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Give away

Spring cleaning the shed. Have set of street machine magazines to give away. Editions from mid 2002 to mid 2018.

Six boxes all up. Located on Brisbane bayside if anyone is interested. They will be too heavy to post.

I used them as research when I was building the ute. Prefer to give to someone who can use them.


Image icon Street Machine Mags2.47 MB


Hey Adrian, if no one else wants them i will stick my hand up for them, cant collect for a week or so though

Hey Les,

No takers so they are yours. I can deliver around to the bunker next weekend if it suits you.


Im currently house bound due to having a back op at the moment, so no bunker fun for me for a while, Im also moving house for a month while i get new floor boards in my joint, so will be living in Lota for the next month from wednesday
if you feel like taking your ride for a spin that far im good with that, if not im happy to grab them the following week when the mrs can drive me over