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WTB: Quadrajet metering rods

Hello Ladies and Gents,
I'm currently looking for some primary metering rods to suit a Quadrajet carby. I'm looking for some 48M rods though would consider 46M or 47M rods aswell, but they must be M series rods.
An obscure request, I know. Hopefully someone has a crate of parts kicking around the shed Very Happy

I would also consider secondary metering rods other than AN, CX, CH, DH, or DA as a way to broaden my collection.

Whilst I don't necessarily need any more carb cores, I would certainly be interested in buying any complete or incomplete quadrajets that are headed for the bin or the scrap yard as a way to preserve them.

Let me know what you've got


im bored.....out.

As mentioned in previous post, I have a spare red 202block. It has .040 pistons in what does that make it,a 208??

ok, im lost...

Just to confuse the issue , re: last nights posts about sports head (done to gtr specs) onto red 202 with mild LPG/towing cam, r/rockers...etc. that T, Ben and others helped with.
The problem was that 5th pushrod from front was not spinning,regardless off pre-load setup etc.
Ok, I have a spare red 202 block that had obviously been put together by an amateur back yard mechanic somewhere in the past,so I pinched a pushrod out of it,installed and now it spins!!
BUT....I then noticed that the other spare block pushrods are longer than what my HZ's are (about 231 mm compared to about 228 mm )
BUT....some of the spare ones also seem to have a slight bend to them,so can't use them anyway. this is where I am confused.

spark plugs

As per previous posting,exactly what sparkplugs should I be using??
Head is on red 202 but is to gtr specs and has flat sparkplug holes...not tapered like 202/173 has. So guessing it may be 186 head?
Also has HEI.,so need 1.5mm gap.
Any help appreciated.

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push rods

I've just now put a sports head (done to GTR specs) on red 202,along with YT5007 (from memory)roller rockers.
I had mild LPG/towing cam and new lifters put in a few months ago.
Problem is....the pushrod 5th from the front won't spin.I know all pushrods are back in original holes,but can't guarantee right way up so turned them upside down....5th one still won't spin,and others at various speeds.
Tried different adjustments on r/rockers setup. Tighten down to zero lash,then 1/2 turn,or full turn etc. for preload. And tried backing them off till chattering then back on various amounts. Also tried tightened till pushrod just unturnable by hand then 1/2 turn,also same plus 1/3 turn (all these methods I've read of on different sites)

wanted to buy hz ute

hi all after a holden ute cheap to restore hq thru to wb ,I will consider most prefer v8


HZ Sedan cabin removal

Hi, could someone please help me I have a couple of questions in regards to removing a sedan cabin off the chassis. I have searched on but I only found the posting about a ute cabin. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.
1. Is it easy to do?
2. When a cabin is removed from the chassis which part actually comes, it seems that the rails goes all the way to the back and it is welded.
3. Is the any numbers on the cabin that is used to identify the car, for example build date, chassis number or any numbers used for registration?

Thank you in advance. SPONSOR

door weather strip

gday all,

can any of you boys possibly advise me how to get the door's weather strip off?

NOT the weather strip stapled to the trim - the other side - on the door.

..i can just see lugs that i suppose i gotta somehow bend up like a staple?
looks like it could be a mongrel..

is there a special tool?

pls see photo attached.


good fnp

good fnp

Gday Al. I see your smash pic and I raise you!. My old mans tonner mid 80's after a mk2 440 Cortina crossed to the wrong side of the road causing a 90 kph head on. Cortina driver unfortunately deceased.


Why do i keep getting pictures and advertisements of good looking horny women advertised when I browse this site out .Are they a major sponsor of old Holden.

roller rocker adjustments

Just installed sporty head onto red 202,and put YT roller rockers on also.
Been reading 'rockers and pushrods' section on this site and about lash etc. (Obviously this section refers to standard rockers adj.) but would I set roller rockers much the same?? Or is it completely different??
P.S. the motor recently had mild LPG/towing cam and new lifters etc. installed a few months ago. The new head I just put on is to GTR specs.

internal coloring

Finally pulled the head off HZ's red 202 to put sporty head on...and since I don't normally look inside of my engines, I'm curious about something.
The original head's valves are patchy light gray/white-ish on bottom of valves and the concave part of the head (where spark plug electrode comes thru) and cylinder bores are medium-darkish grey (almost seems to have a slight golden color to them??)
Would I be right in thinking I'm running a bit too lean??
Or,maybe a bit too hot in general...I have been usually using 98 Vortex,maybe octane a tad too high?
Anyway,hope my descriptions make sense...

caps for valves

Very soon will be putting my sports head onto red 202 in HZ,and putting on YT roller rockers onto it (assuming I can find them in clutter in shed)
But have heard differing stories about the little caps (sorry,don't know what their name is) that go on valve ends...where roller rocker roller touches.
Are they truly necessary??
I'm a fairly conservative driver,so would not drive it too hard too often...
Any help appreciated
P.s. motor has very mild can in it.

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input shaft

is it true that on a supra 5 speed box the input shaft needs to be replaced with one that suits the 253 308 engine, or does the gear box bolt straight up with the right bellhousing. cheers


hi everyone hope u all are well.when holden sold there genuine hj-wb complete cowl panel.did they come with the studs for the clips.thankyou

engine id

hi, help with id engine and manilfold, manifold has unusual sides for what looks standard number is 9945690 with 88-1 under the number. engine number is qr991782 it is a 253, cheers



Proof positive that only aliens drive fords....
Sorry its a bit blurry,camera settings went funny.

Nostalgia day

Nostalgia day

...and my other one.

Kurri Nostalgia day

Kurri Nostalgia day

Good day at Kurri this morning. The weather held off.....lots of cars,lots of people.
Had my two babies there...

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