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Thought it was nearly over

I thought I didn't have far to go for my eh to be back on the road, boy was I wrong. Just got the quote for a new radiator, $2000 dollars, exhaust quote "a couple of grand mate". Looks. Like I will be waiting a little while longer than expected.

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better be gold plated for that price
we paid $400 for a triple row copper core radiator last year i assembled it as i have expierience do radiators
honestly i think the guys ripping you off at thoses prices

steer clear of them!...
Bloody nice engine bay to btw,love it!....

Cheers Al....
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no way a radiator is worth 2 grand
go elsewhere

Just added copy of quote less suppliers name and address. This is a street polish not a show polish apparently.

for a brand new hk "monaro" radiator 8 years ago...2k for a rad is pooh I rekon....

Serious engine porn right there. That looks the biz.

I want it all to work without problems. I can't risk skimping on my cooling system when the engine cost a lot.

If the radiator opening is standard, surely the end product will be an eh radiator. A good 4 row should be $500ish. Copper is better than alloy.