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manual choke?

In the dash rh side of the radio in my hj {gts instruments} there is a rectangular hole about 30mm x20mm ,it is original because it is also in the metal frame behind the dash, some one told me it was for the manual choke. can any one set me straight? thanks.

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could be a rear demister switch or electric aerial

power antenna

thats the correct place for the power antenna switch, or rear demister, or even power tailgate in the wagon, if it's in a sedan & is original, is the antenna in the rear 1/4 on the passinger side, or has one been there??

Kev's Monaro shed

HOLDEN The Great Way to Move

manual choke

Thanks for the info Kev, but as my hj is a panel van the hole wouldn`t be for any of those so I guess I could either blank it off or just put a switch in there.

Choke hole.

My HJ has the same, also has the choke cable in it, only used as a fast idle as the triples start ok cold.

They don't make em like they used too!

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