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EFI Fuel Tank Dimensions

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has an EFI fuel tank from a commodore sedan (VL - VS) that they wouldnt mind measuring for me ?

I need an EFI tank for a conversion I am doing for a friend (1UZ into Celica) and someone suggested these MAY fit with a little fiddling.




Just buy a fuel cell and external pump. No mucking around with second hand crap. Its not worth it.

I asked around on a toyota page, and a few people have used these and recommended them https://www.aeromoti...

Costs about 700 bucks for the smallest pump setup (which is good for 550HP hahaah) so I think im sold on that. nice neat installation.

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when I did my EFI in my old Holden, for a 350 TPI Chev, we did a lift pump out of the tank, into a 3Lt catch can, then a pump on the bracket to the side of it.
We did this, and my blue plate is dated 10/04/2000
fully legal in Qld

As I always say
Stay safe all

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"were going to need a bigger shed"
This will take You to" Old Holden sheds"