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VR commodore wont start??

Ok I jumped into my VR commodore the other day and went to the supermarket locked it and done my shopping, I came back to my car an hour later and unlocked it and it wouldnt start, well started at first and then stalled, I couldnt hear the fuel pump whirring so I thought it was stuffed, so I called a tow truck and took it home, I tried starting it the next day( it hadnt been locked) and it still wouldnt start, so yesterday I was outside again and thought Id give it another go and it started, today I drove it to the supermarket and left it running while I done what I had to do and was fine, then I drove home turned it off and tried starting it and it worked then i tried locking and unlocking and it wouldnt start, anyone know whats wrong?? PS when it wouldnt start it would still turn over but couldnt hear the fuel pump whirring.



i'm not sure of the proper way of testing a fuel pump (if there is one), but this is how i do it,
first make sure the ignition is off, take the fuel line off where it goes into the fuel rail and put the fuel line into a old bottle or tin, then get a helper to turn the ignition to the on postion, if the fuel pump is working then fuel will come out

i'm don't know to much about commodores but the fact that it goes sometimes and not others doesn't sound like a fuel pump to me

a common problem for not starting in these models is the crank angle sensor

cheers dave

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i pulled out the engine n box replaced the seals and 2500 dollars later its wont start n if it does it stalls the fuelpump works fine n some times it blows the air box up

Not Sure if you have a V6 or V8?

If it's blowing up the air box it sounds like either the plug leads are not in the right sequence ( 6 And/Or V8 ) or the Timing is way out ( V8 probably the distributor 180 degrees out of index )

The more info you can give us will help with a solution !

Isn't this another one of those Ignition Key Battery going flat deals?

I've seen it in other cars. The Engine will crank but not fire.


Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

It sounds like you are having a problem with the imobiliser part of the sercurity system.
IIRC there is a key switch on the door jam when you open the passenger side door.
It may need to be reset.
Note: I don't know very much about VRs. So I may be quite wrong.
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would the crank angle sensor stop the fuel pump working tho?

I wouldn't think so.
When the ignition is turned on the fuel pump should run for a few seconds regardless of the crank sensor.
If there is no action at the fuel pump for a few seconds when the ignition is first turned on, it will be the imobiliser.
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Postcode 3123.

Campbells Shed
Postcode 3147.

i just had a look at my car a minute ago and the red imobilisor light was flshing with the car unlocked, it stopped when i turned the ignition on, still wont start

VR doesnt have a reset key switch:(

We are having the same problem with our VT the battery in the key is nearly stuffed, so we unlock the door with the key (novel way to do it) and occasionally it still wont start so we push the boot release button on the key and this turns the immobiliser off and the car starts.

HTH Leroy

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I think from memory the keypad can be seperated.(I think VS ones can't be seperated as easy).
They have a metal plate, which holds the battery and makes contact with the circuit board.
They get a dry solder join there.
Resolder and see what happens.

I'm pretty sure you will have to get another key head? When locking your car, lock it with the key and not the buttons. This then will not activate the immobilizer, so you should then be able to start it.I have heard if you leave the ignition on for 30 to 40 minutes or longer, it deactivates the immobilizer and the car will start.

tried leaving ignition on for 30 mins - no go, looked at solder in the key and still looks good

It could be the immobiliser as stated above, but Id say your Fuel pump is stuffed, its typical symptoms for an electric fuel pump. They will work on occasion, then wont work, unpredictable really, when its not working, you can thump on the bottom of the tank either with your fist or a rubber mellet, and see if you can shock it enough to start working again.

Cheers Tom

Cheers Tom

Is it a 5L or a six?, cos I had the same problem with my VS 5L calais.
If you have a 5L it is probably your dizzy. The injector pulse comes from the dizzy in injected V8s as opposed to the crank angle sensor in 6s. Exactly the same problem though, sometimes it would start, sometimes it wouldn't. It took me months to find it. It threw me cos it had spark and fuel pressure, but I wasn't educated about injector pulse.
Keep in mind aswell that once your fuel system pressurises, your pump will automaticly cut out. this could explain why you can't hear your pump. It should go for a second or 2 when you first turn your ignition on.
If your car is in fact a 5L, have lots of fun changing your dizzy, you WILL swear, you WILL cry and you WILL lose skin.

