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I hear there is new hk monaro body shells in production by a queensland business.

I spoke to the guy the other day and he will have new body's available mid next year he claims and will come with new doors, guards, bonnet and bootlid and front subframes.

These bodys will be high quality id say as they are being made by the same company in america doing the 67-69 camaros and mustangs etc etc..

Also he will be doing xw and xy falcon bodys with all panels as well

I asked about rego hassles and he says he is currently sorting out that process and hopes to strike something with the department of transport for easy registration.

Prices apparently will be $15,000 to $17,000

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Oh yeah heres a link to

Oh yeah heres a link to dynacorn in america who do the camaro/mustang bodys


Couldnt be that cheap

Couldnt be that cheap surely.

I heard this Queensland story a while ago and apparantly someone at Rare Spares has a hand in it.

Good way to kill off a legend I reckon.

what a terrible idea

i hate it, soon we will be seeing hk monaros everywhere, this will bring the prices of real ones down because who wants a rusty bent monaro to restore for 50k when you can get a perfect condition one for 17k!

The prices of entire cars will go down, but what about all the coupe specific parts, the seats etc, that are only for coups, those prices will skyrocket, there will be 1000 people will brand new shells and only 200 sets of parts to fit them, then what happens!

This will defeat the purpose of rare old cars, over the years they've been smashed, rusted, wrecked and become rare, now they can be bought by anybody!
Wouldnt there be a copyright claim holden could do? Or have they approved of it for some insane reason.

I dont even own a monaro and am jealous of these new rip offs for the sake of people who do own the real deal.

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I hope they do go ahead,

I hope they do go ahead, will be a great for those people who dont want to pay the rediculous prices some people ask for total crap and make life easier for a car builder who wants to start with a very clean body..

but you will pay

but you will pay ridiculous prices!

So you get a cheap shell, so do 900 other people, then when it comes time to buy the rest of the bits that you can only get off the 100 real ones left, the asking prices will be insane.

How about $10000 for a coupe rear seat, $5000 gts hubcaps.... etc etc...

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Ya dont think there is an

Ya dont think there is an opening for a market in reproduction parts?
And i guarentee these same people have thought the same thing.
Check out places in america like danchucks etc who make every single little item for any model chev you can think of all at a reasonable price.
A mate of mine bought everything new and i mean everything when he did a resto on a 1957 chev 2 door hardtop and bought everything online and it was hassle free.
This is just the start of things id say and its long overdue.
Bring it on!!

hk shells

stupid prices for "total crap"?? the hk monaro is total crap is it? one of australias most respected bathurst winners total crap?? haha

GAS72 so what your saying is that monaros should be affordable to everyone because anyone should be able to afford to buy one and get every part they want cheap?

gee thats a good way to look at it. maybe your pay check just doesnt cut it mate?

thats what makes a car a classic.. the fact that not every bloke and his dog owns one.
the only reason people ask $1000 for a hk gts door or $4500 for a rear quarter is because people pay it!

and why do they pay it???

hmmmm... maybe because the hk gts is now a very repected and desirable muscle car.

its simple really. if 100 people want to buy the last bacon and egg roll at the local shop i bet they will pay more than what its worth.. supply v's demand is what they call it.
thats why they AUCTION houses mate.

i hate seeing these guys whinge about the price of monaros when they are only whining because they cant afford to get what they want. they remind me of the little brats in the supermarket that scream and cry because mommy wont give them more pocket money to buy some lollies.

hey dickhead firstly im

hey dickhead firstly im talkin about the ebay specials, the rusted out and rooted shells ya see sittin in some paddock out the back of nowhere some clown thinks is suddenly worth $60,000 unrestored!!!
as for me not being able to afford one well ive had 3 hk monaros in my time and am currently in the process of building another hg monaro so how many have you owned big mouth?????



ebay is the new age swap meet.. you might not be up with the times just yet mate but thats the way it is now.

some monaros are worth $60,000 plus in unrestored state. i would happily part with $60,000 for an unrestored GENUINE hk 327 monaro. knowing full well that complete its worth over $100,000 any day of the week.

