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anyone want 5x utilux clamps (hq statesman era)

cleaning up i found 5x utilux clamps one big and a few smaller.. was gonna throw them out but thought some nutjob restorer might want them.. i think some guy on here ages ago wanted some but anyway.

not asking any money just come pick them up. thanks

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I hope these have the exact original, Nasco, GMP&A certified specifications. Remember hose clamps aren't all the same. (Just taking the p1ss). I remember that guy well, getting the poops because no one went out of there way to help him restore his car. We are a selfish lot aren't we.

I'll put my hand up as one of

I'll put my hand up as one of those 'nutjob restorers'! Well more of a 'collector' of original parts. If the larger one is a V8 radiator hose clamp Im interested. Where abouts are you located?


just having a laugh at the guy previously, nothing personal. :)

None taken mate, I like

None taken mate, I like finding stuff like this more for the challenge than the fact I would ever want to use it!

Yeah, well



nutjob restorers,wow cant

nutjob restorers,wow cant wait to read respones on that later,funny

Nutjob restorers anonymous.....

I put a Datsun 8mm bolt in a non-original exhaust hanger on the EH this morning.
Living on the wild side.

Old is good.

sorry for late reply guys.

sorry for late reply guys. pickup is kensington nsw. also got 308 exhaust manifolds and torque convertor if anyone wants them. thanks

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