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Mr Gasket 3 butterfly bug catcher template?

Hi All,

I have a bug catcher I want to put on my HZ but I don't want to screw the bonnet up with trial and error cutting it, does anyone know where I can get a cut out template for it? or does anyone have one mounted that they could trace the hole in their bonnet and send me?


mystery trims

mystery trims

G'day folks,is anyone able to I'd what these trims are out of, got them in my collection of useful automotive stuff. I got them for the vents and not sure what they came from. The only thoughts I can come up with is HQ-HZ statesman c pillar or maybe boot sides. They don't seem big enough for boot sides and I thought the c pillars would be covered by the hoodlining.

Attachments show them next to HQ coupe? Centre console and HQ-HX coupe rear 'door' trims for size comparison.

Cheers for any help.

factory shifter on turbo 700

Has anybody managed to use an original q-z t-bar shifter and fit it to the original console in a car with a turbo 700 fitted? After being told it could be done I fitted a mega shifter and really don't like the look of it or driving with it and would much prefer the factory look. Thanks for any help

for sale

for sale

$3000 Toowoomba AJ 0412 042 052

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

for sale

for sale

HZ ute for sale , good condition, reco gearbox, front end, good clean condition. Ute is in Toowoomba $3,000.

Show and Shine tomorrow

Show and Shine tomorrow

174-180 Old Geelong Road
Hoppers Crossing

10am - 3pm

Holden Colour Codes

I hadn't noticed this before on Unique Cars so it might be something new (probably just didn't see it)

Holden Colour Charts, codes, paint and interior.

A - L http://www.uniquecar...

M - Z http://www.uniquecar...

Scroll down to bottom for year of manufacture.

Might be handy for some of us :-) SPONSOR

253 runs like a pig

Finally had a day to myself so spent it on my tonner it has a 202 in it at present but am re-powering it with a 253 now the 253 has been rebuilt the carb has been done professionally, distributor is HEI, cam is a mild street cam out of a pontiac everything else is pretty much standard i hooked it up to a radiator and battery today and fired her up she will run with a bit of throttle but wont idle i have checked for vac leaks as much as i can but don't appear to be any. have put the timing lite on and it is a bit off but just stalls if i put it on the marks any suggestions as to why it wont idle will be great-fully accepted.

425 impco carb straight lpg

I just wondering if I could get some tips on tuning my 308 I am only getting 250 KMS to fifty litres off lpg it's straight gas 308 t5 3.08 diff ,I like giving it heaps but I find it DOESANT make much difference if I am booting it or not I have checked for leaks any help would be good , I have new mixer, diaphragm ,air filter,solinoeds ,dizzy etc my plugs seem fine but will be replacing them soon as well any tips on tuning a 425 impco set up as well PS. any tips on deciphering advancing its way advanced at three thou revs no pinging at all could all point that I am due for new rings? Should I be compression testing it ? No visible smoke etc


hi guys&girls hope you all are well.i am just wondering if anyone has used kelpro bushes and how is there quality as i am going to be replacing my hz sedan rear control arm bushes.

HZ rear spring sag?

gday all,

can anyone pls advise if there's a specifcation to measure the rear spring sag on a HZ kingsy sedan?

me mud flaps have been scraping when reversing a fair bit of late. some mates have commented that it
looks a bit low in the rear.

what do you boys reckon? pics attached. pls ignore the rust holes...blush...getting around to it...


HZ V8 1 tonner for sale

253 with HZ Premier front, runs and drives power steering as well, $1500

call Mick on 0400 048 081 Redcliffe area.



Clutch pedal

Hi all
Just wanting to know the difference between 6 cyl and v8 pull clutch pedals, I have been told there should be 2 different mounting holes under the dash but mine only has one.
Is it possible to use either pedal or will the pull length of the cable be incorrect
I am putting 308 and 4 speed in car which was originally auto
Any and as much info would be great

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202 radiator sock a beauty

gday all,

i've just come back from doing 11 hrs of highway cruising in my hz 202 kingsy doing 100 km/h 'ish.

while i've been trying to plug me leaking thermostat housing cover (4th time...), i pulled out me radiator sock
from the upper radiator inlet.

you can see from the photo it's working really nicely - keeping me std 3-core coppper radiator clean as.

so IMO, these socks are highly recommended for our old girls.

getting the clamp to seal down over the sock is a bit hard - i've used 2 clamps before ok.

btw, anyone know the brand of hose clamps that don't have any screw gooves? i want some that are all flat.


Help Needed

Hi guys, I need get some seat covers until I get my front seats re-upholstered. Went down to my auto shop but for beige ones they start at about 200 bucks which is a lot more than I want to pay to be honest as its only a for a stop gap until I get them repaired. Would these fit? If not id be really grateful for any links for similar priced covers that would fit the HJ-HZ seats. Thanks in advance :)

Block casting on 308

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone can tell me what 6e7 means on my 308 I understand it would be a date code not sure what though



hi everyone hope you all are well.i need some advice please.i'm going to change my clutch and thurst bearing in my vr v6 commodore with T5 gear box just wandering if i need to grease the thrust bearing.

HZ Kingswood dash lamp cluster

It's been a while since I last posted, but I have a question regarding the lamp cluster in the standard dash for HZ. Of the 6 lamps in the centre cluster, I know one of the bottom two spaces is for the fuel economy lamp, but the use of the other eludes me so far. A couple of people have said it's for temperature, but does anyone have any photos?

Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Evan.

M20 gearbox linkage nuts

Can anyone tell me the size of the nuts that connect the linkage plates to the selectors on a M20? I measured them as 24 tpi but 5/16" or 3/8" don't fit. It is in between??

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