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rarest holden

What would be the rarest of holdens out there?
I'm not meaning sort after.

EDIT....I was thinking of cars that the average Joe might stumble across, cars that were production items.

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HK ute or van with 307 & saginaw.

Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".


I reckon the rarest would have to be the prototypes.. not just Fx but basically the prototypes of any of the models, the most notable being
FX, Monaro, XU1 and of course XU2, the 350 oldman emu those sort of cars

Email Me

What do u think the value on

What do u think the value on my tx 1975 gemini coupe

E.H Holden S4

I Think the S4 would be pretty rare only 10 exist.

You can have any colour you like, as long as its Fowlers Ivory,

Sorry for my ignorance, but

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is an "S4"?

Cheers, Mick.

S4 baby...

There ya go Mick...


Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".

mick 88

The EH 225 179M-S4, to give it its official title, was Holden's first 'toe in the water' exercise into production racing. Many myths exist about Holden's first 'Sports car'.

There were no disc brakes, wide wheels, suspension mods, multiple carburettors or floor shifts. When the EH series was first released, the previous US 'Grey Motor' (or `Sideplater') was replaced by the new 149ci and 179ci 'Red Motors'. The larger 179 was available only with GM's Hydra-Matic automatic. Holden's 3-speed manual box, basically unchanged from the EJ, wasn't up to the task. There was, however an upgraded gearbox in the planning stages and the S4 was used to trial the new stronger gearbox. It was still very similar to the old box, having the same ratios and synchromesh only on second and third gears. The clutch was increased in diameter, as was the tail-shaft.
Aside from slight carburettor alterations (to suit the manual drive-train) and the removal of the transmission cooler from the radiator the S4's engine was standard issue 179. The only other modifications to the cars worthy of note were the upgrading of the brake shoe retaining springs, the enlarging of the fuel tank from 9 to 12 gallons and the addition of a PBR VH24 vacuum booster to the brakes. This would make the EH S4 officially the first Holden with power brakes as standard equipment. A manual version of the 179 was made available across the entire EH range in early 1964 utilising the new `box, clutch and tail-shaft, but without the brake mods and the bigger tank.
One interesting S4 item was the more comprehensive tool kit. This was brought about by one of the Armstrong race rules, which stipulated that all work on the car, for the first half of the race was to be carried out only by the driver and using only the tools provided in the car's tool kit. This applied whether the car broke down around the track or actually in the pits.
Research into some of these cars has shown that a certain amount of factory 'blueprinting' was carried out. Greater than usual care was taken with sizing and assembly of many components. Cylinder heads were chosen for their more even casting in the port and combustion chamber area, so as to have the same size for each cylinder and to be closest to the maximum available compression ratio. Blocks, pistons, conrods and crankshafts were also picked for matching machining, weights and sizes. Suspension components came in for similar treatment, all springs, coils and leaves were chosen at the maximum end of factory tolerance, and front control arms and uprights were precisely measured to attain the desired alignment specs, once again at the required end of the factory tolerance.
GMH only built around 120 S4s, to cover the racing requirement for proof of a minimum of 100 identical vehicles sold and registered to the public, making them reasonably scarce these days. Apart from the six units made in Melbourne, there were exactly 120 S4s manufactured at GMH's Pagewood plant in Sydney, with sequential engine numbers starting at M14000. The only other identifying numbering is 'S4' stamped on the firewall body plate. This stamping alone however does not make an S4. I have found other EHs with S4, S9, and S12 etc stamped on the body plate referring to various option packs suited for taxis, police cars, fleet vehicles.
Reprinted from Australian Classic Car Magazine December 2003. Article written by Terry Bebbington

Modified is horrified

Thankyou for this

Thankyou for this information, I wasn't aware Holden Had a Sporty EH.

Cheers, Mick.

Hmmm Rare?

I was thinking of cars that the average Joe might stumble across, cars that were production items.

The S4 yes, but it was not something that anyone could just walk in and order, same goes for prototypes etc.

If we count prototypes... HK Monaro test mule, 327, saginaw, 10 bolt, big tank etc etc etc in a Kingy or Prem body. Now thats one I'd like to see.

Blissy, you will have to put some guidelines on yer question, lol.

Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".

there ya go


Modified is horrified


Brabham HB Torana.

ive had one

i had a jack brabham hb torana as my first paddock bomb

crazywrecker located in werribee vic 3030 wanted old unwanted cars melb call nick 0409308531

half cooked

HJ with a factory fitted 350



as above, what are the rules??

are we talking prototypes or production cars?

maybe have 2 categories 1 for each

where do modified vehicles fit in, say like ambulances, overlanders or even tow trucks?

my vote for production cars is a HQ 350 station wagon, only 2 ever made, ANYONE off the street could walk into a dealership and buy 1

modified vehicles, well my HQ ambo (panelvan version) is a rare beast, i've never seen another 1, there must have been others made, but not many, certainly no others still exist that i know about!

350 HQ

You could not just walk in off the street and buy a 350 HQ other thsn Monaro or Statesman. All "special" 350s came through very large dealerships, so the dealer would have had some pull with GM-H to have these cars built.

The same would be true today, I am sure if someone who purchased a lot of cars for a company and wanted a manual commodore but not an SV6 or SS they couold have it built. If this was to happen and in 30 years time people find it, then say anyone could have ordered it. Well go to your Holden dealer and order an executive manual and see what response you get, the same would happen in 72 with the 350 option.

Both would be the exact same difficulty to for Holden to build.

Rare Holdens

I doubt there are only 10 S4s left, as there were 6 at Bathurst a few years ago. And even at 10 they pale into insignificance when you look at cars like the HK Belmont sedan, 161 4 speed opel that was ordered by a couple who traded their Morris in and she liked the 4 speed, so that was the only option they put on their new Belmont. Doubt they made any others.

Considering how many S4s they made, 120 I think, compared to only 50 odd 307 HK vans, but HT 307 van would be rarer. Infact commercial vehicles back then were just that so had few to no options. But there are a lot of 253 utes and vans. Even Kingswoods are simular, so how about the 307 auto Kingswood with air con that was on the test fleet. There was also a white Monaro (non GTS) that they had in the test fleet.

Then there are 6 cylinder HJ LS, only 80 made.

Friend still has his HQ Kingswood wagon that he purchased new, factory 253 auto, 3.55 LSD, 6" rims, black cloth bench seats (10G trim) and sports dash.

Mate had a HZ van 253 4 speed GTS dash but not a Sandman, he was the second owner and the origianl owner did not want a Sandman as it attracted too much attention from insurance companies.

What about VL Calais wagon with manual trans, estimated 20 made.

But surviving 1 offs are the definate winners

There was a one off HQ Kingswood with 350 and 4 speed at Warwick. (Other HQ 350s not fitted to GTS are auto, couple of Prem wagons etc)

EWET is known to still exist.

So these two would be the ones to equal. 10 is not in the race.

I don,t understand your comment

10 S4s just not in the race. The S4 was released for racing and the fact is there are only 10 known valid examples of this model, RARE YES,.

You can have any colour you like, as long as its Fowlers Ivory,


So more than half of the remaining examples were at the Muscle car rumble on the mountain in 2005. I think not., as all but 1 was registered in NSW.

That's your problem

You think not

You can have any colour you like, as long as its Fowlers Ivory,

more on the s4

great read here

Modified is horrified

more on the s4

Yes a good read that Mr Bliss.


My 1972 HQ Kingswood, Preston motors anniversary sedan, only know one to exist, factory 202, factory anniversary beige metalic paint, factory diamond weave buckets & t-bar auto behind a 202. factory stereo cassette player ect.

Kev's Monaro shed

HOLDEN The Great Way to Move

Preston anniversary HQ

Have seen a couple of these, not many would even know about them, especially outside Melbourne. Interestingly it is the only "special" paint listed int he Dulux paint book, so they must have amade a few.

VD Commodore

Holden made 4 VD commodores. They were dealership cars. My ex wife owned one. Thought it was a vc till i looked at the plates. So i rang holden and they told me they only made 4 of them and they were not suposed to go into the public. Stupid ex then after i told her this traded it on a new 1992 suzuki swift. What the!!


HQ 350 Statesman?

HQ 350 Statesman?

350 Statesman

The 350 Statesman was commonplace, they made many such units in early HQ (71-72) & less so in 73-74.

There were no VD Commodores, just typos on the ID plates, they were really VCs. I'm sure there were more than 4, I may have seen at least 3 myself.

I think there should be rules here.

Prototypes shouldn't be allowed, because Joe Average had no access to them, interesting though, maybe a separate category.