who cares how many monaros who have owned. they werent worth a pinch of [Naughty Pottyword]e 10 years ago, and ill bet anything that thats when you owned them??? true? it goes to show. you obviously liked the HK model but since sold them and now want to get back into the scene but couldnt afford the hk, so had to opt with the much cheaper HG hahahahahaha

i cant wait to see your hg "restored" complete with a warm 253 and commodore bucket seats. haha. hey a flame paint job will look alraight too!

just admit it mate. you are another dreamer that cant afford what everyone else wants.

i got another good idea... lets start building replica VE SS commodores and sell them for $15,000 each so all the dero, factory workers can look somewhat classy. they will winge otherwise...


I'd be a dreamer too if i didn't already have one coz no way in hell would i ever be able to afford the outrageous prices the Munros are pulling these days (nor would i blow that sort of money on a Munro) but i'd be terribly dissapointed and ashamed of myself if i was to end up consumed with jealousy and spite.

Commodore seats would be a better option than them crap seats they came out with too, ever sat in them for long periods ?

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i had a hk gts when it was

i had a hk gts when it was ten years old (or is that young?) i agree with dusty in the fact that later seats are more better(or is that gooder?)its the style of the entire car and the rarity of select models along with passion and greed that dictates the price of them ,the old cars are just that,,, old ,,i love them,however the newer cars do have much better primary and far better secondry safety built in ,,the old munros are great ,not comfy ..and ten years ago they were worth ten pinches of excreta!!


hypothetically dustydirtroads, if you HAD to sell your monaro tommorrow mate how much would you put on it?

$20000? more? i dont blame ya i would too.

thing that shats me is that some people seem to think if you are selling a monaro and are asking anything over the $3500 they were sold for 40 years ago your a dirty rotten, money hungary thief! you would be another tosser asking stupid prices (in THEIR eyes)

the hk monaro already has loop holes with the tags (another arguement altogether!!!!) so i think if we see new hk monaro shells we will also see a lot of new hk bathurst monaros. as the hk realistically is one of the easiest cars to rebirth as there is no ADR tag and no one (holden, police, vicroads etc) can tell you the history of these cars.

the potential to kill the hk monaros reputation for good.
there will be more fakes on the road than genuine.

ebay isnt the new age swap

ebay isnt the new age swap meet ,, "meet" is the key word here ,a social gathering of like minded people and their families will always happen ,telling tales ,swapping stories,asking questions in real time ,giving compliments and thank you,s ,ebay is a vacuum sucking all contact and trust from each other resulting in many unhappy experiences both financial and emotional in an artificial realm..

new age swap meet

i went to the geelong swap meet today, ebay will never replace a swap meet, dealing with a buyer/seller is half the fun, picking up the parts and taking them there and then, picking then up and looking at them in person, testing things befoe you buy, not paying postage

ebay has it place, but will never be THE place

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im with you buddy

im with you buddy

monaro prices

the price of real monaros wont go down the will stay the same i think or they will go up even more

only milk and juice come in 2 liters

Funny how things change over

Funny how things change over the years.
There used to be a wreckers at Casula, in Sydney, that bought surplus end of run parts from the Holden Pagewood assembly plant.
I can remember going there for a Ford Consul motor in the mid 1970s and looking at these HG Monaro and LJ Torana 2 door shells brand new on wooden jigs. The bloke said they were a nuisance taking up too much room and they were really cheap because he wanted to get rid of them.
In 1980 I went back there looking for a NOS EH wagon rear door (he had a half bus full) and asked if he sold the shells.
Yes, they had been sold, cut up bit by bit for rust repair panels. What a waste, but back then they weren't anything because no-one needed them. What would a genuine, new shell be worth today?
Before anyone goes chasing them, the wreckers is long gone and now a town house development.

Casula wrecker and repro parts

Yes that wrecker also had ll the interior parts for HK to HG, HB and LC Torana. It was a shame what happened to all the stuff in those busses. Someone came through and removed the badges of hte HT Brougham door trims, wrecking the trim completely, when they only wanted about $5 a piece, (about $20 today).

