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Hi I am trying to get a wb statesman on the road and don't no much about it have some rust and need a extracters all muffler and any one can help or advise central coast NSW would be very helpful thanks



very similar in many ways to HQ-HZ...I've got one and have had a few over 30 years..they rust in the usual places and in particular around the bottom of the rear windows behind the back doors...just ask your Qs as you need/come up and people will offer advice/experience - good luck....I've found this following manual helpful for specific WB Statesman stuff esp trim and wiring diagrams which usually need some attention to get back in good working order...they retail around $40 but Ive seen them second hand on line for about $20 - recommend looking around and getting one..I think there is even a soft copy version on CD for 10-15bucks... ps just adding a few areas that I've had to deal with re these particular control - have fiddled with these with varying degrees of success - I've never had one working reliably and consistently though - been close though...Air cond...they have a tendency to have problems with the vacuum actuator pods that control the ventilation doors..often you will get air to demist or floor but not face....the pods can be difficult to obtain and a fair bit of work to the HZ and earlier and all models that use the GM A6 style compressor they are notoriously unreliable...and not cheap - so if you want cold working original A/C be prepared to part with a lot of cash...there are alternatives - eg a Sanden type conversion bracket but not original if you want to keep it that way...temperature gauges on the WB can often become low reading which can be fixed with resistors...headlights can be like candles because the reflectors become dull..they can be resilvered ...headlight glass is expensive if it needs to be replaced...I've found that electric window and central locking gremlins has been easily fixed by repairing broken wires - esp where they pass through the doors...worth replacing interior instrument lamps in one will probably find a few not working...the 2.6:1 diff used in these cars can develop a knock on cornering...I had one fixed many years ago - it wasn't much but the guy they fixed it for me said it was particular to the 2.6 diff centre and not as prevalent with other ratios...over the years on these Statesmans I replaced plenty of universal joints and wishbone bushes...nut I've had cars that I've done over 500,000Km....the one I have now has done 320,000Km and it drives beautiful...the engine and transmission were rebuilt by prev owner in the high it's now around 130K...I've had TH400 in HZ and TH350 and Trimatic in WBs...My experience has been engine and transmissions have been good up to low 200s and then required work...mainly city driving...