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vn commodore brakes and diff into hg belmont?

gday guys i just got given a car by my father a perfect vn commodore, im wondering if i was able to transfer the front brakes and stub axles onto my car? i have herd of this befor
and also whats the chances and a rough price on getting the diff fabricated to fit as well?
pros and cons about doing both of those?
and hints help or suggestions on what else is worth tranfering will be very help full!!!
cheers sam

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vn commodore brakes and diff into hg belmont?

If you keep the diff standard width then it should only cost a few hundred dollars to remove the control arm mounts and weld on a set of spring mounts. You will have to play with the tailahft also.
For the front you will not use the Commodore stub, you only need the rotor and the caliper. The rotor will bolt straight on and a simple mounting bracket will adapt the caliper to the original stub.
The only real down side is that you will need Commodore pattern wheels and most of the ready made wheels have the incorrect offset for use on an Old Holden. It can be done though and is a good idea.


can i sorten the diff at all? so i can fit bigger wheels in?
will it be any better than the diff i got and how much power will the centre take?
cheers sam


If you shorten the diff the cost will be at least $1000-$1200 and you will have trouble with the brake calipers hitting the rear springs. Your best off getting a pair of custom wheels made to allow you to keep the diff standard and still fill the wheel arches with wheel.
This diff is similar in strength to the ones still used in the current Commodore and Falcon so strength shouldn't be a problem.

Diff conversion.

HI, I tryed to post some more info last nite, but the site seemed to crash just as I posted...

I have a vn diff in my hg p/van. All I did was cut off the old vn mounts (except for the swaybar), weld on 2 new saddles (from CRS in vic) at the right angle (about 6 deg but you will have to work it out for your vehicle). If you can weld (or have a fiend who can) use Ferrercraft 61 low hydrogen rods, or a mig.

You will have to get custom made rims with the correct offset (mine were done by Dragway) of at least 15". Now I have found that 14" hq to wb rims will fit on a vn diff (over the calipers ect).... but I don't know weather it's legal.

there are some pics of the diff in my shed. AS for the front brakes, buy the kit (or the parts you don't have)from CRS as its ADR approved, no legal hassels.


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