The seat covers were all starting to fall apart and the hoodlinings, floor covers were just thrown everywhere.

I know a fllow that purchased one of the complete HK Monaro shells from there and he on sold it a few years ago, would be worth a motza today.

But the repro body shell sounds nice, but unless you have a complete Monaro then you are wasting your time, as no one is reproducing:

Window regulators
1/4 glass frames
Gutter and door molds
Windscreen molds
rear seat frames
front and rear door top trims

Even the stuff some have reproduced, like"
Scuff plates
hub caps

These are all very expensive to buy as there is limited market. If they repo the above bits you will ned a sedan/wagon/ute/van to get all the other stuff.

You could also just rego it using a sedan firewall, tags can be made as we all know. As for effecting price, who cares, the hub cap repairers and collectors have been hit by Rares making these and the same will go with the body.

Best point here was the fact that if your car becomes damaged, being able to buy a body for 10 - 50k would be great.

yeah like vn and vps,, who

yeah like vn and vps,, who pays more than $800 for a goer ,let alone a bare shell

whats the law regarding

whats the law regarding copyrights etc?
and being a repro, wont they have to comply to modern safty rules and polution, etc?

hk body shells

The new shells would be treated similarly to hot rods and other individually constructed vehicles.

I reckon old mate should keep the classic shape and make the trans tunnel larger so new drivelines can be fitted.

As for the price ford sell their body shells for around 10k and they make them by the thousands or they used to...... so I cant see the repro shells being under 30-40k for such a small market.


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as i said i spoke to the guy

as i said i spoke to the guy read $15,000-$17,000 like i said.....

hk and falcon shells

i hate to rain on you parade,but this will never happen.

FMP in sydney have been trying to do the falcon for a long time now, but the cost of purely setting up, far outways the demand, and profit to be nade here. even if the shells were sold at $50k, you would still have to sell many many just to recoperate costs alone.

we must remember, we have 20million, the US has 280million, and we have minimal people that are keen on cars, but in the US, even grandma loves them

the yanks are car nuts!!

the yanks are car nuts!! down load "the pontiac" by tom waits


Me too!

(Postcode 3207 - Home of the mighty Holden)

Marking it also

Me three!

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least my Hg

Will be OK, even make it rare, with all these hks on the road, far out, by the sounds of the above, every second car will be a hk yellow bathurst gts monaro, then all of a sudden a Hg gts 168s appears......
so now the Hg will be rarer than the hk lol
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I Have Marked the Thread Also

Cocked my leg on the thought.

Time to stock up on "GENUINE" GTS parts????????

Every second idiot will be selling a genuine GTS....Lord Forbid?????????

TJS. Postcode (4075) If you don't know where you are going then every road will get you there!

I reckon it's a great idea,

I reckon it's a great idea, I don't want these oldholdens to be rare, I don't want to pay way too much money for replacement parts, at the end of the day I enjoy driving my HR and looking at all of the old holdens as well. By new reproductions parts coming to the table we could drive around in these things forever and that's what I want to do. I honestly don't care about how much my car is worth, I just want to keep it on the road and use it daily in a presentable condition. As with parts becoming rare it becomes a problem when I'd have to repair the car and get her back on the road. That's what I'm really scared about. I might have to eventually lock her away and drive around in a boring modern car.

However the main problem for this to ever get off the ground is that I fail to see demand for it in Australia where a lot of Australians are quite happy to get around in imported cars.

im with you benneth

im with you benneth,, in regard to it getting off the ground.


The person you are referring to is Phillip Moschella, AKA Phill's Rotaries. He is off Paisley Drive, Lawnton.

He has a Camaro and Chevelle body in stock. I rang him a couple of weeks ago about these. He informed me that "We have an XY sedan and ute, HK Monaro and XU1 Torana bodies on the go at the moment. Then we'll do EH bodies."

We tried to buy the Camaro and Chevelle bodies. He wasn't interested in selling them. The Falcon body was at the time, still on Australian soil, and he didn't even have a HK body to copy. He tried to buy one of ours.

