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Merv Waggot,engineering ledgend.

The photo shows the cast iron bottom end modification which Merv designed for the Holden Grey motor which changed the bottom end from having 4 main bearing journals to 7 bearing journals.The redesigned crank he turned up himself which is then bolted into the cast iron housing and the housing is then bolted to the bottom of the block by using the original 4 bearing caps.Mighty impressive if you ask me and the claimed out put of the motor was said to be around 150 horsepower where your standard Grey Motor was pushing around 48 horses.Other attachments are pages 1 and 2 of the article and photos of Merv and his race car which I reckon Australian Muscle Car magazine should do a write up on.

Merv Waggot,engineering ledgend.
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Old realy is better

7 bearing crank conversions, twin overhead cam heads, repco cross flow heads, 7000rpm out of a grey...... Its quite amazing what these guys did to overcome the engines shortcomings.
I've even got some pics at home somewhere of a grey running a custom made rotary-valve head - Brilliant stuff!

Old really is better

"The suspension remains resonable standard"
must have been a real experience around Panorama, clever bloke that Merv, no computer driven lathe or digital micrometer.
Is he still about ?

I'm not sure if Merv Waggot

I'm not sure if Merv Waggot is still around but years ago I often heard of Waggot Camshafts so I assume these were coming from his engineering premises.Going to Google Waggot cams and see what comes up.

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