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wheel alignment

got bob jane to do my wheel alignment today took about 20 mins and cost me $80 it that a bit rich?

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Is that including the test

Is that including the test drive before and after?

wheel align

yeh pretty much

I mostly get my WA's done at

I mostly get my WA's done at steering and suspension shops. Yes there are some very good guys working in Tyre shops and if you know one you'll keep going back. If you're just taking it to a place you don't know for a WA, go to a steering joint and ask how much before the job.
I can't see how anybody can test drive a car, check the front end and Tyre pressures, set-up the aligner, make a small toe adjustment, remove the aligner and then the test drive again in 20 min. If he was on mission and could do it that fast good on him.
I can get a front and rear alignment for $60 sometimes and a camber & caster adjustment on my HR can cost up to $80 (trade).

wheel align

it better be a good job cause ive never paid $80 for a wheel alignment

Bob Jane T Mart

T - for try again and again!!

Had a couple of alignments done at Bob Jane's recently. I think from memory they charged $44, but that was probably trade - however, both cars have been back twice, and neither one of them is right still!

So, if you've paid $80, it probably is a little on the high side, but if you don't have to go back, and it is right, then it's probably worth it.

I just had my sisters car aligned at Jax, and they charged $60 for a 4 wheel alignment, and seem to have done it properly, so looks like they get my work from now on.

It does depend on the car too, if it only needs a front wheel alignment, (most older cars), then $80 is steep, but if it is a later model car, and needs all 4 wheels aligned, then it's not that bad.

Anyway, hope that helped you - as it helped me get that off my chest, lol.

Growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional ;)

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Anyone on peninsula

Hendersons the best alignments he fixes the hard ones the others cant do they take to him

wheel alignments - hendersons

are they still in seaford?
used to go there about 14 yrs ago, they were excellent, always showed me any problems with my cars, good & honest.
took my rambler , landau , hg wagon, & monaro there back then when I lived in Frankston.
pleased to hear they are still in business.

still in seaford

still in the same shed its the coolest no nonsense workshop old school

wheel align

im goin on a trip this weekend so i hope it doesnt chop my tyres out still cheers

bob jane

My wife took my triton to bobs once, charged her 120 bucks and and when she came home i had a look underneath and it hadn't been touched. the tires were scrubbing so it was way out and when i rang they said it was adjusted!! {Bull---t} never been back and never will.

Trust no one

I do mine myself, with a tape and a angleometer thing.(that's a word) I swear it is. It might take a few goes to get it right but I don't have to let some turd touch my car.
The last time I paid to have one done the clown had to get his helper to show him how to open the door. Wish I had a video camera that day.

alignment prices

Pam got one on our HX on Tuesday (non power steer). Took them aprox 45 minutes and cost $50.
Pam said big improvement but feels "twitchy" and although i'm not well enough to go for a hoot and try it out, i'd say she's just gotta get used to the tyre change..She just went from 235/60/14 fronts to 205/60/15 fronts...
That'd feel twitchy in comparison, Yes ?

twitchy in comparison

i recon so, should feel much lighter and better to, wrestling 235's on the front with no power steering would have been a task

alignment wise, i get mine done at truline in ballarat, cost $50 takes about 30-40mins, always does a great job, the guy who owns the shop used to race HQ's and i usally spend the whole time (and some) talking about HQ's, lol

wrestling 235's on the front

I always laugh when i see yet another post by a young dude freaking out coz his new kingswood doesn't have power steer and seems to believe it's just too undrivable...WTF ???
We have always run 235's on the HX plus she has a smaller sport steer wheel and only time Pam's complained of any prob's is when i put a 12" steer wheel on (That did stiffen things up, lol).

Kids gone off Weet-Bix ?

keep laughin

laugh it up old man:P.

i still think my first HQ had the best steering i've ever had in a car.


Pam's steering

And she's such a delicate little flower!!

(he says bravely from 3000 Ks away :) )


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NO power steer...

I`m a big fan of not having power steering...

If you have to make an adjustment (large or small) rather quickly at 100 k/h or more then much better to do it without power steer because you can feel the whole car I reckon.

No power steer on a HQ-WB with 235 on the front is a handful in a carpark but nothing unreasonable...

No Power arh arh arh, blah blah blah

If you can drive - you can drive, simple as that, power steer or not!

