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Trimatic Kickdown solenoid wiring connector

I am after the connector and wire that connects to the kickdown solenoid on a Trimatic transmission. I reckon any model Holden that has a Trimatic will have the same connector. If you have an old harness laying around that you would be happy to sacrifice this wire from I would be eternally grateful. Please let me know if you can help

Hz power steering

Hi all I'm new to the show so be gentle. Anyway I have a question I hope someone can shed some light on it so here goes. I just fitted power steering to my Hz tonna all good until I noticed that the pitman arm is longer by about 5to7 mm. Every pitman arm I've measured has been the same size as the one on my manual box I pulled out which is 177 mm end to end and the one on the power steering box is 185 mm. The longer pitman arm is the same length as the pitman arm on the manual box in my Hqss. So having said that my question is r there a difference in length between Hq and Hz pitman arms keeping in mined that all new pitman arms for sale on eBay and rare spares say that fit Hq to wb and they r the shorter ones ( 177 mm).

Old blue

Old blue

It brings a tear to my eye seeing my old girl like this but she's going to a new home to be used for rust repairs,she's seen a few hail storms an someone decided not to stop behind it one day as you can see my rough beaver panel made from a fridge all the parts are going on the HQ an also keeping the V8 chassis got $200 just for the shell.

ford xe dizzy cap on hei hz holden

hi anyone know if a ford xe female dizzy cap will fit on my 202 hei dizzy and run anyone done this before

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unsure of my fuel

hi fellow lions ,im unsure of this fuel i got its clear colour its premium ,,i dont remember it being that colour ?? SPONSOR


gday all,

just thinkn...again...

do you guys, like, always got ya cars on ya minds?

not like obsessed or anything...but always a todo list on em...sort of a little bit annoying
but, i think we love to have a real purpose, to keep em well maintained and driveable - for the love we all have for our bewdiful, holden cars eh?

..but its when we get em out on road eh?.. with a bit of space around us, that we can slowly open em up, stretch their legs a bit, so we can hear those bewdiful, familiar sounds that we oh so adore...


What's a set off triple SU Carbys an inlet manafold worth

These days an has any one some sitting around Lindsay hint hint.

putting an HSV dual exhaust on HZ wagon.

Have a HZ wagon with injected 304 in it. I didnt have enough money to fit the exhaust I wanted when I got it, so I have 304 headers, which merge into single tail pipe. The tail pipe goes over the diff at the rear end.

Was wonder if I could get a HSV duel tail pipe as I have the headers and merge piece, would just be a case of getting the tailpipe over the diff at the rear, which could be fabricated easy enough. Anyone done hard was it to adapt the hsv pipes to fit a hz? Also should I use 2.5inch or 3inch pipes?

The reason I thought to use hsv kit is seems can get it cheap enough on trade me. Have seen full kits go for $200. Just be labour and some skilled person that needs to bend pipes etc.

Replacing wiring harness

Hey guys,

I need to replace the rats nest of wiring in both the body and engine of my Hz ute. Was hoping someone else had done the same and could recommend a good option. I've looked at painless but it's ridiculously expensive, the other option I'm looking at is ultimate wiring which is an Australian company so would rather go with them anyway.

Any help would be appreciated

sounds a bit studip

gday all,
...just thinkn..but reckon that there's something
very special to us boys about the humble 1/2" and 9/16" spanners.
..sounds sort of stupid i know - but you guys
know what i mean eh?

(appenditure)..i noticed the typo in the heading. i was gonna quickly correct it..
..but decided to leave says it all about

Holden HZ GTS badge location

Dear All

just wandering if someone can help in regards to all the badge location measurements for my Holden HZ GTS

hz dash wiring

hz dash wiring

anyone know were the dark green and light tan wires go on a hz kinga dash

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hz dash wiring

hz dash wiring

anyone know were the dark green wire goes?? and light tan

hz 202 vacuum thingy

hz 202 vacuum thingy

anyone what this is what it does were it hooks up on my hz 202 inlet manifold

Hz dash harness

Hi does anyone know were the darkgreen wire from hz dash harness go im sure it plugs into the coloum ignition switch but no power to move the temp gauge needle ,,,,allso the orange wire does that just plug into fuse box spade???

Club rego

Hi guys happy weekend to all. Just wondering if anyone knew or was part of a car club in S.A that wouldnt draw issue with my HZ having extractors? Apparently even though the car is completely stock standard i cant get the historic rego available to cars built pre 12/78 because of that, and what an absolute joke that is!

Because of that reason the car just sits in the garage gathering dust and never seeing the light of day as I cant afford to pay 2 lots of rego for our everyday cars, and the Kingswood even though it would only come out once every few weekends tops.

uninsulated crimp terminals

Hi anyone know who in Australia can supply uninsulated crimp terminals for HQ to WB have some but very difficult to get from the states TIA

Hey Doctor stitch

Hey Doctor stitch

I got a velour roof lining in my HZ that l am stripping its sagging a bit is it worth pulling out and tryn to get the sags out or am l just wasting my time as l know they sag after a while l cannot get a decent pic other wise l would off put on up earlier cheers,PS it's not sagging much yet.

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