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HZ Sedan cabin removal

Hi, Old Holden fans
I have a general question regarding a HZ sedan cabin.
I would like to ask for some assistance if possible. I will be swapping over a HZ sedan cabin for another. I have stripped off everything that was attached to the cabin. I would like to know if I leave the engine and transmission still on the chassis can I remove the cabin on its own. What other items are still attached to the cabin. It seems like the transmission cross member is mounted on the cabin. Is the diff attached to the cabin as well. SORRY Holden fans for the many questions but I have limited room and I want to just roll out the chassis while I have the cabin raised up.

Ute rear bumper bar


Has anyone fitted a full rear bumper to a HZ Ute? I was under the impression that I could use a a HJ to HZ Wagon bumper, but the guys at Kingwood Country tell me, only a HQ rear Wagon bar will fit... Anyone know for sure please?



hi guys&girls hope you all are well.i got a holden hz with factory airconditioning its a 5litre. i want to put vn 5litre efi heads with redline hiwinder manifold and carby set up. just wanting to know if all the airconditioning and powersteering brackets bolt up with out any mod's.thankyou

Holden HZ GTS

Where can you get a complete wiring harness for a HZ. New/aftermarket, whatever

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

King springs VS pedders

I had my car lowered the other day by pedders they took me king springs out(still got em)
An fitted heavy duty pedder front springs ,From personal experience king springs are stiffer full stop pedders are ok kinda !
I seen some posts about GULF western oil I thought I would give it another chance well I still think the oil is [Naughty Pottyword] makes my car tap like nothing else STILL!
Ok that's my two cents for the day.cheers

WTB HZ Retractable drivers seat belt

Would anyone have a good drivers side retractable seatbelt for sale that will pass a rwc for a hz ?

Is this it

Is this it


Wanted Radiator Support Panel

I am after a twin headlight support panel for a HJ HZ Holden, no rust. Can anyone assist please


red vs. blue harmonic balancers

Question there any difference in the position of the timing mark between red motor and blue motor harmonic balancers??
If there is,then should a red 6 cyl. with a blue motor HEI,have a blue h/balancer put on to help with tuning??

Greymotor Hotup bits wanted

After hot up grey motor bits. I am building several engines and will consider any parts on offer.

people trust holden

people trust holden

heres one from the board game "poleconomy"

Carbie change question

I have an old nissan 720 with a Z22 2.2lt. Can I fit a ww to it or Mabie a Holley?

crow cams rockers

Gday just wondering if anyone has used the crow cams 'next gen' roller rockers
Like these.
I had no idea crow cams even made rockers until I saw them in the repco catalouge on special (for about 300 for a v8 set).
Has anyone used them and are they ok?
I know crow cams is a reputable brand when it comes to other valve train components.
Do they require head machining? Can you get an adjustable set?
Thanks in advance

HZ air con

The HX I brought recently has air con ,not on the fire wall but in side the car you open the glove box an half the space is gone it looks standered is it I haven't seen one like this my other HX has it on the firewall making life hard to change plugs etc,

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M20 or M22 for 6cylinder ute?

G'day all, can someone please tell me what would be the preferred 4 speed gearbox (M20 or M22) for an HZ tonner with a 186. It's my son's first car and we've converted it from an automatic to a manual ok, but the gearbox he's used has a few noisy bearing issues and needs to be replaced. It has a 10 bolt Salisbury diff and it needs some revs get going due to whatever the gearing is I'm thinking.
Thanks in advance


Hi there can anyone tell me if I can replace my 3 speed manual
box with a 4 speed and keep my column shift on my HZ ute.
Has anyone even done this??
As a matter of useless information my first car Renault 16TS had
a 4speed column gear change.
Just thought its cool to keep my column gear change.
Thanks for any help. Tony

Some photos of my 'new' HZ

Some photos of my 'new' HZ

Hi guys, here are some photos of the 1978 HZ Kingswood that I got on Saturday morning. Its a fairly stock 202, 3 speed manual. 2nd owner car with 202,000kms only alterations that i can see are advance extractors and an exhaust that I have to say gives it a really nice note but not too loud. LPG but that was installed in 1990 and runs on both petrol and gas, and the mag wheels but they are still 14's and it also came with the original rims and hubcaps if I want to put them back on.

Surface rust isn't coming up ,so I am getting the car sandblasted should I use

Expoxy etch primer
0% (0 votes)
2 pack undercoat
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0

Going too get car sandblasted after rubbing for it an getting nowhere quick anuff!

Epoxy etch primer
0% (0 votes)
2 pack undercoat
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0


Hi all
i am chasing a Hayman Reece tow bar to suit a HZ 1 tonne i am located in Melb (west) so a local would be great so if you have one laying around and want some cash for it please let me know

cheers 78 GTS (Paul)

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