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Front Brakes(LHS and RHS) of HZ '78 Sedan Locked On

Hi Everyone, I've got a '78 HZ sedan with a 202 trimatic. When I pressed the brake I found that both the LHS and RHS brakes locked on. The only way they would release was when I released the pressure via the bleed screw. Thought it was the clearance between the booster and the master cylinder. No. Then I thought it was a blockage in the brake master cylinder. No. Then I thought it was the pistons stuck in the front brake calipers. No. I then pulled apart the proportioning value and found it was completed blocked up with gunk, had a torn o-ring and seized up. Soaked and cleaned everything and replaced the seals and o-ring. I then put it all back together, bled all the brake lines and Presto! the brakes worked perfectly. Process of elimination. At least I know, having replaced all the seals in the calipers, master cylinder and checked the clearances that everything good to go. Hope that someone else finds this helpful. Steven.

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