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Park on inhibitor switch, Holden HQ

Can someone tell me which wire on the inhibitor switch is for the PARK function??

The reason I need to know is because I am trying to solder into this wire to tell my new PCM when Im in PARK.

HQ SHIFTER/ Th400 trans.

There are 3 terminals, one of which is a double terminal plug.

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Inhibitor switch

Purple wires are for park/neutral and go to ingnition switch, green wires (light and dark) are for reverse.

Dont forget that the VN

Dont forget that the VN onwards wiring switched to earth

switched to earth

does that mean I cant use the hq inhibitor? Its just a wire to let the PCM know which gear I'm in (park/neutral)

I can't remember

I can't remember correctly,but if you put a test light to the 2 wires for the HQ onwards inhibitor there is 12V at the terminals.The VN wire needs to be grounded.
When i did mine,i used a 2 pin momentary micro switch(when u push down,its on.When you release,its off.)
Go to Jaycar and find the smallest switch,but make sure when you push down on the button the contact is ON.
I made a little bracket thats sits at the front of the T-bar bracket.When you move the t-bar forward(park)the t-bar pushes on the button and grounds the wire to send the signal to the ECU telling it its in park.Mine ran fine without it,but did it anyway as it can effect idle on some cars.
So...a 2 pin momentary switch,the ecu wire to one of the pins and the other pin with a short wire with an eyelet terminal screwed to the t-bar bracket as an earth.

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