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Hx Statesman

Howdy All,

I spoke to one of our fellow members a week or 2 back (and even emailed him) regarding a pair of HJ-Z Caprice style front overiders and never heard back? Has anyone else got any?

One more thing, i asked a few weeks back for what appears to be Holdens version of the Loch Ness Monster....a HX Statesman Lower Grille??I am in Perth, but if price is right...please freight to me.

Keep up the good work.


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HX Loch Ness Monster

G'day Steve,

Yep, the lower grilles for the later Stato's are VERY few and far between. It is likely to be a long search and an expensive purchase... :-(


"Search more, Post less"

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You are damn straight there

You are damn straight there Dave,
May have to fab something!!!


Stato grille

What do they look like I think I seen some today at a wreckers I was at.

Post a pic and I can find out.

Cheers Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

This guy is asking for the full unit, i just want the overiders on the bumper(i currently have Prem versions and that Bloody Bottom Grille.

Cheers Bud


Stephen, Link may not


Link may not work.



Yeah they look like the grilles that were hanging up, not sure if they're original or repro's cos it half wrecker half rares.

If you want their contact details just email me.

Cheers Stephen

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Stato grille

HX Stato grille is horizontal bars, HZ use the same grille but every 2nd bar is blacked out. I bought a NOS upper and lower from rares 8yrs or so ago $175ea back then so what they are worth now not sure. I will take a pic of mine tomorrow after work.


Hi Leroy, You are correct and

Hi Leroy,

You are correct and yes Rare Spares i have approached with no win.
Will email Stephen though, sounds awesome news.


statesman grille

Ther is a HX?HZ statesman in the back of a market garden in balcatta, the fence recently fell over and it could be seen from the road.

Its parked in a paddock and obviously does not go, but he may be prepared to part it out.

North west cnr of Albert st and karrinyup rd.


Thanks Steveo. I will suss it

Thanks Steveo.

I will suss it out.


hz hj hx statesman caprice grille

hey anyone got a hz hx hj statesman caprice grill for sale if so can you email to thanks people

Hey Bud, Can i suggest that

Hey Bud,

Can i suggest that you open a new thread, as those who have answered me above have all moved on, i only saw this is it came up under 'my Blog'. More people will answer it then.

All the best.


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