Another thing, are we talking rare 'distinct' models, rare option packages or just rare option combinations. The latter opens a Pandoras box. A bit like one-off colour schemes, maybe a separate category.

Rarest model - HJ Monaro LS, HX/HZ Kingswood panel van ??

Rarest option package - A9X hatch or S4 ??

Rarest option combination - 307 V8 Belmonts ??

Dr Terry

VD commodore

In my dealership days we used to service a VK commodore that had a camira ID plate.

hx hz kingswood panelvan

i have a hx xu4 pack kingswood panelvan factroy 253 4 speed aussie

crazywrecker located in werribee vic 3030 wanted old unwanted cars melb call nick 0409308531


The UC SL/T TURBO .....( geuss who BLISSY )

Hq 350 Statesman

Yeah everyone has a 350 HQ Statesman in their garage - they are commonplace Doh!

HQ 350 Statesman

Rod going by the highest 350 engine nos. I have recorded (and I'm sure I don't have the highest number from each factory), at least 3500 350 HQ's were sold, 1000 in Monaro the rest are Statesman minus a dozen specials.

Rarest probably 308 80437 4spd or GTS/4 350 4spd

Rare Holdens

HQ 350 wagons would be super here in town...
Saw a HG/T/K ute with a 186 and a Saginaw 4 speed.
..perhaps an LJ with a 173S..oops 2850S
EH ute with a Hydramatic.
The UC Torana with factory power steering.
FX Army utes getting hard to find.
Hows that for a start?????......


"Clay is for racing on,Tar is how you get there!!"
My Shed


There was an FX army ute on e-bay last week. Looked like a real bewdy too:

I'd love to buy it..



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EH Premier MANUAL Wagon

Not sure of figures but there weren't too many made..

I know of a manual EH Prem

I know of a manual EH Prem wagon in Coffs Harbour that is slowly rotting into the ground.
It joined the famous ute and van on the side of the old highway about four years ago.
I first saw it on a trailer at the Coffs swap for $3,000. It was complete but very rusty. He had no takers so he stripped it and put the shell with the others beside the highway.
What a waste.

Old is good.


once seen a HR x2 wagon with power steering and factory power windows

Hang on..

HR with factory power windows? I've never heard of them. But I'm happy for someone to convince me... Has anyone heard of this?



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HR with factory power windows

Was only available in the tail gate in HR Wagon. Power operated tailgate Available from HD. HK was the first to offer power windows it the passenger doors.

cdt gemini - would be pretty

cdt gemini - would be pretty rare now. most of em trashed or rusty.

what about this sexy beast

ef holden

Modified is horrified

what about this sexy beast

My eyes are burning.That thing is hell ugly.

Big block HZ 1 tonner
WB van
HJ coupe

HR Premier

sedan in town here with factory bench seat and column manual and drum front too.
Not too many others around I would imagine?

Prototypes the Hurricane, and the test VL's that were widened for the VN V6 motors.

Cheers, Lindsay.



I had a HG PANELVAN WITH A 308 AND COLUM TRIMATIC - never seen another one - Cameron.

3 door panel van...

Saw heaps of those in PNG and the South Pacific islands, they were used as paddy wagons & ambo's.

Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".

3 door panelvan

1 in mine too ;-)
but its a HG

taxi pack

rare cars

Hi All

Had a uncle with a EH wagon with power steer, the PS defiantly ran of the water pump double pulleys not of the harmonic balancer , as i had to change the belts for him when i was about 14-15 and the parts guys did not have a listing, they matched the belt up with something of another car

I cant recall this clearly so i cant remember if the box used that large hydraulic ram / rod set up or a normal worm drive box

He had bought the car new, basically was a realy showoff walked into the dealer and said " what is the best and most expensive car here - money is no object " EH prem waggon with power steer


XU6 Commodore

or HSV Astra. Or one of the VB-VH era HDT with the weird dual tryes on a single rim setup. Or Piazza. Or the VH HDT Group 2 optioned down to a 253, I saw one of these only and asked the owner WHY, His answer was that it still had more power than a stock 304/8 of the era.

special dealer cars..

Dad was a salesman at a holden dealership and he ordered his brother a special HK monaro 80337 with: reclining seats, 3 speed all synchro, disc brakes, gts instruments, HD beige color (his brother never washed cars, and the HD beige was the best color for not washing. it was a darker color than the std HK beige.

unfortunately, i as a young hoon, hotted the motor, cut an all aussie in it, put a black interior and gts console in and GTS guards wit ha nice blue paint job, removing all the chrome. sold it two years after that and the guy wrapped it around a tree... bugger.