Hi lads I got a vs 5.0 lite manual and had same problems gave it to sparky as I was flatout as im a diesel fitter and didnt have time due to work alas all they did was replace parts spark booster battery terminals I said check pump they didn't I said what about immobiliser they didn't check I paid them for some work but after 3 tows and several returns I said piss off it
sat it at my house till I had time to check I replaced fuel pump as it wasn't priming and it started straight away but stopped I found the immobiliser was acting up with intermittent issues I did make sure it was disabled and replaced battery in key and it works perfectly fine and ute hasn't stopped since

lol not a 5L luckily, I checked the fuel line near the injector rail and it had no pressure. What does the immobilisor immobilise?

i'll try giving the fuel tank a thump but Im still thinking its the immobilisor seeing as it done it after I locked/unlocked the car.

The Immobilizer usually cuts the injectors out, the fuel pump should still work. Still wouldn't go past the crank angle sensor either?

Can any one tell me how to change crank angle sensor?

My '94 VR V6 would not start two days ago after its second supermarket stop on the way home from a fairly long drive. The ignition started then it cut out. Several attempts and NRMA patrolman did not work. Problem, as divined by my regular mechanic after about a day of testing turned out to be the crank angle sensor.

I hope this can be of help to some of you.

If you can lock and unlock your car with the keyless remote, I doubt there'd be anything wrong with the immobiliser.
Make sure that you have spark and listen to make sure that the injectors are clicking when you wind it over. if you have both of those and no fuel pressure, I'd say your pump is pregnant.
If your injectors are not clicking, crank angle sensor.
After saying all of that, I'm not a mechanic and I'm only guessing, but most mechanics just replace stuff till they jag it anyhow. They've just got a better idea of where to start looking. No offence to the mechanics out there (but you know it's true ;))

ok so I gave the fuel tank a few hits with a mallet, turned ignition on then heard fuel pump (sounded different) it started then ran a little then stalled, another tap and started and didnt stall drove down to the shop and back and is running a little wierd and smells very rich (fumes burn my nose) so its the fuel pump?

..... but no idea what the fumes would be, could be unrelated?

If you replace the pump, either shop around or get one off ebay, from memory they are only 70 bux for a Delphi one (which Im pretty sure is the OEM for holden anyway) yet Holden wanted over 400 bux.

Cheers Tom

Cheers Tom

I have had a vn,vp,vr,vx without any of these problems, but my vy does exactly the same, and I find if i relock the car, even with the key in or out of the ignition,and then try again it works 98% of the time. they tell me it is something to do with the knob on the key is not connecting properly with its mating part in the ignition switch.The car will start but the security system does not recognise the key and shuts it down.Mine has been on the computer diagnostic and it tells me this is the problem.

Holden nob

I got a VS ute and the same thing is happening. It runs fine in the morning, but after work it it dies in the arse after about 10mins. I starts again if I leave it for a bit.

A friend is a holden mech, he reckons it's the crank angle sensor. If it stops, pour a bottle of water over the engine too cool it down a bit.

REPCO are chaging $96, and SCA $81 for new ones.

I got a VS ute and the same thing is happening. It runs fine in the morning, but after work it it dies in the arse after about 10mins. I starts again if I leave it for a bit.

A friend is a holden mech, he reckons it's the crank angle sensor. If it stops, pour a bottle of water over the engine too cool it down a bit.

REPCO are chaging $96, and SCA $81 for new ones.

Cold Water is the standard workaround and validation of the failed part.


Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

hi my vr will not start with out me pressing the hazard switch does anyone know what the problem could be?????

Was driving to the shop then no sooner than 200 mtres down the rd the car lost power.
Hubby checked the spark and the fuel all seems fine? We have tried leaving it over night but it just turns over it wont actually start.
Any ideas please please help!!!!!

ive got a vr 5L a few days ago it cut out on me at an intersection, after getting it home and had a look i figured it was a fuel pump as i couldnt hear it prime. after changing the pump it still wouldnt start. turns out im blowing the engine fuse as i start it so i figure shorting out somewhere? i disconected the alternator and had to jump start it. it got up and going but died about 5minutes later as the engine fuse had blown again...... what else should i look for cause its got me stuffed

could it be something to do with the wiring when you put the new pump on?? maybe put up a new post so more ppl can see your question rather than hijack a thread

thanks, Hayden
Blown n injected UC

I had a similar prob with my efi motor, on main power lead from the battery to the starter the conduit had become brittle from the heat and had rubbed through at the front of the passenger side head where it goes into the metal tube (next to the exhaust). HTH


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we bought the car yesterday and were told it had a starting problem. car started and was driven on to trailer got home car started and drove off tried to start car will wind over but wont start. has key entry no remote please help. cathy

what you all really need is a red 308, & a 3 speed column change box. Failing that, a 186 would solve the issue. If you are really game, maybe even a grey 138 would improve the situation....

