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Door repairs

This time last year I fell in love with a hk kingswood which we drove back from Adelaide and since then we have named her Adelaide

That journey was helped by the wonderful people at Murryville who helped us flush out her radiator on a hot Sunday ,a big thanks thanks to the publican of the Murryville hotel .

Anyway I’m three doors down and am replacing with rare spares panels , loving that the front doors are not so bad as the rears doors have been , mis welding novice here

Can anyone tell me what the glue is on the hinge an body
Have so many more question to ask
Thanks for reading ,
Cheers Tom



Always good when some one lends a hand isn't it? Nice HK looks like you know what you are doing with the rust repairs.

Cheers, Lindsay.


Fast learning curve with the help of utube , bloody hours of picking out good info online but loving the time in the wee shed .
Thanks for your encouragement cause at times I feel I’ve got myself in way over my head when I look around all the bits on shelves

Cheers Tom

HK don't rust,I hope Tim doesn't see this!...:)

Cheers Al....
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I reckon rust is all relative...I couldn't see any rust in the car but photos can be deceiving...Overall I am generalising but I think us South Australians have more tolerance and acceptance of the stuff...never having to worry about inspections or road worthy type of things..there was some pretty average cars about...growing up in Adelaide near the coast - most cars rusted out a fair bit...esp old Holden vintage even when they were not old...I remember seeing a few Chargers getting around in the early 80s whith fist size rust holes half way up the doors...just couldn't figure that one's like they rusted from the inside out...


were very bad for rusting, there was one in Brisbane, an original owner car it was painted on the sides "Hi,I'm Rusty" as Chrysler did not/would not do anything about the warranty. They soon did something when it aired on TV LOL

Cheers, Lindsay.