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Axle bearing part #'s

Can anyone help here please ?
I'm putting new axle bearings in my diff but one of the axles is aftermarket and one is (i think) std holden so i got the bearing numbers to go and order but i've got two diffrent part numbers...
One axle has TIMKN UZ98778 (the Z might be a 2, dunno)
The other axle has FKF 3315798

Are these bearings the same sizes ?

Also been trying to get a steel sump plug and bung hole to weld into the diff housing but can only find the plug, not a plug with bung hole...any ideas ?


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Axle bearing part #'s

The Timken number is U298. This fits pretty much everything.

For the drain plug, have a look at this one

Axle bearings

That drain plug looks the goods... perfect even, thanks.

Dunno what the go is with the bearings, a shop told me they cant find that particular timken number and no idea on the FKF brand at all; can't do much more atm as the axles are at an engineering joint but i'll get them pressed off before i pick them up and get Pam to take them in to a bearing shop in Horsham next time she goes over there, they know their sh!t.

They'd use the same bearing sizes from HQ right through to WB, yes ?

Axle bearings

Mate, If the bearing place doesn't know what U298 is then they should close down. It fits most banjos, salisburys and all Borg Warner diffs. It even fits some Ford 9". It is use all around the world. I'm thinking the FKF maybe SKF??? Dunno
Glad the drain plug will suit.

Bearing with it

Well the Timken is on the holden axle so safe with that but that other bearing is on a yanky aftermarket axle and the FKF or SFK bearing is yanky too. obviously the outer dia' is the same as it's in a holden axle tube but the inner dia' might differ, dunno.
Anyway a simple bloody request going hard so i'll wait till the axle comes back then i'll recheck the numbers and see the Horsham bearing mob.

Thanks for ya help :-)

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