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Vacuum line diagram required for Rochester Quadrajet 7043203 FT 1962 (Originally from 1973 HQ Statesman308)

Would appreciate any info or diagrams showing vacuum hose layout on a Rochester Quadrajet 7043203 FT 1962 that came from a 308 Red Motor in a 1973 HQ Statesman (Automatic)and did seem original.
Kind Regards

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Vac Diagrams

G`Day Jim,

If you don`t have any luck here then your best bet would be to go down the spare parts section of your Holden dealer and ask them if they can photocopy what your after out of the parts catalouge (if they got it) `cause that`s what I did.

If you get really stuck here are the same ones (Rochester quaddy) I got from Holden for a V8 blue motor...



Hope that helps.

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