If this was to happen, (new Holden/Ford bodies) I would think the best part of ten years before you see a good one.

I personally believe he is just testing the water. Generating an interest?

If he can pull this off, good luck to him. This industry certainly needs a shake-up.


He has an open day on 16/17 of May, 8am - 5pm, at 4 Leanne Cres, Lawnton. 07 3205 4433


riviera boats folded today

riviera boats folded today ,dont leave a deposit..

repro bodies

just wondering, has it occured to anyone? people make shelby cobra replica's, hummer h1,h2, replica's. people make many other replicas. but they're just that a replica, so wouldnt this be the same if it was to go ahead?

wouldnt they be clearly marked as repro's, have small changes in the bodys structural support. and im sure that if anything it would help the classic monaro and falcon. being that you could pay a huge amount for a genuine hk gts bathurst, big tank, 10 bolt, hump in the trans tunnel, all matching numbers, restored with the utmost care, or you could pay a 1/3rd of that price for the same body that sumone could use as a burnout car or show car, a drag car or race car without destroying an original classic.

also what happens when you take your classic out and someone hits you? what happens when every ones use'd all the coupe doors? quater panels? you cant buy sumthing when theres none for sale. your's is beyond repair.

My two cents

Anyone can restore a classic. It takes a real man to cut one up. No really I was just marking the thread.
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the good and the bad

this is a good thing and a bad thing.

I think the few good things if this went ahead was that the replacement panels would be great, and if some one smashed their orriginal they could cut a repo shell and replace the damaged section. at least if people drive more repos and they get smashed it's no where near as much as a big deal as a real one

but there seems to me more bad then good about this, what about people trying to make the repo look so real in the shell itself and try to sell it as a orriginal monaro with orriginal monaro tags. i think it will also be bad for the kingswood HK's still around. what are we going to put the shells on? and yes orriginal parts, id hate for people to put orriginal parts in a repo.

Might mean i could own a fake one day, cause there's no bloody chance of owning a real one let alone driving it if i did :)

1006 "universal automtive

1006 "universal automtive steel" with "fewer" additives making it more workable sounds a bit soft to me ,is that a better modern steel than earlier cars??can any panel beaters or welders answer?the way things are world wide luxury stuff is always the first to suffer.Q. why cant GMH have a sub company to replicate old gear ? A. it wouldnt make money even with original dies etc that have already been paid for..

Marking Thread

just marking

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No comment here

Just dunno :-O

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New HK's

You would think that price quoted would be $15000-17000usd. Either way it would be great to be able to afford another monaro, its not something i would try turning in to a original article though! more like something i would mini tub and put a procharged LS2 into. Im gettin excited now

New HK's

Me too, dv.
I would love to go radical custom on a Munro.
Hatchback for a start.
And I designed a two-door wagon in High School that I could never afford doors for.


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modifying a Munro

You CAN do all that and more with the original ya know...unless your too distracted with what everyone else thinks.
I'd be doing tubs on mine except i cannot afford it :-(

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Seems as though its not just

Seems as though its not just rumour! This was taken from another site

Just got this in my email.......

Your old car, your passion - can be new again!

New Old Car Company invites you to find out how.

No matter what model of vehicle, no matter the age of your vehicle - your pride and joy no longer has to suffer because of its age or rarity. COMPLETE BODIES, PANELS, LENSES AND FULL RUBBERS/SEALS need no longer be second hand or unobtainable!

New Old Car Company, a division of the highly successful Phils Rotarys, cordially and enthusiastically invites you, your members/guests to a FREE manufacturing presentation.

New Old Car Company wants you to tell us what you want and need. Your ideas and feedback are vital for us to be able to supply you the necessary requirements.

As you can see in the attached pictures, the technology is available to Re-Manufacture OLD Cars! We will have on display BRAND NEW bodies of the 1969 Chevrolet Comaro and a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Also joining the display will be the manufacturers of this technology - flying into Australia especially for this presentation.

No matter what you want to know, if there is a question to be asked the experts will be available in person to answer them.

