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OldHolden Competition No.1

Want to win a GPS ?
Help us to help you.

Q. What can you do with it you ask ?
A. It attaches to your computer so you know where you are anywhere in the world.

Q. What do I get ?
A. We will send you the used GPS Unit with cable to attach to your computer.
You will also get http links to software you can download off the Internet (below). Right Click and "open in new window" on the image of the GPS for a larger view and an inside look.

PDF Tech Spec

Free GPS Program

GPS Map Prog

NZ Maps


Q. What do I have to do to win it ?
A. O.K. As you may know, we at are running a free service for Clubs, OldHolden Webmasters and Holden owners. We are trying to bring the OldHolden community together by providing a USEFUL resource of Equipment, expertise and Information, while having fun at the same time. To date all of our services have been provided Free from us, However costs are increasing and we are willing to give away a GPS System to the person who comes up with the best idea for us at to generate a recurring income to support the site and all under it.
Also suggestions to the steps needed to be taken and advice.

Then Email With your ideas, and maybe implementation.

The resources we have so far at minimal cost are:

All the necessary Hardware & Hardware Skills
Multiple offers of Internet Bandwidth
An amazing array of software ready for web deployment (separate from the software you see online now)
An equally amazing speed of new code development
Internet security knowledge
A good attitude, and a wish for others more skilled to run this.

Nothing is out of the question

Some areas where we know we lack are:
Funds for a more professional approach, and not shoe string stuff.
Marketing, Educational, Suppliers, Freight, Engineers, Mechanics....
Remember we are computer techs, this is our expertise and we are sticking to it.

Entries close at 12:00PM 21 September 2001 and the winner will be Emailed and their name posted here.


The GPS System will be posted to the winner the next business day.
The winner will be chosen based on the best idea, We will probably use it !

For any Questions, Please contact

Keep on Holdening,


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