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front spring installation?

Hi, im trying to refit the front springs to 1 tonna chassis and have a problem. does anyone know off an internal spring compressor for this job? i have a set of external ones but there is not enough clearance in the upper tower to use these. it is a bare chassis so using a jack is no go either. the springs are standard height v8 1 ton.

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Its a bit dodge but....

I have done this before by compressing the srings and wrapping wire around the coils (wrap around the 2nd coils in from each end) to keep them compressed (measure the lenght you need to compress them to get them in and the nut on the lower ball joint done up, make sure you use heaps of wire as you dont want them to let go! then install the coil spring tighten up lower wishbone ball joint and an install an old shock (so the spring cant jump out) now the super dodge part, with your fingers well away from the area (bolt cutters work well for this) cut the wire compressing the spring, then remove it all, then you can change your shocks.

Hope this helps, other wise you will need to load up the chassis with weight.




I replace front springs by

I replace front springs by jacking up body on jack stands. Place spring into position and use jack on lower arm to compress it . keep jacking till you can put lower balljoint nut on then remove jack.

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Front Springs

You can use your spring compressors on the inside of the springs. This is how I reinstalled the fronts in the Qute.

However, you do need to dismantle them to get them out after the spring is seated as they don't fit through the shockie hole while together...


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I just had to do the same

I just had to do the same thing with my HT without engine or trans. I ended up getting a couple of volunteers to stand on the crossmember while I did the jack under the lower arm trick, this gave me just enough weight to get the lower ball joint jacked up high enough to get the ball joint started.


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front spring installation?

I would get a length of 1/2" threaded rod and place it in place of the shock. Use large washers top and bottom to locate it. Oil the threads well and start screwing, this will compress the spring.

front springs

Hi there march17th go to they sell internal spring compressors for old holdens and fords I have used these compressors they sell and they do the job the only down side i had was the internal knuckle was a little bit large for the hole in the lower control arms so you need to die grind the shockie hole out about 5mm so you can remove it once everything is together..


front springs in

thanks for your suggestion, took a mix of a few and backed the tray of the daily driver (HJ) over the front of the chassis, compressed the springs as much as i could, then just perservered till they went in, then jack under wisbone.the tray of the HJ :) held the chassis down to allow the stub axle and ball joint to fall into place. a lot off mucking about but now she's a roller agian. :)

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