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Harmonic Balancer Install

I've had my engine out of the car for a clean up and detail. What is the best way to re-install the harmonic balancer? It was as tight as the proverbial to get off, and being a lovely Romac balancer I am very reluctant to start bashing the S#%t out of it to get it back on (aside from the fact that the internal alarm bells ring out 'DON'T DO THAT!'). Should I just buy a longer threaded bolt and wind it on? Or is there some mechanics trick I don't know about.



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there is an installer

its threaded and has a shoulder which means when you hit it your not only using the thread..maybe some wet and dry and then some lube and a piece of wood I have done both ways

romac balancer install

you should find in romac's instructions they advise you to heat the balancer in an oven, this will cause it to grow slightly allowing easier fit onto the crank snout.

a longer bolt of correct thread and suitable washer is a very wise move. replace with the proper bolt once you have enough thread to pull it home.

HZ 308 Drifting

I use a suitable size brass drift. It shouldn't be that tight - ensure there's no burrs. etc on the crank - and a smear of oil will help. I'd be very careful with the "longer bolt and wind it on" method - you don't want to strip the thread on the crank! Replace the oil seal while you're at it, and tighten the timing cover bolts AFTER the balancer's fitted, so the new seal can centre itself on the balancer.


You folk at Old Holden are OH so wise. This is indeed a great resource,

Much appreciated,


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