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makes sense? can a faulty idle stop solenoid on a HZ cause starting difficulty?

a little while back I posted how I was having problems starting my engine when it was warm. It would need to have a touch of throttle to start it, and would flood easily if someone without the correct technique tried starting it. or it would just idle very rough then stall if I didnt blip the throttle to bring it up to idle.

hopefully ive fixed it rather than just been lucky (with my engine starting perfectly)

well tried a few things.. screwed the idle stop solenoid screw in so it ran at really low idle and screwed the idle stop SCREW out to compensate... no luck. all this would do is make it rev like crazy at full choke (dont want that with a cold motor) also tried screwin the solenoid out for faster idle, to replicate the blip of the throttle... no luck. finally uncliped the solenoid completely and tried that. quick flick of the key, bang starts perfectly at the right idle speed. just to be sure i blipped the throttle to see if it would raise the idle but they dropped back to the same speed it was at after i cranked it. just be be 100% certain it was the solenoid that was the problem ill try starting it again in an hour after the motor cools a bit (when there was previously no chance of starting without the blip). if so Im not sure whether i should replace the idle stop solenoid or just keep it unclipped. my only issue with keeping it unclipped is that the clip for the wire thats hardwired to the solenoid is melted (maybe thats whats wrong with it) so I had to undo it from the brown clip up agains the firewall (along with disconnecting 5 other things probably).

dya reckons the solenoid could be a culprit (i dont know how the things work so not sure how a faulty one could affect it) or was i probably lucky. (ive only tried starting it up once, will try again in an hour to see if it will start without throttle). or could it be something else (please say no lol).

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carby issues

it does sound like your idol stop solenoid, my mate had a problem wih his 34 adm weber carby, the guy at the carby shop said it was his idol stop solenoid he said the best way to fix it is to screw it out, put a ball bearing in it and put it back in
i'm not sure what sort of carby your talking about, but if you can do a simalar thing it could fix it?, it's at least worth a try
cheers dave

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arghhh tried again, yeah

arghhh tried again, yeah same thing starts well but driving it with the solenoid disconnetcted... no way. it wont idle if i come to a stop, the engine slows and then stalls or runs reaaly slow. im either gonna replace it or sell my car and get something like a HJ so I dont have to worry about this emissions control and idle stop solenoid bull[Naughty Pottyword]

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oh one thing ive noticed..

oh one thing ive noticed.. the battery light always stays on when i start it and have to give it a bit of throttle to make it dissapear.. but I think thats something im gonna have to get the mechanic to have a look at

My Shed, 1978 Kingswood SL

Slow Idle Adjustment

It sounds as if you haven't set the Throttle Stop correctly.

Set the Slow Idle:
With the wire disconnected from the Throttle Stop Solenoid,
adjust the idle to 550 RPM by rotating the Choke fast idle adjustment.

Set the Normal Idle:
Once 550 RPM has been attained, reconnect the Solenoid Wire and adjust the idle speed by using a spanner to rotate the spindle in the centre of the Throttle Stop Solenoid. This is 650 RPM in Drive for an auto and 650 in neutral for a manual.


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