Our plan is to immediately begin production of parts, panels, lenses and full rubber/seal kits for the following vehicles;

Ford: XW XY GT and XY Ute. Holden: HK Monaro; GTR Toranas and the classic EH Holden.

New Old Car Company is passionate about supplying other makes and models but we need your ideas and input a meeting of the minds of enthusiasts and passionate car owners.

Make a day or week end of it as a club - by yourself or with your friends. Everyone is welcome. Bring your vehicles with you so the manufacturers can see for themselves what that passion, pride and enthusiasm Australian car owners possess.

When: Saturday 16 May 2009 and Sunday 17 May 2009. 8am to 5pm Come one day or two.

Where: 4 Leanne Cres, Lawnton QLD 4501 (Plenty of free onsite parking is available)

As food and beverages will be supplied, an RSVP is vital.
RSVP date is Friday, 1 May 2009.
RSVP on 07 3205 4433, or by post;
New Old Car Company 4 Leanne Cres, Lawnton QLD 4501

We hope to see you there

anyone here happen to go?

just wondering, guy sounds pretty ambitious,any body shell has that many pressings both inside and out that it just seems impossible to go fully through with a project of this size.
So, if i sound skeptical then consider what it take to stamp out 1 panel, then the other side (frame) then attach the two parts etc etc. for the whole car.
I would love to be proven wrong here but IMHO we will be lucky enough if he even ever does rear quarters for the existing cars, if anything.
I WILL cough straight up my 17 big ones for one if I'm wrong but...


NEW HK Monaro shells

"Link to another site"

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Phills Rotaries... hk shells ....

Anyone bothered to check the rotary forum out and see how good his stuff is?

"Ive used his nos panels and parts, they are all low grade thailand made rubish.
had plenty of people i know buy it,and then send it back.....
these days,only beginers and fools buy it...."

Taken from here - http://www.ausrotary...

This is unbeleiveable !

Idiots fighting over old sh&tty Holdens.

The ONLY attraction of an old Monaro is the shape,...they look cool...and sound good with a big V8. As a car though they are rubbish.

They drive sh*t
They brake sh*t
They handle like sh*t
They are unsafe with their old model seats and seatbelts and interiors.

etc etc etc etc

As for ones that fetch insane money...I have my own thoughts on this.

A small population of clever people saw masses of smelly bogans now getting good wages, second mortgages and baby/family lots of disposable income.

The clever people thought "How do we separate the bogan from the cash quickly ?....drugs?..alcohol? and circuses?" And a few of them hit upon old cars! Brilliant....!!!! As the bogan has very little idea of intrinsic worth it was like taking candy from babies. As long as the bogan has access to cash they could extract it from them almost at will.

The thing is, once the good times are over and the bogan goes back to 9-5 servitude for peanuts all the toys come flooding back to the market to be bought for cents in the dollar.

It's a win/win.

Have you noticed how the american cars are now flooding in?....that's because the US Bogan equivalent has already been taken to the cleaners.....they are selling their Camaros for peanuts as they are unemployed now, facing foreclosure and the toys have to go.

So yes, if someone finally gets around to making cheapish Monaros then someone else will step up to the plate and provide interiors and trims and things. This will then prick the crazy "Monaro" bubble.....but that's ok, as the smart people have already sold the over priced pieces of cr&p to the Bogan airconditioning service owner and they are long gone.

It's genius.....except if you're the Bogan.

A HK-T-G Monaro in really good nick with a nice 350 etc should be , hmm..I dunno....replacement...paint..panel....20-25 grand tops on average.

Now...flame away !!!

Flame time

so by your reckoning the clever people made Monaros more appealing to us bogans?
Me thinks our cars became more appealing to the clever folk when they realised what we have, was becoming rarer, aging beautifully, grunty as you need, & THUS WORTH MORE $$$.
speculators taking a bath is the happening thing, whilst we just go on doin our thing, to cars that generally owe us less than 30K. dunno how many true bogans forked out 100K plus for an Aussie Muscle car...
maybe u Stan, are holding back ur inner BOGAN!

