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EH Holden wheel & tyre size...what will fit

Hi, okay so this question is pretty open

I am considering some 15" or 16", which i know will fit, but the width im not too sure yet

What rear wheel size will fit underneath my guards before pumping, cutting or shortening the diff becomes the answer. Like i said this question is pretty much open to whatever solutions is available

Size BoltCircle Backspacing

15x8 5x 4 3/4 3.75
15x8 5x 4 3/4 4.50
15x10 5x 4 3/4 3.75

16x8 5x4 3/4 4.00
16x8 5x4 3/4 4.75

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EH Holden wheel & tyre size...what will fit

The EH rear guards have a spacing of 265mm from inner to outer. This is the actual narrowest measurement through the normal wheel travel. Therefore this limits you to 245mm wide tyres.

so would that mean that a

so would that mean that a 15x8 wheel will fit and that a 15x10 wheel will need some work?
63 EH Holden WIP

EH wheels

I'm running 15x8 rims on mine at the moment, and I reckon I got about 1/2 an inch gap betwwen the tyre (225/50's) and the inner wheel arch, and about the same on the outside. Any larger would be pushing it I reckon.

I understand this is an old

I understand this is an old post. What back space do you have on the 15 x 8's.

so would that mean that a

Yes, I am running 17x8" on the rear with 245/45x17" and there is 10mm clearance all round.

i have

i have 14x7 rims with 215 tyres and have about 5mm befor it rubs on the outer with a stock diff and my rims dont have an off set the holes for the hub are the very center of the rim.
cheers mitch

cheers mitch my email

Eh wheels

Hi myeh can. you please advise the specs on the17 inch wheel you are running, rim offset?

What diff are you running?

There's no problems only solutions


17x7, ET0 with 225/45x17. Currently using 18x8 ET0 with 245/40x18 which scrub occasionally. Diff is a Borg Warner narrowed to a total width of 1390mm.


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