Real Cars are from FX - WB

I have a 94 model VR Commodore. Lost the only set of keys i had, went to Holden, got the code took the code to a locksmith, i paid $150 to get the key cut. i get home and charge the battery (it has been sitting in the driveway for 4 weeks) put the key in and it turns on all the lights and everything but does not start or kick over or anything. i dont know what the problem would be???

i have a vr commodore that wont start. the battery is new termanals are new. you turn the key and get lights on the dash fuel pump comes on. but you turn it to start lights go off motor won't turn or crank i know it sound like a battery but its not. what is please help thanks tim...

your stater moter is dead put a new one in & it will be right

i didnt read all the posts there where too many and im a lazy fart but for the original post its most likely the pump as when he banged the tank it worked than didn't work.VEry common seen it heaps of times.
1] fuel pump won't run all the time so turn the reds on and get a mate to put an ear to the tank to hear the pump. the pumps work on pressure and will switch off once it hits is desired pressure. if it don't work then it could be fuse, relay or stufffed pump.most common causes.but like old mate leave the reds on and bang the tank if it works after a love tap then its stuffed replace it.
2] if you think its the crank angle sensor which it does sound like cause they will play up and then work then play up [ like fuel pumps], get the hose, yes the hose and carefully not to put water anywhere else with low pressure put it in a position where the stream hits the crank angle sensor[ just right about half inch, and behind the harmonic balancer then try to start it. if it start with the cold water on it and not after you let it sit and dry off and get hot, then its the crank sensor. [try starting before you use the water you won't narrow down the problem if its not occuring.
it is possible it could be a combination of both these things but i would start with the pump.

sometimes when the car is cold it starts exellent and changes perfect . 5 mins down road it will hold gear and give a little hickup at lower revs new plugs ,leads ,oils cleaned throtle body done still the same please help ben ....

Hey guys, i have a 94, VR V6 commodore and i'm having problems with starting it and hopeing that theres someone who can help me. After connecting the scan tool to my car the only code it comes up with "HOT WIRE CONDITION - immobiliser" and it wont allow me to erase it, how can i fix this?

Like a lot of other post that i've read my car will only start after 1hr (when the key is turned to on pos. - after it has by passed the immobiliser). Has anyone had any issues with there immobiliser, and can anyone please tell me where the B.C.M is?

Thanks people, Sharwood

Is the B.C.M and immobiliser apart of the on board computer system or are they two totally different compenants all together?

Thanks guys, Sharwood

I was driving my VR and it just stopped. When I tried to turn it over the only noise was the engine engaging but would not crank over. Prior to it stopping when i would turn the key the engine would engage but then a pause before turning over and starting.

could it be the timing chain slipped or come off

Please help any input would be handy, just want some back ground before i go to a shop, don't want to be ripped off


"I was driving my VR and it just stopped."

Primary cause (assuming there is adequate Fuel in the Tank) is the Crank Angle Sensor CAS). This is located on the front of the Engine. People pour water over them to cool them down if the Engine just stops. If the Engine then starts easily you have found the Fault. Replace the Crank Angle Sensor.

"When I tried to turn it over the only noise was the engine engaging but would not crank over."

You mean you hear the Starter Engage but the Engine does not rotate.

You may also have a failed Battery and/or Charging system. Cars with Digital ECU's (like yours) will not start unless the Battery is sufficiently large and in good condition. The Battery must provide a minimum Voltage to keep the ECU working properly under Cranking.

There are 2 issues here:

1. Is the Alternator charging.
2. Is the Battery holding Charge.

I recommend fitting a Voltmeter to your Car or learning to read the one you have. It should read 14 volts anytime the Engine is running.

Also, the Ignition Key Battery will cause starting problems if it needs replacing.

"Prior to it stopping when i would turn the key the engine would engage but then a pause before turning over and starting."