She was just a whiskey maker, but I loved her still.


new hk monaro shells

I have got a hk munro.these new shells are worrying .Some #@!^& low !!*#% stole my tags, we know who they are .the tags were pre sold.we know who to . reported to police but police say they cant do anything. I still have body numbers I think a rebirth will happen if new shells are made. apparenty I can still register my car,but some one will lose out big time if my numbers are used twice.

I swapped a HQ sandman in

I swapped a HQ sandman in primer no gearbox ,307 Chev needed rebuild ,no wheels and rusty tailgate ,Trans-am front Van in pieces for a pearl white bathurst 350 Monaro completely completely original except for a pro stock scoop and engine mods,Centreline wheels ,rear guard lip flattened and of all things an Aussie 3 speed syncro gearbox.I sourced out a reco muncie 4 speed , tidied up the guards and already had a monaro bonnet and give it a new paint job.The monaro did 11 sec 1/4 mile times oh the diff was a 9 inch and also had original full door skins and 2 new back guards full,new gauges and other dash bits,monaro wheels,the original diff .this monaro was complete and in every way except for what i have done and what was already done by the other owner.By the way it had hardly any bog and was very straight ,it was a dream come true ,that was 28 yrs ago i sold it for $5000 ,because we the missus and i brought a house well the usual story the monaro had to go .Big mistake.I have since found that monaro stripped of parts and laying in a paddock down the south end of Tasmania and apparently the fella that has it still has all the parts stored,have arranged a visit to see the fella to buy all the parts for bugger all ,the body is beyond repair ,so in saying all this i will be buying the pars which is everything to complete a bathurst monaro ,the body is mine he gave that to me which had the tags on it but these will be kept locked away as I'm going to buy one of these new monaro shells and do the obvious ,but I'm not putting the tags on it and hopefully one day they will go on an original. the new body is a kit car in my eyes and will be called as such .I am getting long in the tooth and have back problems ,I am going to build one fantastic car and drive it because i can because yep i admit it i mistakenly should not have sold it but i will buy a new shell because where can i get a real monaro or afford a restored one,I'm in it for the glory the pleasure and thrill of be able to own and drive something that is very close to what i owned .

"Its not the prize we car freaks treasure its the the thrill of saying I did that and its mine"

These cars the originals will eventually disappear and the rich the oh so greedy rich will own them but now we can have a chance of owning some thing very close but will give pleasure in saying i own and its mine.
If i was rich id buy all and every one of them and every spare part available but I'm not rich so i get a replica and drive it for the simple pleasure because3 i can so shoot me if I'm wrong.

in regards to reproduced bodies....

I can tell you straight in regards to repro monaro body's... Im a tool maker who has worked in the specialised game of press metal tooling and high speed production lines for the last 24 years, I have spent 15 of them years at holdens in adelaide and spent the remainder of that time at a major tooling contarctor in adelaide building press tools for ford and Electrolux and the last project I worked on was builing a production line for the Mitsubishi 380... I am qualified to talk about the engineering side of this debate.
First off, like yourselves I am a monaro nut and am looking at this with interest. I have read all of these previous posts and all I can say is 'DONT PANIC EVERYONE'...
First fact... We built a series of 3 double action press tools which pumped out the trans hump for the new FORD TERRITORY... This was at a cost of 2.9 million dollars.
Now with out doing the sums... no single business would be able to go into production of theses car bodies without a brand name which every australian wound know and financial baking to boot. $100 million in tooling wouldnt even be the start of it.
Third thing... modern legislation in car safety would FORBID new cars with a production date of 2011 being made to the standards of 1969... basically these shells may look like a monaro but they will never be a monaro. As for people being worried about their munros losing value, dont worry, a look under the car at the chassis and floor pan to anyone with a keen eye for 'monaros' will spot a fake immediately.
Fourth thing I agree with the fact some one mentioned how the USA has 280 million people may be a bearing on why this "repro body" business is doing ok. Also chevs and mustangs are everywhere in the world so the demand for this is obvious... how many monaros would be getting restored in the us??? Sweet F all... maybe a few hk chev ss exports may be in South Africa but that would be it...
My take on this is as follows...

