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VN/VP/VR/VS V8 T5 Behind 253 or 308???


Its time to get a new gearbox, i'm thinking about getting a v8 t5 out of one of the vn-vs'.

Has anyone done this? Just wondering if i will have clearance for it in my trans tunnel in my hq ute (apparently they're a tall box?)

Also will it be standard hq speedo friendly and have a manual clutch set up or are they hydraulic?

Thanks heaps,

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5 v 6

G'Day Mick, what box are you taking out, if you are going to go to the trouble of putting in a 5 speed why not spend a bit more and put in a 6, then you can go silly on the diff ratio and still cruise on the cheap.. Think about it!!! cheers Dom.

MR ods


Sorry Mick, misread your post thought you had a chev pattern motor..Bugger, was a good idea while it lasted!!!!!!!!!!!!

MR ods


Had a t5 then a getrag in my hz statesman. Both boxes will need floor mods. The box section cross brace needs cutting from the tunnel and suitable reinforcing needs to be replaced. The v8 versions of both boxes will bolt straight up to chev pattern 308 otherwise the pattern needs to be changed or a conversion plate used. A cable speedo can be used in the t5, the getrag is electronic only. Both good boxes but the getrag is much better than the t5 in my opinion. The getrag was released late in the VS series. T5 is cable clutch getrag is hydraulic.

good to know

good to know

T5's for a Q

I'me running a T5 from an EA Falcon in my Z. Cleared the tunnel, but I did need to cut the hole a bit further back as said above. The beauty of using the 6 cyl Falcon box is that the input shaft is shorter so you don't have to cut as much out of the support. Uses a cable clutch, and you can get a cable to fit the box for the speedo. M20 may even fit??

I got a bell housing to suit the conversion from Dellows in Sydney, but CRS in Vic and the gearbox guys (can't remember their name) in Qld do them as well.

It's behind a mild 304 and hasn't missed a beat.

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