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vk efi air flow meter opt out advice needed

has anyone found a way to get ride of a vk efi air flow meter or convert it to map sensor cose im about to experiment with a few ideas to do just this just thought someone may have already done it

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maf sensor

i vaguely recall this being discussed on here(years ago) try doing a search, but im pretty sure the topic was about running a modified VN/VP v6 loom(coilpacks, delco setup etc.) cant really remember much else, sorry
thanks, Hayden

air flow meter work

thanks Hayden tying to avoid that mod cose to costly and complex to set up i will work on a simple fix due to a few people will want it done

Steve R be interested to

Steve R

be interested to hear how you go....

Steve R

map sensor options

project 6 keep u posted on my progress got heaps of other nods to preform on these engines yet to get all potential

map sensor

There are a few ways you can remove the air flow meter and run a M.A.P sensor with the VK style Bosch EFI.
You can adapt a Delco 808, or run an aftermarket ECU, like a Wolf, Motec, etc.
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vk efi airflow meters

been trying to find 1 at various pick a part wreckers around melbourne they seam pretty hard to find (my dad dont like spending cash) am i correct in thinking there the same as xf falcon?
what else would have compatible airflow meter?
still looking for an engine bay pic of a neat factory efi vk?

E-mail me

vk efi airflow meter

Try Harveys Wreckers in Somerville / Langwarrin Vic they WILL have a few there without any doubt !

air flow meters

i have seem the exact same air flow meter fitted to early Saab or Volvo but be careful when u buy a second hand one they are usually stuffed

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