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Holden hr crush tubes?

Does anybody know if Holden HR had crush tubes in front frame assembly to body? Cheers



i'm fairly certain they do

Thanks ,picture I submitted does not show any detail ,and I carnt find any tubes for sale ?

I don't think there are any unless they are formed into the chassis member during production. Either way I can't see how you would go about changing them. The subframe is a C section which fits over the boxed chassis member and the high tensile bolts clamp them both together.

rare spares do a replacement section for that area
that includes the mount -tube area

Rare spares Brisbane told me there is NO repair section for that area that they know of ,and that they DONT use crush tubes for that area ?

doesn't look like it from the drawing --it looks like there is some rectangular strengthening pads incorporated into the sections in that drawing..the rare spares body mount kit for HR doesn't have them from what i can may not cover that area though...can a crush tube be actually fitted?


looking at the additional photo posted i believe the drwg to be correct - not crush tube...doesn't mean you can put one in - but it wasn't the original design intent...that would have been the rectangular pads evident in drwg and picture as well as torque setting.


it would not be hard to get a piece of tube and weld it in there if you are replacing that leg section or doing a floor pan as you'd have access to it
rarespares sometimes don't get there parts exactly right but there better than nothing

Lots of blokes put crushing tubes back in there instead of buying the shouldered bolts. I don't like rare spares bolts they seam to rust in the shed on cars that have never been on the road.
I might of brought them once if they were around as they weren't when the oldman made those pieces we put crushing tubes inside and used 14mm bolts.