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twin thermo fans wiring diagram

Can anyone tell me the wiring sequence for au falcon fans through a Bosch relay for my HQ

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I Recently purchased a weekend driver EH, It has 186 pretty much as stock, i want to install a twin thermo set-up and would like to know what people have done to their cars.

Any info would be appreciated

thank you


Dual Thermo Fans

I use a separate Relay with it's own Fuse for each Fan to allow for redundancy. That way the failure of one Fan or one Fuse or 1 Relay doesn't generate a disaster.

I put the Fans in front of the Radiator.

I also use Fan Braking ... http://holdenpaedia....

I use this method of activation ... http://holdenpaedia....

I don't bolt Fans directly to the Radiator Core.

I use the Auxilliary Fans that came with Commodores as shown here ... http://holdenpaedia....

Further info here ... http://holdenpaedia....


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

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