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Holden HR

Some pictures of HR restoration and detail ,note the reverse bend I done on underside view of HR floor pan (right of picture)



coming along well...what kind of HR is it - do you know the history?


HR special sedan in Lurline blue ,Grecian white top 3 Spd crash box drum brakes all round
Trim Dover & Calais blue .Dont know much history of car other than car was purchased by a friend
Then brought by my brother who put a 202 in it and original motor was lost about 15 years ago ,then
car was given to me about 10 years ago ,and now I have time to work on it ,other than motor its mainly original & stock

the engine looks original with the correct paint colour and rocker cover..I've got a 67 HR as well, the engine is original but rather than the hockey stick breather tube it has a pcv valve and hose that goes to the carby...I'm not sure when they changed over


Yes ,various HR models have different plumbing and intake manifolds ,I had the original parts so I used them.( Just posted a pic of manifold side ) trying to keep it as original as possible .notice the temp warning light sender is a VDO which is suppose to come on when the temp reaches 105C or 221F ,the original ones I had were faulty and are suppose to come on at 115C or 239F and the other after market ones are even higher mostly 125C or 257F which I think is to high .might put temp gauge in one day lol

yes 125deg seems quite high for's probably right for a 15psi system..the boiling point of water at 13psi (original system pressure) is 120deg..but that increases again with the use of coolant so although it sounds high it's probably about right..I've had my light come on once...quite a hot day and was pushing the old girl along the highway...I dropped my speed a bit and the light went off....after that I thought about putting in a guage...but decided to just leave it...occasionally I check the lamp by earthing the sensor wire ...the lamp check is supposed to operate momentarily when the ignition switch is in the start position..not run..but mine doesn't work...this was something that got incorporated from the EH onwards...many don't work ...of course tghat only tells you your light works..but not the temperature switch...a guage is good so you can observe a trend


OK ,cheers ,I'll see how it goes and if the light keeps coming on unnecessarily i will put a higher rated sender in

Looks like you're doing a decent job on floor, just curious in asking what guage/thickness are those Rares floor pans?

Hi,yes they are 1mm thick

I have a 1962 Vauxhall project that needs extensive work , floors and some sub floor bracing , inner and outer sills and lift points all rotted out , can't buy the parts as no-one makes them but fortunately I have the skill to make them myself, the car was registered and on road in WA ( no RWC required in WA for rego or ownership changes so probably many death traps out there ! ) and I had it transported to Qld , it would have been put off the road years ago in Qld if ever tried to get RWC and rego. 1mm steel is probably thinner than original for cars of that decade but will do the job no doubt , modern steel benefits from advanced production formula and technique, Modern cars are even thinner but gain strength from more rounded design shapes and the better steel used.
Keep up the good work on your HR.