I started with no power steer on the Torry, with 245's on the front, and had no problems, but give me power steer now, anyday! (gettin' soft, gettin' old, whatever, lol).

My point is, Dusty, after everything that you yourself tell us, that Pam does for you, the least you could do, is spend a coupla hundred, and spoil her with power steer!

Growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional ;)

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And she's such a delicate little flower!!

Lol (Note to Pam: the title of my post is only a quote from QLD Fireman's post further up..honest).

Pam certainly deserves spoiling but she doesn't like power steering (phew) however, if she sees your post Bruno, she'll switch the argument to air-con one way or another then i'll get an ear full, lol.

power steering

until my green HQ i'd never had power steering and never had a problem with steering being heavy, the power steering in my HQ is sooo light ,now i get in other non power steer cars and the steering feels heavy, i think iv'e been spoilt

i think this is the problem now, (most) kids learn to drive in mums shopping trolley which has power steer, air con and all the other mod cons, then when they hop into a old car the steering feels heavy, brakes seem crap, ect ect

There are wheel alignments and then there are wheel alignments

I find most of the tyre shops are after a quicky job. Just adjust the toe-in and out she goes. I use Pedders who do charge more around $80-90 but if they are going to muck around with Camber and Caster and dial it in properly then that's money well spent. I suggest whoever you use talk to them about what your getting. What settings they think your car should have and why. Pedders give you a printed report of 'before' and 'after, so you can see how it was and how it ended up. Also your driving style and any load carrying will play a part in you wheel alignment requirements. Most cars run a little negative camber /---\ inwards at the top. However, regular hard cornering may require more camber because of higher tyre side loading. 4WD's usually are set at 0 degrees, i.e straight up and down, although if it rarely goes off road a fraction of negative is appropriate. They also usually set each side slighty different to account for the camber of the road. This usually means more negative camber on the left wheel than the right.
Hope this helps.

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never had a good deal at bob

never had a good deal at bob jane.they coudnt balance wheels(original dragway multistuds,told wont balance)funny other shops had no problem before or since.wife had wheel aligment stuffed up(hq).coulndt get car to stop minor veering(90 pulsar)took to other shop,no problem(rear needed adjusting).never again.they dont seem to care(or want to) unless its a easy run of the mill job.cheers

print outs

ahh yes, i get them at truline where i go, and he also asks about driving style ect


theres a bloke in town who does old holdens $40 bucks and still uses the them metal lugs, he loves a chat and is always pleasent, never had to go back, he is really cheap compaired to others and still if he was more i would still take the cars there as his work ethics are fantastic.

Fail Mart...

I had to tell them that the 245s go on the back and the 235s go on the front...

They bothched the wheel alignment as well. I did`nt bother complaining, I just took it somewhere else!


One of the other things they stuffed up, was fitting the tyres / rims to the car.

I have 65 profile on the back, and 60 on the front - they put one of each front and rear, and had them diagonally opposite, WTF!!!!! (sorry dusty - couldn't think of a better term to use).

Growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional ;)

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monaro caps

i took the monaro in to fail mart years ago, to get new tread, i was walking off to give them the time to do it, but had left the wallet in the car, i turned back to get it, and seen some idiot trying to get the wheel caps off with an air gun, after a bit of screeming and yelling, i showed him that wat he was trying to undo was the wheel cap.

im with blissy ,my baked

im with blissy ,my baked beans have a small hex head that holds the centre caps,this place had to fumble about to get them off! ,then hit the spline lock nuts with the rattle gun!!(happens every time )they gave me a very faded looking printout,another place pulled the top column bearing out by reefing the steering wheel off with no puller!!!krunts!!i fixed it with a grub screw,none of the camber bolts had been touched,,too much dirt!!,,last time i booked into a bob jane i booked a week in advance!!so im on my way down and the mobile rings and its the bob jane mart and their wheel aligner hasnt come in today,,,,so they dont even offer a rebook ,,so i went to a place close by,,,and they did it ,,but a 16 year old kid nearly jacked it up by the sway bar to check for worn components(what would he know anyway?)and they wernt really interested ,,and it drove the same and the camber bolts still have dirt on them,and i will really quiz any other prospective wheel aligning places before i go through this rubbish again,,like i do with auto trans places!!!what are you like with trimatics!!!what are you like with old hq alignments,,if you dont feel any confidence or enthusiasm,,ring the next place.,,whos had inside rim wheel wheights hit the brake caliper straight away???doofheads ,most of them.

