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renegade sequential shifter

Has anyone got a "Renegade sequential shifter" in their street or race car ?
Just about to press the button but a bit scared i'll regret the choice after the novelty wears orf.
It's for a toploader g'box in a daily driver.

All thoughts appreciated.

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i haven't use one but

i haven't use one but shifting up and down all the gears all the time and not being able the go from forth back to second would be a pain .
it would be like riding a motorbike
the biggest problem would be if ya emergency stop ya have to go back through all the gears to get first to take off again.
vertical gate shifters are good for drag racing and circuit racing when missing shifts is a problem

“You'd better send a meat truck. Charlie's copped a saucepan in the throat.”

hey thunderbolt!!motorbikes

hey thunderbolt!!motorbikes are ok?? but i see your point,if you pull up and stop on a bike in top gear youll be rocking it back and forth to find first or neutral for a while,is this the same with your device?

WHAT? no gravy?


I have one on my 4 speed behind 308 in my panel van.
I am gunna rip it out the next chance i get!!!
Novelty has long gone and am sick of it getting stuck between gears at the lights etc. I have had it back to the manufacturer for a rebuild with no luck and even got a local race fab shop to adjust her up to no avail. The gearbox doesn't like the hard shifting either so i am going back to the original.
Just my experience.

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