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Help with id number

Wondering how to break down body id for compliance issues.prem wagon tr400 308 id number is 8p35thz793940z.L11M41M11GU4 811

Holley 202 please help

Hello to all. My name is Dru. I'm having trouble tuning a 350 holley list 7448 on my HZ 202. I bought carb and Cain manifold off a bloke who had it on a 179 in an EH. Carb had 55 jets, 85 power valve and 31 squirter nozzles. Carb appears in good condition and none of the air bleeds or fuel circuits appear to have been modified. My engine is a 202, 60 thou over larger valves standard ports and standard cam (I think). Compression is170 to 175 across the board. Manifold vacuum at idle and under no load is 17 in,hg across rev range. Float level is correct accelerator pump set correctly (30cc pump white pump cam set in hole 1). Mixture screws set at 1&1/3 out. I still have points ign new coil points plugs condenser cap rotor button and leads. Point gap 18 thou, plugs 40 thou.

Lower grill

308 startup


Just starting back on a project that's been sitting in the shed for a fair while.Had the 308 rebuilt about 5 years ago but never fired her up.Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I need to do to prep her before firing up.

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Off to the Panel Shop

Off to the Panel Shop

Well it starts tomorrow, the Ute is off to the panel shop!! It started out as a Yellow HZ, 253 with a 3 spd. It's now blue with a 5.7ltr injected engine, T700 and a 9 inch diff.

In the coming months she will come out Red with the same drive line and WB Caprice front end. Not sure on the wheels yet but that's some ways away.

Will post some pics as I go.

Must say it's been a slow process labelling everything, bagging every small part with a description. very happy to say that not much needs o be replaced? thought it would be so much worse!!!!!!!!!!


Recently I found a box of unused Champion RS9YX6 plugs,they had been my favourite plugs, and fitted them to the EFI VK 3.3 Engine in the HZ.

Shortly afterwards I was getting kickback hot starts under Caltex 95. When they occurred I removed the coil lead, cranked the engine and it was still kicking back, at least until the intake charge and fuel quenched the electrodes.

I then removed the Champions and went back to using Bosch HR7DCY+. All signs of kickback starts disappeared.

It's a great shame. The Champion RS9YX6 plugs were a great plug in the days of leaded petrol and the engine runs fine on Caltex 95.

Hay Daz these two are better

Hay Daz these two are better
These two grace these pages before SPONSOR

Classic Resto's Holden Day on now

FX on now then EH etc

another 6 to v8 conversion

Hi,all.... still tossing around future ideas for my cars.
I've read on here that its fairly easy to change LH/LX from 6 to a red v8.....but what about a HZ from a 4 spd 6 cyl. to a 4 spd red v8??

The only things I'm probably not sure about ( in NSW) would be front springs,front brakes and would I need to change banjo diff to a Salisbury??
I'd try to get a red v8 from hx or kinda similar pollution stuff.
p.s. yes...I am thinking way into the future with car plans. :-)


Hi guys,great site. What's the best brand of thermostat to buy for a sbc and what temp 160 or 180. Cheers.

3 and 4 spd. clutch kits

Ages ago I bought a clutch kit ( clutch plate,pressure plate,throwout bearing) for a 6 cyl. 3 spd. m15 gearbox,with the push rat-trap thingy.
I haven't used it yet,but I recall the clutch plate had something written on it like 'this side for 3 speed' and other side had 'this side for 4 speed'.
So,that means I can use that clutch kit for a 4 spd if that gear box also has a push rat-trap setup too??
And the bell housings should be the same as long as pivot ball is in same position??

253 casting number

G'day all

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. Got a 253 with casting date h 30 2 can anyone tell me how to read this and if it would be a rope seal or a neoprene rear seal would prefer not to start pulling apart yet as it's still in a car


Sydney - Wagga - Sydney

I just drove Sydney - Wagga - Sydney.

The HZ went great. Caltex 95 for most of the trip. Otherwise I topped up with Optimax and BP 98.

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4l80e on a Holden 308, flex plate problem


Has anyone ever seen this combination? My, challenge, is that the 4l80e torque converter has six legs and I cant find a six hole flex plate for a Holden 308. The internet tells me the bolt pattern on a chevy crank is different.


EGR on HZ 253 manual yes or no?

Hi all, new to site and finding it very informative. I have a HZ one tonner I'm restoring and it's a factory manual 253. I believe the manual versions didn't have EGR fitted to inlet manifold. I've converted it back from LPG to factory condition. I have recon Stromberg fitted which has no port for EGR as it's manual tranny. I have fitted an EGR anyway just so it looks legit if some no-brainer inspects it. But just wondering if anyone has specs from an old service manual that I can print to show that it doesn't need the egr as it wasnt factory fitted to manuals. I just want proof because it's often the first thing they look for.

attention ben: extra washer in carby kit?

gday ben,
i just noticed an extra washer that ISN’T in the fuelmiser sb655 carby kit.
i dunno if it's needed but, it probably is.
i've never seen a washer here before.
the attached photo shows there's a (fibre) washer used on the main jet (i think)..??
actually, the brass screw labelled, "main metering jet", on the attached photo, i don't have...?
i've never seen this screw before.
i thought the main jet is what's labelled, "power by-pass jet".
so a bit confused again.
can you pls assist me again ben?

Left or Right or does it matter

Left or Right or does it matter

Ok forgot to mark which was left or right, can someone identify them by the part numbers ? (see attachments)


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