Is this a V8 or V6? It sounds like excessive advance.

could it be the timing chain slipped or come off

The Engine wouldn't run at all. It can't put itself back on if it falls off.

Ignition Coil Packs fail on these too. Try the easy things first (water and CS trick).


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

94 vr v6 driving fine to work parked it went back out several hours later and it wouldnt start,played around with the fuses under the bonnet and it went only for a short time,the motor wont even crank and when the lights are turned on they dont work and it makes a buzzing noise from the relay under the bonnet and also the headlight switch.turn the key on and the fuel gauge dont work and central locking dont work eaither,when i pull the hbeam switch the engine light comes on aswell with that buzzing nosie.

Driving thru crazy weather yesterday and i noticed my battery light come on! Got home turned it off! went to the shop later and the battery light and engine lights come on! Seemed a bit sluggish! Today same problems, but now i tried to start it, when i turn the ignition on all the lights come on but when i try start it, it wont fire up :-( PLEASE HELP ME! Battery or alternator? Clueless female :-(

I suspect this means the Alternator has failed. If this is the case the Battery Voltage will be low which would be the first thing I'd check by putting a Voltmeter across the Battery or reading the one on the Dash if it has one.

I'm not sure what State of Australia you live in, but NRMA, RACQ, RACV people would be able to tell you the answer to that right away.

If the Alternator fails the Battery will not be getting Charged.

Cranking the Engine will tell you the state of the Battery (slow Cranking means the Battery needs recharging).


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

The lights are on when the ignition is on, when i crank it it makes a slight noise like it wants to start but then the lights all go out :-( Im thinking flat battery. I have a vr commodore, with no road side assistance! Silly me!


Your Battery is flat because the Alternator has failed.

First you'll need to replace the Alternator, then get a jump start from someone.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Thanks so much for your advice, a new alternator will be purchased tomorrow :-) along with the leaking radiator haha, thanks again! :-)


vr's can be easy and cheap compared to later models - give the alternator a bit of a tap when running, or wiggle the voltage regulator on the back of the alternaotr (the black thing with the injector type plug) and see if the battery light goes out. you will likely hear the engine load up and a slight whistle from the alternator if it starts to charge.

if this happens then all you need to do is replace the regulator (approx $60) or solder a new set of brushes into your existing regulator - very common and way cheaper than a new or reco alternator.

Thanks for your advice im now thinking it is the alternator! Ill try get a brand new one tomorrow and replace it! Thanks again! :-)


i have worked on a mates v6 vr we replaced coil pack and cam angle sensor , car started but when got hot stalled then starts when cold again only thing left is the crank angle sensor so changing it tomorrow

apparently somthing to do with the immobiliser... . its [Naughty Pottyword]ed i have to put my keys in the ignition and turn it over two clicks, (just till the dash lights are on) then wait 40min for it to prime (till the sucerity light is off) befor it will start.. dose anyone know a quicker way till i can get it fixed?

"apparently my vr has somehow seized from being perfectly driveable to going and having a paint job for xmas pressy from my hubby and they say it just seized and something about the gear colomu was playing up was reverse and park drive???? car is not turning over and nothing is happening...i know the plastic marking for gear lines was loose and wonder wether they towed it thinking it was in neutrel wen infact the line was slipped into drive or gear???? do not want to put this other engine in if i dont need to as this one was great engine old police car and had also been chipped...hubby(who is not a mechanical man!) is ready to do the full gear and engine change as hes taking three different peoples version of events and opinions where i am more onto it having had ten various holdens over the years and always managed to sus any problems....Alternator had wiring fixed prior to it going in for paintjob and immobilizer had been playing up but other than that the car drove great until it was on its way home from being painted!!!!! PLEASE help me get to drive my styley purpled-up xmas pressy :(

"they say it just seized"

Do they mean the Car could not be moved or the Engine seized?

"car is not turning over and nothing is happening."

That sounds like the Neutral Safety Switch which is not seeing Park or Neutral correctly.

"wonder wether they towed it thinking it was in neutrel wen infact the line was slipped into drive or gear????"

Automatics should be towed by the Rear since the Rear Bearing is not lubricated adequately when the Engine is stopped.

"do not want to put this other engine in if i dont need to"

I don't see the need for an Engine change. What you describe is a Gearbox problem so far.

It sounds like you need a competent Automatic person to review the Gearbox and quote you to replace or repair the one you have.

