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Preslite 2speed wiper motor Wiring diagram.

I recently purchased a 2 speed wiper motor unit made by Preslite from a swap meet. Unfortunately the guy didnt have the wiring diagram. Its a perfect swap out for my Ek holden ( is greatly needed by the Evil Engineer for the V8).Basically the terminals consist of a plastic unit with 4 blade terminals lablled as follows:-
1. Red wire which enters the Dc motor
2. Yellow wire which enters the arm movement mechanism
3. Black wire paralleled to both the Dc motor and the arm movement
4. Green wire which enters the DC motor
Note terminal on housing which im presuming as earth.

If anyone could shed some light on which are switch terminals (presuming red and green)and the function of the yellow(possible earth for the arm movement mechanism?? )etc it would greatly appreciated.Ive already tried unbolting it apart only to have 3 brushes burst out and badly chip the rear end of one brush when re-assembling.



They were extensively used in Mitsubishi's
Have a look at a sigma, they also used them with a delay relay, (found at the front of the engine bay near the washer bottle.

Currently I am wiring one into a Mitsabishi L200 ute with the delay relay. Let us know if you need to know anymore about them. I could send you a scan out of a service manual.


I was trying to find out where to get a wiper dely/timer to fit to my eh to hide under the dash, I picked one up at a recent swapmeet but it doesn,t have a wiring diagram can anyone tell me if there is a site with old electrical accessories or someone that knows what I am on about, the unit I have has no markings on it and is in a small black plastic case with a variable delay pot and big black mounting knobs for underadsh mounting on a "u" shaped bkt any help would be greatly appreciated, love the site keep up the good work!
Regards Peter

I am building up HB Torry Drag car and need mags for front (4 stud)2 will do. Also am running Commodore arse end so will be looking for 14's or 15's X 7" or 8" Commodore pattern the same 2 will do.

red is slow speed

green is fast.

yellow is part of the park cct

Depending on what type of switch you have you might need to get creative with the wiring, I wired a preslite wiper motor up today in an 89 acco truck. I used a Cole wiper switch sourced from the current OEX catalogue. Because the motor has a constant battery supply (the black wire in the motor harness), the speeds are contolled by sinking (or supplying ground) to the red and green wires. Red for slow speed and green for fast. The motor should be grounded via the terminal on the housing. The yellow wire is used to park the motor in the correct rest position when the wipers are switched off. The switch I used had a park terminal which made life easy, but if you are using a switch without this function you'll have to get tricky. Switch (part no. I used also comes with a 'wash' function which could be used to earth a washer motor or a washer motor relay if you choose to use one.

Sorry part number is ACX3650 and it's about $50

hi guys i have a lj torana that i am doing up and i need a wiper blade motor, the original on it is called a preslite which is cactus,does anyone know where to source this motor,or another alternative that will fit,hope someone can help cheers ,warren

Hi Warren,

any wiper motor from any 70's Torry or Holden should fit your Torry. They used both Preslite and Bosch wiper motors over that decade.

The only hassle you may have is getting one with a working washer pump section...


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"Search more, Post less"

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Jamie can you please send up a link to the service manual scan


hi guys just jumpin in here i was trying to fit a ver wiper motor to my ek .. cant get it ti park for the life of me ..
does anyone know what wire is what for parking there is 5 wires ?

Yellow is +ve from fuse for PARK
Brown is +ve from BCM for INTERMITTENT
Red is +ve for SLOW
Green is +ve for FAST
Black is EARTH

I used this motor in my EH. See the link below

[http://gallery.oldho...|My EH Holden Shed]

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[http://gallery.oldho...|My EH Holden Shed]

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Hi i have a hx kingswood i had to change it. i have to re wire everything not a problem. But iss there two positive wires to the stator or one?

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