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I have upgraded the points to hei with a relay, and need to know if i still need to run the voltage regulator and if so what does it do?????

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voltage regulator

if you mean the resistor that is external to some coils no.
when you change coils for the he1 - type (he 716) you wont need the resistor. take it off

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One of these..


that would go with the alternator.
havent seen 1 of them for years most seam to be bosch with internal regulators

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1964 EH HOLDEN voltage regulator

HI I am wondering if anyone could tell me where I could get a voltage regulator to suit a 1964 EH holden as my elderly Uncle is in desperate need for one

Bosch Or Lucas?

Is the Generator Bosch or Lucas?

He would do much better to do an Alternator conversion ...


You'll need an Alternator, the bolts and the 2 Mounting Brackets.

Further info here ...



My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

the problem with the eh

the problem with the eh regulators was that the eh generator (not alternator) had a higher output than the earlier ones which looked identical. I think it was about 35 amps against 30, but could be wrong on that.
anyway there is a wire coil thing (resistor?)on the back of the regulator which was supposed to upgrade the regulator to handle the power, but it had a habit of burning out with the result you would cooking and destroying batteries.
if you buy another regulator make sure it has the wire thing on the back or it will burn out quickly.
For the effort involved and the cost of the regulator if you can get a new one I would get an alternator whith mounts etc off a red blue or black 6 cylinder motor and it will pretty well bolt straight in modifying the mounts/bolts/spacers is simple anyway I would look for one with an inbuilt regulator the wiring is simpler.
if you must have a generator one off a morris minor or major or most pommie cars will fit. go for a C45 off a rover they are the best ones for quality. lucas graded their generators C39 (Holden and morris) C40 and C45.


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