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FJ Holden headlight switch wiring diagram

Hi I was wondering if anyone has a FJ Holden headlight switch wiring diagram? the old harness was cactus so everything needs rewiring from scratch, should be easy enough lol



If you remind me on the weekend i can snap a pic of the wiring diagram

Thanks heaps that would be great, muchly appreciated

vintage wiring do a harness for around $580
depending what you have yours is most likely the bosch harness
if you are going all stock then they can supply a harness
or if you need it altered to suit alternator ,indicators etc added they can do that for you
the original wiring was basic not a hard job to do yourself

Yeah I am just doing it myself, not to hard just wanted to check the headlight switch wiring as stated in post, the multimeter jumps all over the shop so thought if someone had a diagram or something that would help, the car will have 4 additional gauges, electric seats, central locking, alarm so the wiring is not the issue just the light switch, I wouldn't pay $580 for something I could do myself thanks

ok no prob if you want to use the original type headlight switch its better to up grade it to the FC TO EK type the fj switch was a bit light for 12 volts
its the same fitting in the dash
and you can use the FJ shaft/knob

see sep picture posted for some reason the reply box won't allow an attachment to be added?