HQ Sandman

HQ Sandman Panelvan must be up there with the rarest and undoubtedly most desirable as they are so beautiful. About a hundred and a few were built and there would be precious few originals still roaming about this great land...

rarest cars around

can think of 3
1 the hurricane 3 made 2 known off 1 missing
2 gtr/x torana
3 factory v8 lj xu1 torana prototype for lh
4 phase 4 gtho falcon
5 my sv110 pack vn hsv calais with howe leather seats

crazywrecker located in werribee vic 3030 wanted old unwanted cars melb call nick 0409308531

rare holden

one without rust

couldnt agree more!

so true LOL
one thats never been repaired, painted.
that would be nice :-)

Rare Holden

It's not the rarest but I don't think it's very common, base HQ Belmont sedan with metallic paint. The HQ colour charts in Leroy's shed list metallic colours as being available for all except Belmont, yet my Belmont came from the factory with metallic paint. Has anyone ever seen a HQ Belmont with factory metallic paint? (other than mine) I'm sure they're out there but I haven't seen any others.


aka hq308belmont

My Shed

i know a guy with a hq van he

i know a guy with a hq van he bought new and still drives it,its brown,has 308,aussie 4 speed and gts dash,solid guards,the mags on it he had put on the day after he bought it,its hes work van,its a sort of a pre sandman i guess?my hq prem has factory t bar/buckets console and the triple guage"taxi"instruments,,that first photo you posted blissy looks like a nissan cedric had an affair with a vauxhaul and no one wants the kid!

WHAT? no gravy?

davehqprem hq van

is that the mustard colour one with the black steel bullbar??

if so, i rememebr when it had the 308 rebuilt in the mid/late 90's, i was doing work experience at speedtech engineering at the time.

was a real honest old girl, and i last saw it about 2-3 weeks ago earning its keep. great to see it still around.

yeah hes a carpenter,hes one

yeah hes a carpenter,hes one of our bin customers.

WHAT? no gravy?

is a hk kings factory 4 speed

is a hk kings factory 4 speed worth much as i am told that a mate has one for sale rolling shell only.


Hmmm ok then i'll have

Hmmm ok then i'll have another stab and say LCGTR 173s

Rare and undesirable

What about the royal wedding edition VC commodore?

Were EH Holdens the first

Were EH Holdens the first with power steering ?DR Terry? if so they would be quite rare.HR 4 speed even.

EH Power Steering

Yes & no.

The EH was the 1st model series to have power steering available as a factory-fitted option, but the EJ had a Nasco dealer-fitted system available. Production numbers are not known, but I believe several hundred EHs were built, mostly Premiers.

The EJ system is more rare, probably 30-40 units, but it was only an add-on.

Dr Terry


This is turning in to a list of every non base model holden made. I guess thats what people bought the most though.

The first Holden fitted with Disk brakes

The very first holden produced with Disk brakes would be a good find...

I dont know what happened to it or if its still on the road

but it was a white HD ute X2

it was bought new by my dad

First disc braked HD

I'm not doubting you for a moment, but how was that proved.

Car salesman over the years haven't been noted for their honesty. It would have been very easy for any salesman to say "this was the car with this item fitted". It may well be the first one they ordered or first one they sold or even heard of, but given that the disc systems aren't serial numbered how did they know that & how do you prove it.

My guess is that the first production HD disc braked car would have been one of the road test sedans loaned to Wheels or Modern Motor. These sedans would have pre-dated the ute's release date.

Maybe your Dad's car was one of the 1st disc braked utes.

Dr Terry

I'll ask him next time i see

I'll ask him next time i see him but he was totally certain that it was the first disk braked holden on the road.

he always ordered very specific machines with specific factory performance enhancements, and was obsessed by the latest and greatest. It was his last non v8 holden

How about a HK Kingswood

How about a HK Kingswood sedan : 186S, four speed with bench seat, black paint, black trim, sports dash?
Only one car ever came out of Pagewood according to the original owner of the car who sold it to one of my mates.
It's still original, right down to the original number plates.
Any manual Premier would be a rare item. I believe they all had to be a special oreder, no matter what model. The manual EH Premier might be the most special as it used the manual body wheras all subsequent Holdens had the same body for manual and auto.