I doubt a repro body will ever be seen due to the simple cost vs demand
If it were to exist it will NEVER be anything like an original on the under body so spotting a fake will be easy.
Also these bodys would have modern day identification on them. The rego department knows what happened with the rebirthing of cars fron the 60's 70's and 80's, they would not let a company legally import bodys to illegally rebirth a shiot load of aussie cars

I personbally think these guys are barking up the wrong tree, save milloins of dollars and get a pattern maker to make moulds for fibre glass bodys and put them on new chassis. They would achieve the same thing...a monaro lookalike.

Buyer beware in regards to this subject... I know what type of warranty you will get... A 1-2 warrany.... Once you buy it... TOO late!!!


Even with the best technology available to man, and labor/ safety laws that would never possibly be enforced, (see Utube Why America Cant compete w/China,)
But still the body shells will Never Happen. As said, bodies will be instantly recognised by cutting scars from the lasers etc, so even if blah blah blah,rah rah rah,
I doubt any one will be fooled.
Yes,METALLICA was €ffen AWESUM, last nite. YEEEEEHAAAAA!!!!!!

She was just a whiskey maker, but I loved her still.


HF tool making guy...

Firstly - you would be a very interesting guy to know if you have been involved with auto body production and tooling! Any you tube links you can reccomend? Im somewhat addicted to watching any footage on auto body production or tool making for the presses. As a bodyman Im always keen to learn how these things are made and process etc.

From my understanding these car body shells will be offered as a replacement part just like they are elsewhere. So in short you need an original car as the starting point. Holden made replacement body shells so thats the argument on how these new ones will supposedly get past the rego problems.

The upside is the spin off on replacement panels that can be used for repairing an original. Ive noticed many things like boot floors, turrets etc being offered for sale so in the least there is some answer for what to do with an rusted out original that requires these parts.
Even if they are a poor fit- its better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. I had to carefully unpick dozens of dead HKTG Holdens to gain a few parts to fix a handful of project cars. If we all did this then the supply of genuine sourced components would dwindle really quick, so a repro part is the answer IMHO.

Cheers streetneat-Andrew.

Cheap, Fast, Good - pick two.
If its cheap and its fast - it wont be good.
If its good and its cheap - it wont be fast.
If its fast and its good - it wont be cheap.


kaelas hk monaro

ive got 2 hk monaros people bring them out ,drive them dont hide them in sheds.i drive my red hk monaro every day and use it for weddings and race it at calderpark

Monaro Value

Dream on all, i have been watching numerous good monaros try to reach 40 - 50 k sale price for up to 12 months now with no luck, the gfc stuffed the old car boom, 2 years on and the focus is on commodores etc as that generation moves out of baby costs.

i have one cos i like the shape and look. its a crap dangerous car to drive, dont corner, or stop and goes too hard for its capabilities.

i wont sell mine unless i have change for a c2 corvette and i know that aint gunna happen now. (still saving!)

so all that want a two door holden, just make the low offer nd eventually someone will have to sell.

there must be 80 to 100 pre 71 mustangs for sale in aus? why people still pay 30+ for an "XP" falcon i cant figure. Ford made tousands of em (irish accent there)

and there is plenty in the country "with all import papers" i wonder about that statement... at least the hk was a low volume model.

Ahhh the HK...

"i have one cos i like the shape and look. its a crap dangerous car to drive, dont corner, or stop and goes too hard for its capabilities."

Spot on statement dat one dare... to be sure.

But they turn lot's of heads, make all the right noises and if you drive them within their limits you can still have plenty of fun.

Grammar: The difference between "knowing your shyte" and "knowing you're shyte".

hk .

I hope we can doth

at get the hk monaro at that price i have two hks n i love m id like a set n they r so reliable to drive . Iv had mine for twenty four yrs n just love m wat a nice machine . Sandra hanson from brisbane

great thing about forums is

great thing about forums is you read about how [Naughty Pottyword]ed the human race really is !

If there going to make fords

If there going to make fords and holdens they should be making valiant chargers and rangers to

and datsun 120y

and datsun 120y

WHAT? no gravy?

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