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HZ Kingswood dash lamp cluster

It's been a while since I last posted, but I have a question regarding the lamp cluster in the standard dash for HZ. Of the 6 lamps in the centre cluster, I know one of the bottom two spaces is for the fuel economy lamp, but the use of the other eludes me so far. A couple of people have said it's for temperature, but does anyone have any photos?

Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Evan.

M20 gearbox linkage nuts

Can anyone tell me the size of the nuts that connect the linkage plates to the selectors on a M20? I measured them as 24 tpi but 5/16" or 3/8" don't fit. It is in between??

Rear Louvre

Evening all, got the rear louvre that I was looking for last weekend which I'm rapt with as I think it suits the HQ-HZ perfectly. Only one small crack which I fixed with a bit of superglue and actually used the meguires tyre gel on it which made it look just like new!

hz front seat belt

gday bluhz78,
here's some pics as promised of the hz front seatbelt.
hope it helps ya.

Interesting Ebay items     (?)This area is inventionally left blank.

EH parts and wheels for sale, HQ rims

I have some wheels and tyres & parts for sale in Ipswich Qld.

4 tyres 175.70X13 tyres run around for short while only, was going to keep to whack onto EH rims I have here but for sale now. $120 for 4.

Rim suit EH with 6.50 X 13 LT tyre $20.

HK rim only $25.

HK rims with 6.95 tyres suit boot tyre $40.

HT/G rim with 7.35 tyre $40.

Alloy rim (Magnum)? 14X7 inch 1 only, suits all series FE to HG in GC no rash 1 only no tyre made by Sampson Engineering in South Australia
Could do with a polish, it is in VGC. $40.

Alloy rims kidney shape 2 of 14X7 inch suit HQ on I believe, no rash VGC could do with a polish. Have old crappy tyres fitted $80 pair.

EJ wagon lower tailgate $35

EJ EH wagon top tailgate with glass handle etc $50

WTB: Plastic indicator cancel plate for 70s/80s Holdens

It seems you can get a reproduction unit for the early-70s vehicles, but I cannot find the plastic indicator cancel assembly that sits inside the steering wheel for anything after '72. I put a request out on Findapart, but no interest there.

Mine's been AWOL since I bought the vehicle (UC Torana). From what I can tell, it's the same part from the HQ all the way through to the VL.

Picture of the mid-70s (cream) one here: http://www.gmh-toran...

Picture of the later (orange) one here: http://i760.photobuc...

Seat belts for hz

Hi all just fitting seat belts back to my hz sedan and cannot remember how to bolt them back in cannot find holes as it has had trim replaced on the b pillars any pics would really help SPONSOR

v8 rebuild questions

Gday all. Im pulling down my 304 v8 to rebuild it. Most of its apart except the bottom end which I plan to finish in the morning. Just a couple of questions:

1. When punching the numbers into the rods, is there a certain side they should be punched on. Ive pulled down 6cyls before and they were always on one side (eg might have been the cam side). But with a v block im not sure if I should be stamping towards the outside of the engine for that bank, or stamp all 8 rods on the left side or right side of the engine.

New blue ute

New blue ute

Picked this up this arvo cool old ute will tidy up with my son we can cruise in it on his L's has a bench which needs base recovered back ok so might trial fit the seats I got off Shane (just unpacked and checked them out) they look good buddy.

hz gts dash badge

Gday all, don't like my chances but I'm looking for a hz gts dash badge that goes above the glovebox.rarespares only make the hj, hx type.hoping somsomeone can help.



Has anyone got a hz bench seat for sale near toowoomba? Thanks aj can pick up today 0412 o42o52

Finally finish

Finally finish

There finally done I just made the pockets for em today.
And the goods is they are being freighted on Monday to another old holdener Cocko750
I hope he'll be as happy as I am with them.

bosch HEI wiring

Hey folks, I went to change the ignition module on my HEI dizzy in the HZ and noticed that the wires are frayed just before they go through the rubber block in the side of the dizzy. How is the rubber block removed without damaging it? I don't feel like destroying it getting it out to replace the wires. Cheers in advance

Mags or hubcaps?

G'day fellas, i'll be adding some shed pics shortly into the shed but just waiting for the confirmation email. I was hoping to get some opinions on whether to keep the mags on my old girl or put the original wheels with hubcaps back on. I do like the mags the car came with they are the era, 14s with 235 all round which does make the steering quite heavy. The car came with the original hubcaps when I bought it which have come up really well after a bit of attention over the weekend. Ive found a set of rims with good tyres on gumtree for $150 but im in two minds whether to stick with whats on there already or go back to the original. I know everyone on this site are enthusiasts so i'd welcome any opinions or ideas.

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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone had trouble getting tyres to suit older vehicles? I have done a few online searches (no phone calls yet) with some of the major suppliers and they list nothing..

I did search for 265/50/14 and 245/50/14

was going to have the wheels redone but this may now change.



Waiting for the paint job to be finished tax man come good so might get it done this year.

..more hz door servicing

gday all,

...further to my recent post re my hz kingsy's (rear) door hinge servicing..thanks again KEIJAMES.

well, i've pulled it (the rear door) all the way down today - preparring for strip/paint.

can anyone pls advise:

A) whether the plastic wheels on the window regulator can be serviced? (attached pics with arrow to A)

B) whether the plastic rollers on the actual window glass frame can be serviced? (attached pics with arrow to B)

C) whether the star washers on the bolts which attach the door shut/latch/lock need to be replaced when refitted.
the ones i took out seem like they've been squashed onto the bolt taper. (attached pics with arrow to C)


HZ door hinges

gday all,

can anyone pls advise if these rear door hinges in me hz kingsy can be serviced?
if so, are the pins pressed in?

these's a bit of movement in the top one (attached) when just held in me hand.

mind you, i cannot remember there being a problem with it when it was on the car...

it's a bit hard to check the bottom (bigger) hinge as it's sprung very tight with a spring.



Hi everyone hope you all are well.i got a holden hz sedan and going to remove the chasis rails on a 2post hoist. just want to know if it will damage the sill panels if i lift from there its a bare shell.thankyou

windscreen crome retaining clips

Hi all you old holden lovers, i have a hz tonner that i am tiding up i hav the windscreen out but notice that the clips that hold the crome on only has 3 on each side of the centre line were as an hq i looked at had 5 each sidecan anyone set me straight on this ie is there a set spacing. thanks in advance.

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