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HZ Holden

Just wondering if l put a 3.08 diff in my stock standard HZ 202 trimatic will it pull the guts out off the auto as l got a spare diff sitting around an thinking off how they rev on the highway etc
Cheers in advance

Trimatics column selector

Trimatics column selector

This is the the ideal trimatic for a column shift, note the little bolt like thing sticking out behind the bell-housing it's the selector shaft & thats where the fork bolts onto.

Premier Interior

G'day is anyone able to tell me if the HJ Premier seats were the same as HZ Premier ones design wise? and could standard HZ Kingswoods be optioned to the Premier upholstery from the factory? The reason I'm wondering is ive found a nice set of HJ Premier seats on gumtree http://www.gumtree.c... and think it would work out better (and cheaper) to just buy these to put in my HZ rather than re-upholstering whats in the car at the moment as the material is quite badly torn especially on the front seats im not expecting it to be a cheap excerice to get them fixed. These on gummy look like they should clean up pretty well and price wise is very good compared to asking prices ive seen on ebay etc.

Broken windscreen wiper

Broken windscreen wiper

Hi guys, my drivers side wiper is broken and im not sure what parts i will need to fix it. The lower arm has broken away from the attachment which also seems to be broken not sure if you can tell from the pics, its been like that for quite a while and im not sure what i'll need to fix it so any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Matt

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Bumper Over riders

Finally managed to snag a front and rear set of the bumper over riders which i think suit these cars very nicely. Like many parts they seem to have sky rocketed over the years but got them through a wanted to buy add on gumtree for a really good price. A bit of guess work as to where they went on the bumper, not sure if they are a bit narrow on the front and should be spaced out a little bit or okay as is.

$$$ once Holden manufacturing stops

Hi guys I was just curious on your thoughts about rise in prices from next year for old holdens once the manufacturing ceases in Australia of holdens. I've read their will be a spike in the price of older cars. Surely this will be for special classics like monaros and special editions like sandmans etc. but what do you Wreckon about standard vehicles like Hz kings wood/Belmont panel and and sl sedans? SPONSOR

HZ Holden 253 for sale

HZ Holden 253 for sale

Everything has to go!


Hi guys

So I decided to sell my HZ 253 Panelvan (column shift auto) project that I've slowly been collecting things for over the last 12 years and will also be selling my Holden Astra ts manual sedan separately to buy a road bike, pay for medical expenses and maybe a holiday.

If you would like to check out the palias white panie, it is at Melton victoria, or I can email more pics of the car and all the goodies that come with the sale. OR call 0478171315

Asking price at $4500. Which includes 4 brand new maxxis radial ua-600 fitted on freshly re-sprayed GTS rims, currently FITTED on the car and I'll throw in 3 spare tyres (slow leaks) as well as a bunch of stuff below, plus other tidbits in photo.

Rear top tail gate
Front chrome bumper

Gotcha yah bastard....

Gotcha yah bastard....

Got the bastard stuck spark plug out...

HZ electrics

Just installed a blinker arm/wiper switch in the HZ.
Now the headlights are stuck on.
The one I installed came from a VB/VC, I think.
Is that the problem?

Steering column boot replacement

Hi guys, I'm changing the steering over to p/s in the ute. While doing it I thought I would throw a new rubber boot on the shaft at the bottom of the column. Does the cross piece at the top of the shaft come out? If so, how?


What Master Cylinder do I use?

Hello,I have put a RB30 Nissan engine in my Holden HJ one tonner.I was told for the clutch to use a master cylinder out of a Nissan skyline can anyone tell me what model to use.And can anyone tell me the tension for the cab bolts on a HJ please.

Nice rides

Nice rides

I think it's a bit light for dynasty but .

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Dynasty gold kingswoods

Dynasty gold kingswoods

Some one thru a pic off a Hz painted dynasty might have to paint it that color now that I have seen it.
Does the 567 mean it had a white roof cheers

RAE distributors

Can I get peoples opinions on RAE distributors,please?
I took the old Bosch HEI out to strip down and clean up,(for the red 253,thinking its out of blue motor) but first thing I noticed was the vac. adv. diaphragm was stuffed.
Rather than buy another 2nd hand unit,looked at new electronic units on ebay,but ended up buying one from repco (So I`ll have warranty)
It has 1 yr warranty,and for a car I drive 2x a month,it should be ok,even though its chinese.
Now,from what I`ve read...people swap out the chinsese module for the old Bosch one (which I`ll do after warranty expires)
And,does the chinese one timing still sit 6-7 deg?

GTS resistance wire

GTS resistance wire

Is this the wire I need to replace as when my temp comes up my oil pressure drops car has ran like that for years as well.thanks again

Yellow needle GTS dash into a Hz SL

Putting my GTS in to my Hz SL six banger can I just plug it in.
I know I will not have a rev counter an there is meant to be a extra earth wire for the clock that don't work an rev counter or something like that.
Thanks in advance lads an ladets

Stuck Spark Plug in #5

So supercheap has a 25% off sale today so I rip down and get a set of plugs and leads for the 253.

7 of the 8 plugs came out easy, #5 is stuck and now has rounded off the edges of the hexagonal area where the spark plug socket attaches :-(

It is tight as buggery and wont budge, the socket just jumps around. I dont have a air compressor or a rattle gun. I have run the engine to heat it up to see if that frees it.

I have also ground the end off my plug socket so it goes deeper onto the spark plug but no luck...

Had soaked the area in WD40, short of removing the head is there anything else to try ???


new HEI dizzy??

Just curious...
I`ve seen new points-style dizzy`s for sale (I think it was
but just wondering if any company produces brand new HEI 12v units.
Shouldnt matter too much if its chinese crap,its needed for a car that doesnt drive too often (red 253),and if I buy another 2nd hand unit,then it could well have problems also...

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