WHAT? no gravy?

Steering allignment

after a complete front suspension rebuild,setting it to the recomended specifications and setting the toe in with my tape measure I thought I would do the right thing and get a alignment, I won't name the company but you may guess.
In making the adjustments they put extra shims in, ( I supplied the right ones ) and then they adjusted the radius rod to give more caster.
The first thing the guy did was try to undo the radius rod nut with an open ended spanner not located properly, rounding the nut, then he worked out he could loosen it from the back with a ring spanner!
The next thing he did wrong was stick a pipe spanner on the rack ends and munch them up, it was a good thing I had freed the boots or he would have stuffed them too.

Some weeks I was wondering why the Torana didn't drive too well so I looked at the read out of the settings and discovered that the camber was set at about 2 degrees positive, stuff this, I am not going back to those guys again for more of that butchery!
I used the factory directions to move the camber back to a more reasonable 1/2 degrees negetive and used my trusty tape measure, that was three years ago and it seems fine, I really need to get a bit more sientific, perhaps one day I will find some better gear to do this.

I am buggered if I will let anyone touch my car unless I cannot do it myself, painting is about the only thing I have not tackled so far.
They have stuffed my wheel caps and GTR nuts too, so I take the wheels off myself at home.
Never let anyone use one of those bloody belly lifters on your pride and joy, because they don't give a stuff, and bend everything under your car, tailshaft, floors, gearbox crossmembers and exhausts!

BE carefull how you go there are some real cow boys out there!




That's typical of my experiences with paying people to do things on my Cars, Wheel Alignment included.

Your post should stand testimony to the home mechanic who researches his work and takes pride in maintaining his Car properly because he is not working to a Clock but rather to an high standard.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

i posted a few months back

i posted a few months back that i had a 14 dollar suspension check at a certain no bull place,,and how everything checked out except i needed a new power steering pump and box because they were leaking,,so they proceeded to enter my details into the computer and book me in for a 1500 dollar job,,so i say im busy and will do it later(i had no intention anyway,,what??) ,to which im told to be carefull,,so i really get under the car at home(ive had this car for 26 years!)and sure enough theres a bit of the usual film on it,,dosent even leave a drip on the floor where its always parked and ive never put oil in the system,,no oil on the pitman arm,a bit of "sweat" on the pump,,,so i look up the web site and fill in the "contact us"link and not so much complain ,but explain how i felt it was over selling,,sure enough ,i get a call next day from the proprietor of this no bull place saying how the general manager has rang him etc,,bring your car back,well put it on the hoist and ill show you,he was vey proffessional and polite,(i hadnt ,still havent wiped it clean because its no show car and negligable!)anyway up it goes and he goes on about his duty of care about oil on the road and other road users ,whilst i take good angle photos!!and im told this will fail at any time etc,,,so i say ,,you see this small crack here above the lower wishbone ?seeing its up can we hit it with your mig i see just here?oh no we have bookings ahead of you ,,you have to book it in,,,???,,,???MAN!i should have asked,,no bull??the car was on and off the hoist in less than ten minutes.,,anyway i got back to the contact us site ,,you can upload attachments there and i heard no more of them,,,,exactly what theyll hear of me!!i dont think i look like a schmuck!!surely an older guy with filthy scarred hands driving a hq would know a thing or two??or is this just the franchise selling angle???beer time happy new year .

WHAT? no gravy?

Power steering

I can't help myself, I must comment on power steering.
I will go as far as to say young people have absolutely no idea how to drive without power steering and worse some instructors are willfully destructive to both the cars and the car parks.
My son an apprentice mechanic at the time took a lesson from a driving instructor to get more skills, but he came back saying that he was not going back, because he was made to hold the steering at full lock with the pressure relef valve screeming rather than back it off a small fraction.
He also was made to turn the wheel on the spot on fresh hotmix with no regard to the stress on the vehicle the tyre or the bitumin surface which got screwed up.

