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good fnp

good fnp

Gday Al. I see your smash pic and I raise you!. My old mans tonner mid 80's after a mk2 440 Cortina crossed to the wrong side of the road causing a 90 kph head on. Cortina driver unfortunately deceased.


Why do i keep getting pictures and advertisements of good looking horny women advertised when I browse this site out .Are they a major sponsor of old Holden.

roller rocker adjustments

Just installed sporty head onto red 202,and put YT roller rockers on also.
Been reading 'rockers and pushrods' section on this site and about lash etc. (Obviously this section refers to standard rockers adj.) but would I set roller rockers much the same?? Or is it completely different??
P.S. the motor recently had mild LPG/towing cam and new lifters etc. installed a few months ago. The new head I just put on is to GTR specs.

internal coloring

Finally pulled the head off HZ's red 202 to put sporty head on...and since I don't normally look inside of my engines, I'm curious about something.
The original head's valves are patchy light gray/white-ish on bottom of valves and the concave part of the head (where spark plug electrode comes thru) and cylinder bores are medium-darkish grey (almost seems to have a slight golden color to them??)
Would I be right in thinking I'm running a bit too lean??
Or,maybe a bit too hot in general...I have been usually using 98 Vortex,maybe octane a tad too high?
Anyway,hope my descriptions make sense...

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caps for valves

Very soon will be putting my sports head onto red 202 in HZ,and putting on YT roller rockers onto it (assuming I can find them in clutter in shed)
But have heard differing stories about the little caps (sorry,don't know what their name is) that go on valve ends...where roller rocker roller touches.
Are they truly necessary??
I'm a fairly conservative driver,so would not drive it too hard too often...
Any help appreciated
P.s. motor has very mild can in it.

Ebay Holden For Sale >

This is not mine although I might know some of the people involved > see the questions.

input shaft

is it true that on a supra 5 speed box the input shaft needs to be replaced with one that suits the 253 308 engine, or does the gear box bolt straight up with the right bellhousing. cheers SPONSOR


hi everyone hope u all are well.when holden sold there genuine hj-wb complete cowl panel.did they come with the studs for the clips.thankyou

engine id

hi, help with id engine and manilfold, manifold has unusual sides for what looks standard number is 9945690 with 88-1 under the number. engine number is qr991782 it is a 253, cheers



Proof positive that only aliens drive fords....
Sorry its a bit blurry,camera settings went funny.

Nostalgia day

Nostalgia day

...and my other one.

Kurri Nostalgia day

Kurri Nostalgia day

Good day at Kurri this morning. The weather held off.....lots of cars,lots of people.
Had my two babies there...

Build Data Wanted

HZ Kingswood Sedan

VIN No: BHZ36140S
Model No: 8WN69ZR

Can anybody provide me with some information on my car, Holden weren't able to help as they have no information on car built between 1978 and 1989 in there records.


Hanging Rock on

Hanging Rock back on Sunday 4th May.

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Holden HZ bench seat

Hey all. I'm moving and have a bench seat for a HZ I can't take with me.
You can have it for free if you can pick it up in earlwood today!!in good condition has one tear in vinyl. Classic Holden brown.
Feel free to call me 0421717501.
Cheers, Susan

Talking about...

Talking about...

And talking about Kurri Nostalgia day....


gday all,

i had a bit of (understatement) a worry last satdy arvo on the m7 going to blue mountains in me hz.

when i started going over 100km/h, the gauge went up OVER HALFWAY (pls see photo).
it looked as though is was gonna keep going up.

so i pulled over, put up the bonnet, and saw no leaks or anything. so i kept going
and the gauge came down after the stop (with the engine running) and stabilised half-way'ish.

i've got a crude radiator recovery cap directing overflow into a drink bottle. normally, the level stays
at a black line i've marked in texta about 1/3 the way up. it was FULL TO THE TOP
when i upped the bonnet, so obviously getting hot enough to overflow.

cap is std 15psi recovery type.

WTB: Holden 6

Hi guys,

Chasing a few things.

1. a warm/hot Holden 6, preference for 186 however will look at others. Around the $1500 mark. In qld or northern nsw
2. reputable, well priced media blasters in Brisbane, someone who knows what their doing and wont warp the [Naughty Pottyword] out of panels.
3. a decent, well priced painter/panel beater or even a bloke who does a good job from home.

Need to get this HR off the ground and on the road.


Cheers Guys

its on again...

its on again...

Its on again.
Kurri Kurri nostalgia day.
Sunday the 30th would be the best morning to go to see more old cars.
And barring rain, I should have both my babies there!

1977 HZ Sedan

1977 HZ Sedan
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