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control arm bushes, bushes

im currently replacing all the control arm bushes and bushes. my question is do i need some kind of tool to get the control arm bushes off? and is there anywhere i should start when replacing the bushes, im new to this kind of stuff. and i can unbolt the front disk brakes not have to disconnect brake line. and anything else i should no a heads up would be greatly appreciated

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Control Arm Bushes

The Bushes can be replaced in a Vise using a Bolt, Nut Washer and Sockets.

To get the Ball Joints off you hit them on the side from the Front then the Back. Info here ...


You don't need to undo the Tie Rod Ends. Just unbolt the Steering Arms and tie the Tie Rods out of the way.

Leave the Brake Hoses connected. Unbolt the Calipers and tie them out of the way with some Wire.

I find the Upper Bushes easier to do in the Car in Kingswoods unless you have access to a Press. The Upper Bushes can be pressed on using their own Nuts.

1. Remove the Nut and Washer on the Rear.
2. Free up the centre of the Bush with a Hammer and Cold Chisel because it will have binded on the Pivot.
3. Use a large pair of Pliers to Lever the Control Arm from the Bush. You only have to move the Arm 1/4" before the Bush is free. The Bush can then be tapped off the Pivot.
4. Loosen the front Nut until it's near the end of its travel.
5. Fit the new Bush to the Rear (the one you just removed).
6. Fit the Nut and Washer to the Rear Bush and tighten both the Front and Rear Nuts to push the new Rear Bush on. Note you will need to tighten the Nuts a little then loosen them a little then tighten them again to allow the Bush to fit the Control Arm properly. Light taps with a Hammer on the Control Arm will help it seat correctly.

You don't need a Spring Compressor to get the Srpings back in. Just make sure the Car is jacked up high enough to allow the Lower Control Arm to hang vertically and you will be able to fit the Spring by Hand.

Remember that the bottom of the Spring plugs into a Groove and the top of the Spring is flat. Don't put the Spring in upside down and make sure the bottom goes into the Groove.

Further Info here ...




My Shed
Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

if your on the gold coast i

if your on the gold coast i have a set of tools and jigs made up for all the bushes.

WHAT? no gravy?

control arms

or if your near ballarat i also have some bush removing tools you could lend (and a press)

thanks guys for the help but

thanks guys for the help but im nowhere near the coast or ballarat lol
so im gonna do it the old fashioned way??
thanks for the help

Campbell's Way

Campbell posted up details recently about replacing the Bushes with a Bolt, Nut, Washer and Socket which is the way I did before I bought a Kingswwod Ball Joint Press.

The Ball Joint Press works a treat in the HZ but not on the UC Lower Control Arms. The UC being smaller, the Press can't fit between the Arms.


My Shed
Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Further Campbell's Way

Link here ...


My Shed
Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Freeze the Bushes

hey John, chuck your new bushes in the freezer the day before the operation, The steel will contract almost a whole pubic hair. It makes them hit home just a little easier.

I have two sets to do and just need the time.

30 years without a right to drive.
Email Me

My Shed

Further Info Here

Control Arm Bush H Page ...



My Shed
Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

campbells way

is the way i use, works a treat, i use the press to put the new bushes in

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