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Our indestructable ek

Like many kids in 70's the car to have that we could afford was a 60s Holden.
My old grandfather got ill and my mum adopted his pink EK special sedan.
138 engine and the old hyrdromatic gearbox.

It was the car I statred driving in and was a great old bomb.
All original including the standard rusted floor inside.

My mum was tiny and sat on 2 pillows to see over the wheel.
No seatbelts of course.
Living in Sydney , one day she was doing a family trip with 2 kids inside.
A PMG work ute one of those big old International things t boned her at about 35 mph.

Their fault entirely.
The engine was pushed back into firewall and the drivers side was pushed in about 4 inches.
How mum and sisters survived without a scratch who knows?
An uncle who was a mechanic used oxy and winches to first free the gearbox shafts and we bashed in the sills etc to make it look fairly normal.
A new drivers side guard a driver and rear door made it more presentable.
My brother and I painted it that orangy/ pinky EK colour all over..our first spray job.

The old car named Bessie by mum ran like all those old Holdens.. You'd put as much oil and water in as petrol it seemed.
At times it had the dreaded vapour lock and the road service bloke used to put an LPG gas torch on lines somewhere to get things moving.

90% of the time the old girl never missed a beat.

My other granpop had ford Falcons and was a real Ford man.

Once an ex Ford roofrack the ones with big suction caps got onto Bessie.
The rack plus half a house move on the roof flew off on a family drive.
Didn't scratch the Ek a bit.

A great car with great meomories.

In the end the rust and probably the t bone damage made the old girl die a natural death.
Great times. My first car after that was a spotless EH. Cost me 500 bucks in about 1978. A lot for an apprentice.

Ironically I sold a Wyn toy metal car EH station Wagon (like a tonka toy) a few years ago. I bought it for 2 bucks.
I sold it for $850 ... more than my first real EH!

Turns out the EH model car is one of the rarest Aussie toys ever made.
Another one with the carboard box it came in went for thousands.

Long live old Holdens!

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