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Putting the H back in the Q.

Search me trials and tribulations getting me ride on the road, I posted 19th January 2017, and a progress report 4th October, and here another chapter continues.

While in the shed the painter called , if Ya wait for the next fine day. Shes hard enough to take home, That day arrived - I dropped the boys a box a Waikato. Obviously the $ too. We loaded her up and took her home, the list is a good way to keep ya busy, cause when that bolt pisses ya off just take a walk or do another job on the list, as it's not done until it is crossed off, but myes 5 pages at this point.

Underneath the overalls took a beating, even the paint & underseal in ya hair, at work they laughed at me black finger nails. But the over spray got covered, any of the hidden rust, found in the panal shop got the treatment too, fitted the fuel tank, put the rear chrome and tried the rear lights back to fresh wire, hey they past the test too, My oh my her rear end was looking good.

Then came the doors, tidyed up the underseal, fitted the door control, then squared them up, the cards go on last so (ohps another parcel arrived) that smell of new leather, The War Office was cruising round so moved the parcels into the other room. But where can I store the rims, & hey those 245x50x14x8 treads are here. But not putting them on til last.

The seat went in, then come out, then went back in, what a pain that is, only if I had little hands, little did I know then I've got to fit a drive-shaft safety-loop so it was coming out once more.

In went the interior, I went to the local ahpolostry & scored a end roll of black vynal, for the rear panel, run the underfelt, fitted the B&M Shifter, but always remember stick to the list, as to ensure you don't have to undo things - the list should be in order, I rang me Brother and he come round, doing these jobs on ya own, "stuff". So he got us onto slipping in the 253 & auto in, things were going great but the car would come forward that last 100 mm, bugger me I had the passenger door rubbing off on the swing-set, yea lost a touch a paint too. In she went, but when fitting the drive shaft, it's 25mm too short, wrote that on the list to check out.

She still had no nose cone / bonnet or guards on her yet, easier for working on, and no chance of an overall zip marking her mascara.

It took awhile but I'm half way down page 2, saying That, the day arrived, time to send her to the garage, wrote them a list, Is it that time - hey I'm going to bed

Image icon HQ Holden 1973 Belmont Ute1.99 MB

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