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Trico vacuum wiper motor repair


If your having trouble with poor wiper strength, particularly if they're struggling on the return stroke, you might be interested in this!
I fixed my trico vacuum wiper motor the other day so I thought I'd post the story. You'll see a part I've highlighted in red in the pic. It's a small part in the reversing lever assembly. At first I couldn't find the problem becuase this part was only cracked and not fully broken, so it looked ok until further inspection when I saw it bending instead of doing it's job, which is to facilitate in switching air ports so the wipers return properly. This part seems to be made out of some sort of old plastic or something, without it working properly the airflow inside the wiper motor is poor to non exsistent. So I made this broken part out of 1mm aluminum plate, put everything back together and have got my vacuum motor working like it just rolled out of the factory.


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I recon you have helped me with the wipers in Alice.....and helped many other Oldholdeners.
Ta much.


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thanks Q-ball!

When I got my roadworthy my wipers were so slow so I stripped the wiper motor there in the back of the case, mine works as fast as any elec wiper motor

I spoke to guy in Sydney latter he told me as an a apprentice at gmh dealer he spent a lot of time under the dash of fx fj clearing that hole

The system gets a lot of bad can also fit vacuum canister

I'll create an H Page shortly.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

H Page here ... http://holdenpaedia....


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Thanks T,
I hope it helps

Info like this is mush appreciated.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

That will come in handy I'd say.

The FB wipers seemed to go at whatever pace they felt like, so I'll have to pull the vacuum motor apart next time I look at it and check this out.

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What kind of product did you use to seal the gaskets inside?. My grease/beeswax was dirty and I cleaned it out

I have heeps of those parts plus I do rebuild them, I used to work doing nothing else but repairing not only them but all Vacuum and air pressure wiper motors in fact I spent 20 years doing nothing else untill I retired not do it for fun.

What type of grease is used to replace original?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Al Klavora

Hi I need an FX vacume wiper unit repaird. Can you help? Thanks Ross

do you have insight/parts to rebuild this specialty wiper.

Where can I get a vacume wiper motor repair kit for a 1956 Chevy?

Hello, i have tried lot's of electric wiper motors, no matter what you do you will never get he full stroke like the old vacuum wipers, they tend to flip the wipers, i have a FJ Panel Van with a 350 Chev, i went back to the old vacuum wipers with a nice chrome vacuum tank,as a backup i have put in a 12 volt vacuum pump, this all works magnificently for me

Not sure if you can help. Need spacer for 1935 Ford Roadstef window wiper motor.

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