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Steering Column Questions

Ive pulled apart 2 what i think are HZ steering columns (one auto and one manual) so i can make a blank one for a 4 on the floor.
Ive attached a few pics to look at to help my description.

Apart from the differences between the bits on the end of the pipe down the bottom where the linkages go on and a few other minor things ive found both my key barrels are different, and the gears they turn (which push and pull the rod to adjust the switch further down the column).
the manual one has a big silver thing sticking of it and the gears are straight (the silver thing looks to be for the steering lock), while the auto one has no silver thing and the gears are slanted. The steering lock bar is different for the one with the silver thing on the barrel.
Also looking at the end of the barrels you can see the slot around where the key turns on the outside is in a slightly different position (both barrels are the same way around in the picture), and the key cant go quite so far around on the one with the silver bit.
Also the metal casing that the gear shift lever is mounted in is also different between the 2. one has a piece that goes further down the column under the plastic cover that joins with the dash.

So after all that all i want to know is:
-Which barrel is the best to use? the one with the silver thing on it im guessing.
-Assuming the steering lock rod can be swapped from the gears for the different barrel and still work, which gears are best to use. slanted or straight?
-Does it matter what metal casing the lever was mounted in is used?

Finally, ive attached a pic of the different parts at the bottom of the column in case someone wants to use these pics in the pedia.

Thanks in advance.

P9278540.JPG65.21 KB
P9278541.JPG60.95 KB
P9278543.JPG69.31 KB
P9278550.JPG68.14 KB

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One column is not from a HZ

Gday mate.In your third photo the column with the key barrel with the tabs both above and below the key is from a HQ/HJ and maybe possibly HX.I believe Holden decided to remove the lower tab from the key barrel as it assisted car thiefs by giving them something to lever a screwdriver or some bar off thus breaking the ignition lock.


thanks mate. its highly possible its not from a hz because it came in a hz shell with only a couple of bolts holding it in. was probebly just wacked in to move it around or something.
thanks again.

Cheers, Daniel

Great Shots

"Finally, ive attached a pic of the different parts at the bottom of the column in case someone wants to use these pics in the pedia."

I'm adding them now.


My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

steering column keys hq to wb

The column you listed as auto is from a hq till (ADR 25) 31/12/1977 HZ. then they changed to ADR 25A so the manual one is from a hz built after 1/1/1978 or wb(wb have hazard flashers).my October 1977 and December 1977 hz both had the early ignition barrel.

Wanted information from any one that has any information that has worked in a place that built ambulance's of any type in particular holden hq to wb's and any ambulance builder's paper work or manuals thanks authorised collector of emergency electrical's

how to remove key barrel section of steering column VC commodore

could someone advise me how to remove the key barrel section of the steering column on my son's VC commodore.He went to start it and the barrel jammed,the ignition is stuck in the on position (disconnected battery).i have removed the four screws that hold this section in place,it is loose but i can't remove it to see what the problem is.this is all new to me but any advice would be helpful.Thanks


Link here ...



My Shed

Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

VT/VS Commodore Steering Wheel Hub

Just wanting to know if the VT and VS steering wheel hubs are the same? I am building a VT Commodore racecar and want to get a boss kit to put on a smaller steering wheel than the standard one. Apparently they don't make a VT one due to the airbags.
As the wheels are very similar I'm wondering if a VS one would fit?

Thanks in advance.

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