Now your probably thinking that this would be different for truck drivers they would have better sence, Well you would be wrong!
I had a truck deliver some timber here and the driver screwed his wheels around on the spot and broke through the gravel surface of my drive in several places, I was pissed off!
I think people should have to learn on a car without power steering to get their licence, they should also actually be taught to drive at 100kmh so they know the danger of over correcting at 100kmh.
I travel on country roads all the time and if I had a dollar for every time I saw a classic example of over correction, then I would be extremely rich.

It is easy to pick a case of over correction, just look for skid marks from the left diagonally across the road to the right, plenty of those marks on the Nullabor.
I have a heavy Statesman and power steering helps, but for small cars there is absolutely no reason to have power steering it just promotes wrong and bad driving habits as well as being dangerous for these [Naughty Pottyword] drivers when they yank the steering wheel instead of driving their way out of a problem.

I use power steering as I find it is much better on my bad neck when I am reversing a large car trailer, the difference here is I know how to drive at least.
I agree power steering can be lethal in the wrong hands!




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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

wheel alignment

true, there is wheel alignments and then there are wheel alignments if you are in vic, hendersons or amberley wheel alignments are the only places to go, and amberley will charge you $80 as well, so as is the usual in this life, you get what you pay for

small front drive cars

small front drive cars without powersteer are awfull to drive,,bogie trucks need to steer when stopped as they sort of self steer the wrong way when manuvering in tight spots,i lock to lock my hq if i have to when parking it,so what if the surface gets scuffed up!if its new hot mix stop cars driving on it till its hardened!i hate that crap stuck on paintwork,holding the steer against the releif valve wont hurt it unless you do it all day long,thats what its for.

WHAT? no gravy?

Agreed on the small front

Agreed on the small front drive cars, without power steer they are heavier and nastier than any non-power steer RWD I've ever driven.

The power steer on most modern cars is turned off (for want of a better word) by the time you reach 50kph, 60-70kph in the worst case scenario anyway. It's only older cars that are assisted 100% of the time, if you ask me that's when it gets dangerous as the steering is way too light at 80kph+.

Anyway, it's not just newer cars that are the culprits with light steering! My old Datsun (well, the current one too) both had/have light steering that could be turned without moving (not that I ever do) - and - you guessed it - neither had power steer and both were RWD.

I don't like holding cars at full lock in carparks, but sometimes it's necessary. Some of the carparks around here have very narrow spaces and the road between the parks is less than two car widths across - that's what the relief valve is for. I'll agree holding it needlessly on full lock is stupid when you can back it off a fraction by choosing a different line into/out of a park though.

I learned to drive in a 1970's V8 Mercedes 300SEL with all the electric assists and everything else modern cars have (except it had mechanical fuel injection instead of EFI and no TC or ESC of course). The simple fact is that I was taught to drive properly, so the choice of car didn't make a heap of difference. It did help me with proper footwork with so much power under the right foot and the big power assisted brakes under the left, though.

My point is kids just aren't being taught to drive properly - I believe the old saying "A good tradesman never blames his tools" applies here too...


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wheel alignment

computer line in preston.
did my hx and lh. change from $70.00 both times.
excellent work

O.H.T.C. Original Member.
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jonnoeh,your left foot is not

jonnoeh,your left foot is not for braking!!youve been taught bad then.

WHAT? no gravy?

you guna play cricket this year !

nah ,i think i might be on bad boy johnny's side,because,

only when driving a auto mind you ,with so many clowns in front of you ,

having the left foot hover of the brake pedal in anticipation that you may have to stop or slow down in a hurry ,

left foot braking will give you a faster reaction time

than taking your foot off the fast pedal and then across to the slow pedal.

With the extra split second you can squeeze it on more quickly ,rather than stomp on it in a hurry


Yup, you've hit the nail

Yup, you've hit the nail squarely on the head.

That extra split second can be the difference between you hitting or missing the car in front. Not only because you're braking from a larger distance but also because you don't need to brake quite as hard - so there's less chance of a lockup.
Although, as you say, on public roads it really only has use in automatic cars (for obvious reasons).

I'll admit I do occasionally left foot brake in manual cars on twisty (ie. fun/mountain) roads, but that's more a habit I've picked up from racing than anything else. Same thing with heel-toe and giving the pedal a light tap before braking (in particular when it's wet) to make sure the car will be able to stop. :)

I keep a foot hovering over the brake pedal as much as possible (as well as keeping a decent distance behind the car in front), especially around town because you never know what might happen.


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