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General maintence

To get the ball rolling so to speak, one of the first questions I am asked (after the usual, Are you a Holden mechanic mate?) is , Can you have a look at me car I think something is wrong, or How can I get it to go FASTER ?
And the usual answers are ; Your right there is something wrong with your car. And there are heaps of ways to get it to go faster, it just depends how much money you want to spend. Remember the faster you go the more it costs , it is really that simple.
A common sense approach to your vehicle is by far the safest and best way to approach any repairs, mods, adjustments. I am amazed daily to see what people pay to have done to their vehicles, when with a bit of time and care you can save some serious $$ and learn something too, sounds like fun ?
I hope that I can answer questions you may have in regards to your HOLDEN.
I will be posting an article on routine servicing soon


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