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ansair number 43 for sale

I have details of a ansair number 43 for sale. Hope this makes sense to you motorheads out there. Cheers.



would know how many volts gt40 is ment to put out not sure ??????????

Denning motor coach maybe ?

Hi LOULOU , I would be interested in the details of the ANSAIR coach you know of for sale .I am at Brisbane at 07 3800 4462


Hi, For the past few years I've been trying to find one of the original Ansair coaches that were imported into NZ by Newmans in the 1950's; with the view to restoration. Ive now exhausted all possibilities over here so I'd be interested to findout more details about the one you know of for sale. You can email me or call me on +64 21 5427848 or +64 6 8336007 Cheers

1 got any photos 2 where is it 3 What is the condition of it 4 what do they won't for it I have a mate who is interested.

Wanted information from any one that has any information that has worked in a place that built ambulance's of any type in particular holden hq to wb's and any ambulance builder's paper work or manuals thanks authorised collector of emergency electrical's