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Hi Guys,

Just to bring members up to speed with one of our developments. Over the past few years we have had requests from collectors, racers and enthusiasts to release a six cylinder alloy head to replace our original cast iron performance heads for blue/ black and red motors. Weve undertaken a limited production run of the original spec Yella Terra head to suit the blue/black motor, (and with a few minor mods can be an ideal upgrade for the 9 port red motor also) .

The new YT Alloy head has potential 230 HP out of the box

Comes in two versions:

Turbo Head and Hi Compression Head (both Bare and Assembled)
Chamber sizes: 56cc and 72cc

The following is indicative pricing of the limited release.

Bare Low Comp Turbo Heads $1800+
Bare Hi Comp Heads $1830+
Assembled Low Comp Turbo Heads $2200+
Assembled Hi Comp Heads $2250+

Enthusiasists should contact Yella Terra (03) 9555 5522 or to reserve the first release of this historical Holden Performance head.

This is our Holden 6 new Yella Terra Alloy head to suit the following engine type: 173-

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About Time Too!My assumption

About Time Too!My assumption is that valve sizes are the same as the original cast iron Yella Terra heads.

Same Valve sizes 1.740 (inl)

Same Valve sizes 1.740 (inl) and 1.480 (ex)

Yella terra 12 port

Yes please Ill have one of those just need someone to buy my right arm to pay for it. email sent

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Hiy_po, Were stuck with


Were stuck with higher metal prices, new tooling, improved core boxes and running a short run....its was even debateble as to whether we were even going to launch such a product.

You can still can get old factory iron (or original used YT heads via ebay)when you find them and take them to your engine builders for reconditioning and porting.


Dont misunderstand my comment Im not complaining about the pricing Im just happy they are available again. My comment was more about my poverty than your pricing. The last alloy head I saw on ebay was $3000 new in its box but as far as I know it didnt sell. Im banking every cent I can at the moment and have my NCH3300A up on ebay for sale ( I never thought I would ever sell it) so Im hoping by the time I have the funds to place the order there not all gone. Come to think of it I have a 12 port modified head that would be great for someone building a gas motor and a set of Dragways to suit Torana early holden with eager tyres better get them on ebay as well. Can I put a deposit down to garuntee I dont miss out. I need a Turbo version would really like an assembled one but a bare one will do, can I get it cut to suit 1.5ex and do yella terra do 1.5 ex valves I think the black diamonds used to be 1.5

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Alloy head

I'd sell an arm also. Would the alloy head allow you to run higher levels of Ethanol in fuel? I hear the problem with cast iron is the corrosion issue.

Hi Red Seat, yes the heads

Hi Red Seat,

yes the heads will run higher levels of ethanol ..they are set up for LPG and unleaded

In regards to the old irons...yes corrosion is a problem

Alloy 12 port.

Selling my right arm???...nah.

..........but would you take one of the kids as a deposit?

All jokes a-side, thats a nice looking bit of gear & to a Six fiend like meself, the Holy-grail of heads :)
Gunna have to save my pocket money for bit longer though...

"Clay is for racing on,Tar is how you get there!!"
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No problem guys....

No problem guys....

vk efi

hey mate just wondering will this head be right to go onto an efi engine with out modification to the head its a black motor (stock berlina)

Too easy

Yep, straight bolt on fit mate.

AFAIK - God drives a HQ

hi is the head ported

hi is the head ported

for sale

hi r these still for sale thanks

for sale still

hi r these still for sale ? and how much porting can be done ? and how much hp and airflow can it take ?

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