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WB Radiator Support Panel

Probably wishful thinking, but does anyone have a radiator support panel for WB Kingswood. Mine has gone in the usual place and finding a replacement is proving tricky! I'm in the Adelaide Hills area, but can courier/pick up for the right piece.

0415 571 093

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You after a statesman

You after a statesman one?
Are they the same as a normal wb one?

Got one that has a statesman front bolted onto it..

In Warrnambool Vic, can courier...

Cheers Allan


That would be awesome if I had the rest of the Statesman front to go with it (lights, grille, etc.) Alas, 'tis but a humble Kingswood so I will have to decline your kind it turns out, I found a good one at Holdspares for $200...Holdspares are an Adelaide institution and well worth a gander if you're struggling to find a part,
(08) 83498444

Will get you in touch with them.

If, however, you have the complete Statesman front and want to sell it at a reasonable rate, give me a hoi...

By the way...

No, Statesmans and Kingswoods have different Rad Support do twin headlight earlier models, single round headlights etc...

This was a Hz statesman

This was a Hz statesman front, bolted onto a wb radiator support...

Not sure what the difference is????
Anyways was cheap.
For $250 you could have had it and a complete wb panelvan!!!


Got a photo of the van?

For $250, I'm still interested...any chance of sending a pic? And, where are you? Obviously the van has no motor so I would have to trailer it back to South Oz...

e-mail me here...

or 0415571 093


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