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What do we have here???

Image icon Badge on body3.21 MB
Image icon Pic of the car in question3.67 MB

Anybody got any idea what this is??

Found an old wreck on the farm

Badged as "HOLDENS Body 188"

Anybody know at all? got me stumped.

I know the story about JA Holden and Holdens Motor Body Builders etc and Frost and GM etc

But for the life of me I cant find any info about this car...



Holden bodied Chev
Cant post pic in this thread, I've put it here >>>

Thanks mate. Awesome.
That makes sense.
Theres a few older 30's chevs in the paddock also.
Owner must have liked them

I can tell ya it is a 1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster ute(Holden assembled),I'm pretty sure they didn't assemble a coupe in this model here but happy to be corrected on that?Looks like the back half has either rusted out very badly or it's been cut off for another car??...

Cheers Al....
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