 3 speed manual column shift gear box

Glass Bowl Fuel Pump for sale

Last of the Glass Bowl Fuel Pumps here for sale, for those who have recently inquired on OH.

Only $499.

Alternatively the repair kit is back on

A relative bargain at $122.

GEM engines

The more I pull my red 253 motor apart,the more problems or potential problems I find.
Rather than spend many dollars and do the work myself,am beginning to think 'screw it' and pay a few dollars more and get something already fully reconditioned ( with a warranty)
Can I get peoples opinions about GEM reco'ed motor,please??
There's a GEM place not far from here at Thornton...but I don't know yet if they do car motors or just industrial stuff.
Or if any one knows of any other reliable places in the Cessnock-Maitland-Newcastle area that have already reco'd engines.
Many thanks

Commodore bcm

Hi all and happy new year

I'm doing an ecotec conversion in a hz ute and will be using the entire wiring loom inc bcm.
Reasons for ecotec? I have a whole vt dunnydore which I paid. Sweat fa for, it's done 120,000ks and I know the previous owner.
I've looked at injected 5.0 and they all need a rebuild
A gen3 would be nice but don't really need the power or want attention.

Now the question.
Does anyone know how to disable or bypass the abs, air bag or any other safety or security feature on the bcm. I wouldn't want the kingswood to be safe now would I!

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