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Image of where I tapped the ignition wire in the Commodore - for the paedia

Image of where I tapped the ignition wire in the Commodore - for the paedia

Sorry to start a new thread for this, in a bit of a hurry but want to post it before I forget.

I ran a new 30 amp ignition feed to the coil for HEI, and this is where I fed it in. It was not necessary to touch the ballast wire in this configuration, though its possible the previous owner did something funky there that I haven't yet found.

Dunno if the image is good enough to use, it's the only one that turned out even relatively non-blurry!


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Oh and...

Don't bother having a go at the state the under dash, it's killing me trying to sort it out not being familiar with this stuff!

Now out to get busy with some leccy tape and cable ties and put it back together.

Many Thanks

Many Thanks for posting up the image.

I'll add it to the H pages soon.


Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

mmm is that red wire from

mmm is that red wire from the coil taped into the pink resistor wire to the coil , i dont think thats going to do jack , u need to completly bypass the pink resistor wire and not use it if you are useing HEI and going to the coil , that resistor wire is still working , you will over load that and cause that pink wire to get very hot , even melt and at worst cause a fire, NEVER TAP INTO THAT PINK RESISTOR WIRE if that is what it is , take power from a non resistor wire ..


Ballast Wire

The ballast wire is the dirty pink coloured one with nothing tapped into it.

The pure pink one is the ignition feed.


Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

Have to try and get a better picture

Yep that's right, unfortunately my good camera has come back to me being unable to charge, time for a new battery!


Your pictures are better than mine BradZed.

That's why I mostly use other people's shots.


Holdenpaedia, they're the brakes Mate.

i have had so much drarma

i have had so much drarma with my vb sle 253 trying to get it to run first the coil was wired with speaker wire wen (wen i got it)and the brand new electric dizzy was not put in right and no relay for the starter so replaced and conected all this to find no spark from the coil changed the coil still nothing no i think i found the problem theirs no fuse or fuse holder in the ignition feed was wondering if i 30amp feed to the pink wire would this fix my problems ? evrything else seems fine and exactly wich pink wire is it dont want to connect to the wrong one

i have a vb sle 253 i

i have a vb sle 253 i recently bought not running wont start coil good battery fine alt fine starter fine relay fine everything is wired and working under the bonnet except theirs no spark to the coil i found today that the fuse case is missing under the dash for the ignition feed so was wondering if doing what you have will solve this problem ? and if so what pink wire is it as i do not want to connect to a wrong wire and make matters worse for me .
Also in doing this do i have no need for the yellow wire on the coil as it will be the new 30amp wire connecting ?

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