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HR 186S Special


Hi Guys - Last weekend I was at the GMH car day and
there was about a dozen HR's. Great to see rare NASCO
bits - through to a barn find 186S HR Special. I had
done up my 186 HR & upgraded it to a 186S many years
ago but could never find photos of what the carbie to
accelerator pedal looked like.

Attached is a photo of original 186S linkage set up
for the WW Stromberg two barrel.

For the HR purists the HR special had a 186K engine,
sports (X2) gauges, silver 186S air cleaner, 186S
front guard badges and an opal 4 speed gearbox. The
interesting find was you could get the 186S optioned
special meaning ............

NO disc brake or a brake booster i.e. original Drums.

Also this is the same engine / gearbox combo as first
Holden race car driven by Peter Brock - only his 186S
HR race car was a HR Premier ..... with disc brakes.


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