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LH Torana supra gearbox conversion

G'day, have been driving my 253 Torana around now for a few months now since I finally got it registered and have been loving every minute of it, but I am now considering swapping the M20 Aussie four speed for a five speed supra box. I will not be doing this straight away but would like to know from anyone else who has done this conversion before what bellhousing, clutch fork, pressure plate, etc they have used. Also interested to know what people have done for a rear trans crossmember and whether they have had any dramas with shifter position in relation to the factory shifter hole. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Mick

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supra gearbox conersion

Hi there
I read your blog and thought that i could help out a little if you go to this web site it will have all the answers you need i know that he makes the bellhousings in house to suit all holdens and fords and he will sell a complete supra 5 speed kit including gearbox, bellhousing,cross member, tailshaft and hydraulic clutch hope that this info helps you out.



Thanks for the info there

Thanks for the info there mate. Yeah I think it will probably work out cheapest and easiest to buy a kit with everything in it so i will probably go that route. Also does anyone have any suggestions in regard to a speedo cable? I think I remember reading a question on this in 'KB's Workshop' in Street Machine a while back so will try dig it up but if anyone is willing to share a personal experience of this that would be appreciated. Cheers, Mick

i want to drive this car

Speedo cable

Hi Mate
If you go with that gearbox kit it comes with a speedo cable to suit so you wont have to do anything dodgy I had a mate that got one of these kits about 5 years ago for his fx ute with a 186s in it and it has never missed a beat. This mal wood has been featured in street machine a few years back now and they only had good things to say about his gearboxes.
Hope this helps.


Alright thanks mate. Also

Alright thanks mate. Also found out that friend of a friend has good knowledge of these gearboxes so I'll talk to him when I next see him. Sounds like the conversion shouldn't be too hard.

i want to drive this car

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