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WTD - Genuine NOS HZ Blinker Stalk.

IM after a genuine NOS Black indicator stalk. If anyone has one to sell please let me know.

You can email me at


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WTD - Genuine NOS HZ Blinker Stalk.

Jason, I'll see if I can get hold of one for you. The company I work for makes these for Holden and has done since day one. The problem is that we dumped all these a while back so they are hard to come by. I'll let you know.

blinker stalk

Thankyou that would be appreciated. The repro ones are crap. I would love to get hold of a few to stash away!

E-mail Me jason(at)stickthisdecals(dot)com(dot)au
STICKTHIS Automotive Decals and Stripes (under an upgrade)

Myeh , when you say bosch

Myeh , when you say bosch dumped them all , what do they do , do they sell it off thru tender or auction , or just dump them in the rubbish.. same with other parts they make for the car companys but are no longer required..
Whats there policy on items that are no longer required /redundant ..??

Thanks wombat..


The way the Australian Tax System works makes it more profitable to destroy obselete stock than to sell it at a loss. It rubs most people the wrong way, me included, to hear this but unfortuntely its the way of the world. There are many high security "rubbish tips" around the country that accept this type of "rubbish" along with damaged goods, goods from businesses that have been closed down by creditors etc. They dig a hole and bury it. BUGGER

HZ Blinker Stalk

Jason,Please let me know from the link below which one suits the HZ, the listing is as clear as mud.


the top one is the 1 for the job

- Theres no replacement for displacement-

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