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HZ Premier for sale

HZ Premier for sale

I've decided to sell my HZ Premier, in order to make way for a new project. The new project is Holden powered, thus, I'm still keeping the flag flying. While it was my intention to restore the Prem, I just couldn't find the motivation needed to undertake the task.

I've been offered 3k in the past for it, as it is, so anyone here wishing to match or better that figure is welcome to do so. If no interest is apparent here, it'll be listed on Ebay(Grrr).

I'd rather it went to a good home.

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Could I have an email adress or contact details from you please what state are you in

Prem sale

Email link at the bottom of this post.

Mobile number is 0406 627 739.

Car is in Hoppers Crossing Victoria.


(postcode 3029)
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HZ Premier for sale

Where? V8 or 6? LPG or not? Manual or auto? etc etc???

E-mail me

Prem details.

Basically, it's a factory HZ Prem, all original, down to the original paint. Desperately needs a respray.

Standard 253 and trimatic.

Duel fuel, was running on both but kids broke into the car and tore out the radio, and when this happened, they pulled a few wires for the gas loose. Can't need much to fix the problem. Tank is out of date. Still has full tank of gas.

No power steering, and air con isn't complete.

Heater is d/c, have new vacuum tap here to be fitted.

1 very small rust spot on the back drivers side rear quarter, above the whel arch. Another rust spot in the front passenger door window post(very odd place to see rust)
No parking dents on either side, all panels straight except for both back 1/4 panels, they appear to have been knocked around a bit by the previous owner, looks like he threw things in the boot without regard to the 1/4's.

This car appears to have been a tow car for an elderly gent, as it shows evidence of being set up to tow a large van. Had a mesh screen across the windscreen, had towing mirrors on front mudgaurds.

Has towbar.

Suspect the car was rust proofed at he factory, yet can't confirm it.

It was a south oz car for all it's life, so I am led to believe.

Had HZ alloy wheels when I bought it, swapped them over for steel rims and hubcaps as I preferred that look.

Has new tyres.

Has reg till Feb 2009, no roadworthy supplied.

Has new wind deflectors on both sides of front doors. Has steel rear window louver, not presently fitted.

Lowered springs and good shocks. A few new bushes have been fitted, have the remainder of the bushes in the boot.

Mesh visor, have steel visor as well, only 1 visor to go with the car as I've promised the other to someone.

Engine has reco stromberg, done by Sue's Carby. Also has Procomp clone HEI dizzy(needs a slight timing adjustment). No extractors or anything, just a standard 253.

Drives nice, sits good, cruises very well.

I have a replacement dash fascia and underdash to replace the damaged ones from when the kids broke in. Also have a alloy backing plate arranged as they broke that too. I just have to collect it from another old holdener.

Green colour steering column has been sourced, I just need to collect it to replace the column shift column that was in the car when purchased.

Generally a good honest car, I haven't driven it much at all since I've owned it, yet when I do drive it, it's hassle free.


(postcode 3029)
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Rosco's Prem

Hes in the Melbourne area, western? suburbs.

Cheers Tom
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Thanks Tom

Thanks for that Tom, I've been flat out like a bricklayer in Baghdad lately, not much time to spare.

I was snooping through your shed the other night and noticed you have an ex army trailer sitting at your place.

Any idea of the history of it? I'm looking around at ex army trailers, and that type interests me.

Do you know much about it?


(postcode 3029)
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Ex-army Trailer

If your talking about the rustkill colour trailer, then No idea to be honest. Dont think its ex-army, but i may be wrong. Just something mum dragged home one day to use for trips to the tip instead of wrecking the good one. If its of any interest to you im happy to take some snaps.

Cheers Tom
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Good old mum 'ay..

I may be wrong too, but it appeared to be an old land rover type trailer, Sarkey I think they were called.

Looked like an off roader.

Best I have another look.

**Edit: In the pic with the Daihatsu, there's a green looking, high off the ground, trailer in the background, next to the fence. That does appear to be an ex army landrover type trailer. Even the wheels look like land rover jobs.


(postcode 3029)
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Quite interesting if it is an old land-rover trailer, caus we just thought it was some old crummy trailer lol. The reason it sits a fair bit higher, is that the previous own welded some coil springs between the base of the trailer and leave springs, to take the extra weight of trail bikes.

Are those wheels hard to come by, as the ones on it are dented and buckled and starting to get unsafe..... though dont worry we live less then 5k's from the tip with a top speed of 40km/h their, we dont use it for long distances like it is.

Cheers Tom
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I added some more shots of it HERE if your interested, you will see what i mean about the springs.

Cheers Tom
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HZ Prem?

just wondering if someone could tell me why my prem doesnt have the bump stripe down the side? to all intents apart from that its the same as roscos, but is mine not genuine premier or was the strip an option? pics in shed
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Any chance you still have it or have a friend who might be selling a HZ Premier?

Hello,just a question from

Hello,just a question from left field but do you still have the prem for sale? Clint


Have sold the car

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