Old is good.

HK 186S 4-Speed

HK Kingswoods with 186S 4-speed, Sports Instruments & black trim were seen a lot, especially in early 1968 (pre-Monaro), I remember 2 such cars on display at the Holden stand at the 1968 Sydney Easter Show. But all of that plus Black body colour, that would be rare.

Manual Premiers are not that uncommon in HD, HR. HK, HT, HG & HQ because it was standard & the auto was an option. EH manual Premiers were less common, but they would still number in the 1,000s. It would be cars like an EH Black manual Premier wagon with power steer that would be rare.

I know one other very rare combination & that would be an automatic EJ ute or van. In my entire life I have one such ute but never a van. EJ commercials were only made for 6 months or so & autos hadn't caught on, especially in the commercial range in those days.

Dr Terry


My '81 VC GM-H 50th anniversary gold sedan,only 300 made,NB that would be less than the Brocks of the same vintage(500 made),I understand these could just be bought of the shop floor,were only built in the Adelaide plant,I know of about 5 one which has been scrapped.Oh and my '53 built FX sedan,because its in my car port and I said its so.... lol lol.
PS To my knowledge these aren't too saught after & were production
Would this cover the cry tearia Blissy


50th anniversary , that is nice ,
what about the Vacationer sedans green 6 cyl, I looked at one while back.

Must agree

As I am lead to believe these,the vacationer models,were also available 'off the shop floor',as opposed to SPECIAL ORDERS.

Base models

How 'bout the humble 3spd column HQ stock sedan 202 red motor or any stock HQ-HZ.????

I don't know. Stock HQ of any

I don't know. Stock HQ of any variant is hard to find now.

Lots of 202 HZs around. One less from November though when I threw a V8 into it.

Long time looker, first time owner.
(1979 HZ)

White hot specials, rare?

What about white hot specials? I can't remember how many came out but they'd have to be fairly uncommon.

HT/HG Premier 4 speed V8

I remember seeing not long ago on ebay an original 253 V8 HT or HG Premier with factory 4 speed and Monaro style console with tacho, think it might have had air con too. Was in Maitland area and then came up again shortly after for sale in Blue Mountains area. Would have liked to have bought it. Was white with blue interior.

What about the good old ..........

........shaggin' wagons HQ kingy-VC commy of all varieties,premier,vacationer,ect

Black eh prem wagon

Sorry Dr Terry but you will never see a black EH prem wagon or a fowlers ivory EH prem wagon, they never made them.

Factory Fowler's Ivory EH Premier wagon

Well I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I have a factory 1964 Fowler's Ivory EH Premier wagon sitting in my garage at this present moment. From what I've learnt there were no factory black EH Premier wagons built. [a few sedans only] Apparently there were only 27 factory Fowler's Ivory EH Premier wagons ever built [mine in Brisbane]. With Premiers you had a matt version of the exterior colour on your dash and console. The first 11 of 27 Fowler's Ivory Premier wagons built were done this way until the powers that be realised that this was a bit too garish [a bit too much white]. Mine is one of the final 16 wagons built and they wisely painted the dash in Dartford Grey [similar to a special] and the console in a light grey [same as a factory black EH Premier sedan. My car is also factory manual [only 107 EH Premier Wagons were built with a manual transmission]. My vehicle has never had a radio fitted and has only 140 000 original miles on the clock. It has the factory Waldorf Red interior.[a very nice combination] It still has the original 179HP engine and the rest of the drivetrain. With mine being one of only 16 ever built in this colour combination and with manual transmission [90 percent probably hydramatic] how rare would my baby be and what would it's value be? After 51 years of life and with natural attrition it may be the last one left! It is in very good original condition and currently club registered with no apparent issues.

june 1971 hg monaro lina mint

could you tell me how many 1971 hg monaro where painted lina mint

Rarest Holden.

I have a 1969 HK Kingswood 307 Chev with a 4 speed Saginaw, salisbury diff, tramp rods, bucket seats, centre console, gts dash, tinted windows all factory fitted. I have the books and production sheet to confirm. It was ordered by a Holden employee and built in Melbourne. Would have to be a one off.

tramped !

I would love to see a build sheet that showed tramp rods were fitted as a factory option!.


Radius rods

The production broadcast sheet has option 111 marked as 'radius rods YES'.
I can email you a copy of it if you are interested.
Are tramp rods and radius rods the same thing?