It's risky not having the Selector Indicator working. You need to avoid the possibility of someone selecting reverse by mistake. Autos are very good at engaging Reverse at speed if you ask them to.

The most prestigious Automatic damage is selecting Park while the Vehicle is moving. That will wreck the Park Pawl and Ratchet in an instant and leave the Tailshaft jammed up. That covers your seized description.

Rebuilding the area can be reasonably priced though. Make sure the Governor Hub hasn't become cracked.

You can briefly tow an Automatic in any Gear except Park. Once the Engine is stopped the Gear Selector is useless, except for being able to select Park which is only intended to be used with the Vehicle stopped.


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Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

did they remove your ecm if you paint was baked it would have baked that aswell

My Partner Had Drop Bolts Into The Valves, But We Got Them Out With a Magnet..

We Thrn Had To Replace The Head Gaskets & Well.. Now It Wont Kick Over.. It Ran Yesterday For A Few Seconds But Stalled! It Wants To, Though It Also Sounds Like There Is Alot Of Air? Also The Engine Oil Was Milks Though We've Flushed The Oil Out..

Someone Please Help :(

Starts fine when its cold, as soon as you go for a little drive turn it off, it takes about half an hour to start again... When turning over it sounds like the batteries flat... but this happend right after buying a brand new battery! Also has a brand new key/immobilizer Any ideas on what it could be?

Hey mate .i dont know much about holdens but never know.your coil sounds like getn hot then wont start till it cools.had similar problem on old v8 of mine.gudluck

Unlocked car with remote locking, engine turned over and kicked but wouldnt run. Thought it was fuel. Unlocked the boot with remote key button and she's apples. Thx guys for the info saved me a bucket a gold.

Hi guys,
same problem is happening to me at the moment, i can turn it over but wont fire,
I have tried the change of battery in my keys, unlocking the boot. and still nothing, should i get a new fuel pump? just don't wanna spend bucket loads if i don't have to, Recently had it serviced too? if that's any help in eliminating the problem.

Help me plssss
I am stuck at my Cousin's in Cane Sugar Country -
The fuel pump iis noooot Running,
The engine turns over will not Fire -- any is ideas ???????
Never failed me yet
Recently done a regulator for alternator aaaannnd, (replaced)
Fixed my idle connectors,
My battery in my Key
Isis Flat :)

jump underneath the back of the car and thump the bottom of thefuel tank (with your fist or a rubber mallet) has hard as you can a few times near the fuel sender.


Dislike me for who I am you may, like me for whom I'm not, you never will...

Car decided to not start after i tinted my drivers side window.Water may have got on the electrics as interior dome bulb blew.What do you thinkble.Is their a fuse or has my bcm buggered up? Help!!please

My vr commodore will not crank with the key the only way I can get it to crank over is by pulling the relay out for the starter and arc it out to crank but it will not fire I've put a new coil pack,ignition,relays but still nothing ?

hi can someone please help me my vr will fire up but wont carry on running it will only run for a minute every time

Please help

hi guys i have a 94 vr v6 an we where driving when we heard like a ringing sound coming from the motor an then the car stalled an wouldnt wind over again an ive checked my starter motor an im pretty sure thats fine if some one has any ideas on what could cause would muchly be apreciated thanx

Sounds like a bolt has come out of the torque converter and jammed the flywheel. Stick a big socket and bar on the front pulley bolt and see if you can wind the engine backwards.
You will also need to get under the car (don't forget axel stands) and pull the flywheel cover off to un jam the bolt and fit a new one.


"Clay is for racing on,Tar is how you get there!!"
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remove the serpentine belt and try and crank it over then. i have seen where seized alternators will not allow the engine to crank because there is so much belt grip available with those wide 6 rib belts.

if it cranks then, you will need to check all the accessories and idler pulleys ie alternator, air con, water pump etc..

I have a VS Commodore that won't start until you engage the central locking via the button on the key, then unlock it the same way - then it will start. It has only just started happening - 3 times in the last 24 hours. When you go to start it, all the dash lights come on and go off as normal but when you turn the key right rould to start it, there is a click noise but no other response eg turning over like you get with a flat battery. Anyone got any ideas?

hi there did u get this problem sorted im goin through the same thing. cant figure it uot

I have same problem in my vs ute just changed starter motor and won't fire all lights on dash work just makes a click sound help please

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