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Whats this wheel trim from

Hi all, i have this wheel trim, it looks like it might be EH HR style? Its made from alloy, any ideas if this is a original Holden wheel trim and if so what model is it from?

Cheers Mark

wheel trim.JPG92.42 KB

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Looks like 13" For memory

Looks like 13"

For memory they were a common fixture on EJ,EH,HD,HR.

Maybe even earlier.

This is a genuine nasco

This is a genuine nasco option wheel trim for a HK (14" aluminium), most likely ht's and hg's aswell. I have a set on my Hk kingswood and i thought they were tacky kmart trims until i had a look at a Hk sales brochure and seen that these an option aswell as the much heavier premier ones. I was actually surprised at the original brochure, some kingswoods had Gts trims and prem hubcaps on them, Cheers Dan.

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id say hd hr premier

id say at a guess hd hr premier

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I say HK-T-G

Dave here in Geelong knows his stuff and he is selling them as NASCO K-T-G


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wheel trim

Thanks guys, should have said in first post that its 13 inch, so must be for the earlier models. Cheers

wheel trim

I was doubtful it was NASCO, but I have an HR NASCO booklet here and the shape very much matches the NASCO one.
So I think the guys are correct, it's NASCO.

(I mentioned NASCO so many times, I'll have to charge you double).

I also have a one-owner HR Premier that had them on from the start, and they were the solid steel chrome ones ones, not the lighter alloy ones like your's.



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