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holden parts and cars for sale

ive got holden parts for sale all the stuff in my back yard needs to go including the cars
ive got a short list their is heaps more call to find out mainly hq to wb and early commodore to vp

cars as follows

hz 253 auto cream and black ute dual fuel clean inside and out no reg or rwc $2800 ono

vn sv110 calais full hsv leather interior 200 kw v8 auto sv wheels ss skirt kit and more brought this car to upgrade my vh cant afford to keep it will have to sell $6000

vh interceptor 5lt auto absyth yellow sle based this is a good car and has 12 months reg want $4000 not neg for it

parts as follows

hj hx hz black steel bullbar $150
hktg 350 chev monaro sump and pick up genuine holden sump $300
hqjxz and wb holden v8 sump and pick ups $200
308 red turbo pattern engine (vb commodore engine no vt######)$800
202 wb blue motor complete$200
stage 2 shiftkitted v8 trimatic auto suit vh commodore$250
brock v8 large mouth air cleaners $100
hqjxz and wb monaro sedan statesman wagon v8 salsbury diffs$200
lx coupe front seats $250
hj gts front seats chamois and flaxraydo $200
hq gts sedan black rear seat $150
hq statesman grey cloth front and rear seats $200
hq ute brown cloth and vinil front seats $250
vn calais interior grey velour door trims and seats $250
wb ute front guards $150 the pair
heaps of head light to suit vb vc vh vk vl vn vp commodores
heap of tail lights to suit hj hx hz vb vc vh vk vl vn vp

heaps and heaps more stuff just give me a call with what you are after thanks nick

phone 0409308531 all parts located in laverton melbourne victoria

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350 sump

so this is the one with the little hinged flaps and stuff in it? kel

blooer for a holden

where could i buy e blooer from you now let me now

Big mouth air cleaner

Do you still have the Brock V8 big mouth air cleaner, as i would like to purchase it. My email is,
Cheers, Finchy.


sorry air cleaner went ages ago

crazywrecker located in werribee vic 3030 wanted old unwanted cars melb call nick 0409308531

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