A radius rod is there to help locate and control the movement of the wheel . What is gene
rally known as "tramp rods" were cheap aftermarket add ons to try and control rear wheel "hop". like these ...



Radius rods

So are radius rods a standard fitting or an option? I don't think mine are fitted any more, the only evidence left is the square brackets bolted to the inner rear guards.

radius rods

If your hk is as per factory it will have leaf springs in the rear. This eliminates the need for radius rods,trailing arms watts linkages,panhard bars or any other such locating devices as the leaf spring assembly locates the rear axle. It sounds like someone has done some mods over the years to your car, maybe it has had a different rear end in it at some stage . Why not join up to this site and post up some pics so we can have a look .


Hk kingswood

Thanks for your feedback JH. The suspension is still standard with leaf springs at the rear, I will post some pics of the car and the build sheet for you guys to check out.

I'm watching too Angus..

I think a few guys would be interested in your car/pics. I'd like to see the build sheet too, just hide any info you don't want the world to see...



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std on the bathurst

are the factory locating rods from the top of the diff to the inside of the front of the wheel well. they were optional on all "heavy duty diffs " in HK to G


Should be the Camira before long. All have be probably been crushed by now thank god. Cnt remember te last time I saw one. The last one left will still only be worth two cents.

holden hx overlander replica

anyone know much about them..... and are they worth keeping. mines 253 fivespeed.hilux chassis

how rare

A HG 1971 161 army station wagon and a HZ ute factory fitted 308 turbo 400 colume shift 3.08 lsd was a Bob Jane promotion vehicle any info on these would be good.Thanks.

how rare2

So if no one can reply to my post about a 1971 HG army wagon or a HZ ute, no one has any info because they are to rare or you have info and cant be bothered to put it on.People read and contribute to your site in the aim to share knowledge about Holdens they have grown up with or have painfully restored to the best of there knowledge and can turn an average resto into an out standing example of what was produced with a little bit of info or a lead in the right direction. To be honest with all you holden fans and restores i bought this wagon to cut up to restore a monaro i would of then scraped the rest but when i started to strip it down and saw how good and intact the body was i could not stand to see it happen so now i have another project, to restore this army wagon to its former glory days when it first rolled into an army base in all its former glory . A lot of people will say do the monaro and scrap the wagon but when all is said and done and the last monaro that is left has been dragged out of a swamp and 20 or so kingswood etc were scraped to put the last surviving shell on the road we will have what about 5000 monaros left and nothing else? How many monaros are left how many wagons how many sedans etc? As an example to that holden made about 485000 HQ in different forms, of that what is left ,it was hard to find a hq door that was not rusted out 20 years ago if you found a dash pad not cracked 20 years ago you would buy it even if you did not own a hq because they were hard to get then. So please help with some info so i can save a piece of holden history.

How rare 3

Sorry no one noticed your post but you probably should start a new thread which will then appear on the front page not at the bottom of an 18 month old one.

You ute would not have been rare when built as Bob Jane had heaps of the buggers, but being utes most would have been rooted by now.
What colour was it from the factory?

Army vehicles after FX/FJ seem to be very thin on the ground, perhaps they are just harder to pick, again what colour and trim was it as the army had their own trim code for HK-G.

How rare 4...

I agree with Mr Jones above. Your posting got lost amongst a very old thread...

Maybe do as he says, and start a new thread on the front page. I'm sure you'll get nuch more interest on a fresh page...especially with a foto. There's a lot of guys here who would be interested in your wagon, me being one. But I didn't reply as I don't know anything about them..

But I'm 100% with you about the monaro thing. There's soooo many out there, it gets a bit boring. A great looking KTG Kingswood beats it any day. Well to me anyway..



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Rarest of them all

VN/VP Commodore with all tail and brake lights working properly.

Probably just an urban myth.

me shed...

Rare hz premier

I have an 1978 hz premier sedan with factory 308, 4 speed and gts dash. I've never seen a later premier with a manual, they are all autos. How rare is this?

Rare hd ute disc brake

I have a Holden hd 1965 ute 2 speed auto 179 disc brake front end sold July 1965 have papers to prove. Would this be one of the first factory disc brake front end to be fitted?


Had to blow the cobwebs off the top of the computer to re read the post, 3 years later another comment pops

Modified is horrified


Did you see the number plate on that ute at Dandebong?



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